Thursday, 27 September 2012

Flea Market Finds

Would you belive that this Renoir painting was found in a Flea market??

"expected to be sold for $100, 000"

Whoa... but it all makes sense doesnt it?? Flea markets are full of  lil known gems &  treasures.

as a young child growing up in Singapore with allowances that was far too much, i learnt to visit the flea market.. going so far as to just ramdomly go on long walks just looking for some treasures... (after making sure, i had enough $ kept aside for food, snacks and the IMPT Cab fare) usually with a budget of just S$5.00 for shopping!!!  (enough to buy at least 5-7 items!!, it was more than just Cheap- it was Ridiculous!!! Novels used to be start from .$0.50  (~ _~ )
* ~ on Cloud 9 ~ *

it seemed to me at aged 10, there was an alternative to shopping in Malls- an empty carpark transforms into a fair cum flea market every Sunday, my first entry to a Chruch compound was beacause of a sign with a big "GARAGE SALE"  sign (bought 4 dwarfs all dressed in Christmas finery- am still on the lookout for the remaining 3 & Snow White), even going to animals shelters such as the  SPCA looking for some sort of bargain. teeling myself- jus doing my share towards prevention of animal  cruelty . ( T___T)

dozens of softs toys, toys, books, mis-matched musical boxes, shoes too large or clothes too small used to be bought for a megre amount and then.... only to be dumped back at home.
yes... i was far too young with little inclincations of  house-keeping or even cleaning.

later on i went on Flea markets  visits with my BFF in Jawakhel, Nepal ...learning how to dig for unique pieces of apperals from a minature mountain pile of what seems to be junk at first glance along the sidewalks..

.Super LOVE  (*^_^*) shopping in New Delhi esp Sarojini Market & Lajpat Market too..

   Alleys full of apperals hung on walls... take ur pick & bargin hard.. =P

abruptly ending... coz i feel a sudden need to go shop... (^_^)
In the bylanes of Bengaluru, i found a shop that sells dirt cheap clothes!!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dont you...

i work in an admin job, the perks are great;  9-6, relatively easy work with a decent paycheck.. but Don't you get HATE it when someone has a tree brunch up their behind and uses every opportunity to just... rub it in your face and generally pull you down??

this is what goes on in my head when i'm dealing with that kind of people-  "Why Don't you just freaking go Fishing??" instead of polluting my Aura with you stink, you skank.