Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Xmas 2012

Nothing much happened for Xmas '12. As usual... gotta really love the Hospitality Industry- any big festivals and ur'r pretty sure you gonna celebrate it at Work. @_@ Maybe i could go back to school full time and do my MBAs and become a banker- like some of my friends. I mean a very nice paycheck + regular bonus. Except for the requirment called as "eye for details"...umm...i seen staff at banks actually gone bonkers for 50-500rs +/-.

Still a couple of pics as to what i been up too...

 Mostly been busy during lunch hour being santa's elf distributing the goodies at Feast.

yes, i chopped off my hair. for mom. and my cheeks looks so goddammm f@#$% wide!!!

the Fashionista Santa

 the x-tra special treats for the select few... yummy!!

wish someone gifted my this Stolen bread... :(

also because i really seemed to have nothing useful to do... or rather researching some craft ideas for Kids...
here's me..... looking very Dumb.
Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Friday, 21 December 2012


so the Mayan were wrong.

the world didnt end... ut it might as well haved.
skip this post if you are skimish.

my world did not end as well but it has changed. mother after close to 6 decades on this world passed away on 27.11.2012. while i will not say my mother was my best friend or that i had a fantastic relationship with her, she was my mother. as i moved miles and borders across her and matured with time, i came to love her deeply as each passing day. i can only be grateful that i had the opportunity to truly show my love and care for her during her last days on earth. however this post is not about my grief but rather my anger at blase humanity in the crowded streets of delhi.

after being isolated for close to a month in a village having to handle people in ways i really didnt wish too, i came back to the city and the world wide web with all news of the world ending soon but more importantly with news of the Delhi gang rape. the horrors of the details..

a couple boarding a private chartered bus illegally working as public transport buses to returned home at 9.15pm in the busy streets of New Delhi only for the girl to be harassed by drunken cohorts of the driver. Defending the girl only resulted in the victims being manhandled and assaulted with iron rods. however that was just the start of the ordeal as the girl was gang bitten, trapped, abused and  raped for 40 long mins as the bus continued to drive through the busy by lanes of some of Delhi's poshest district. At the end of the torture, an alien object was inserted into her body. And the body kicked out on the streets left to die.

what astounded me was  not what happened in the bus but rather  that a victim was lying bared naked, bruised and with blood all over her in the busy street of New Delhi for well over 1 hr yet NO ONE, bothered to called the police or even bothered to cover her in the middle of winter. well i strongly advocated harshest of the harshest punishment for the perpetrators, i am deeply embarrassed and disgusted by the people of Delhi who saw the victim dying out in the street yet did nothing.

How inhuman have we become. Now a huge outcry and protest are being staged in the capital with protestants breaking barricade of the Parliaments and presidential house. People are united crying out for blood of the assailants- screaming capital punishments, death by hanging or even castrations all the while as 23-yr old paramedical student victim battles for her life on a daily  hourly basis.

and this is not a one off case. similar case has been reported in Rajasthan just days after the Delhi gang rape profile. or and even more mortifying case of a girl being kidnapped off a moving vehicle in her brother's car.

It's a small relief for me to know that this happened in Indian, by Indians to an Indian. For i know it too well that such incidents are not limited to a country, caste, race or even religion, let alone inconsequential limitation like a national border.

Would it not be better if the world has ended instead???

Thursday, 20 December 2012

back to bangalore

back to bangalore

so much...things have happened. my life has changed.

more details on later posts...for now i really need to eat and sleep without fear.