Thursday, 31 January 2013

i shall and so shall you....

if anyone EVER thought of goining under the knife to lose those pounds youtube

Post Bariatric Body Contouring


as with most youtube videos, i have no idea how the hell i came to watch these vids. I mean i started out watching Japanese food: Natto and then to cute kittens to alien autopsy to this.



The video is of a very very graphic nature, viewers' DISCRETION is highly advised. Definitely not something to show the kids, the ones with the weak constitution or after eating.

Maybe because biology was one of my fav subject and in the farms i have always seen animals giving birth live and humans slaughtering pigs, goats, chicken, fish etc etc, i didnt vomit up my Lunch.  But you just might.  . .. .

It's basically someone, a female (why a female-- ??) opting for this optional surgery to surgically remove excess fat, skin and contour her body. 

fuck man... after seeing this video -yes the entire 15 min odd video (yeah i know- #gluttonforpunishment) i came to this conclusion.

 I shall f@#$ing not complain that my body aches after doing yoga or other forms of excerise.

 i shall buy vitamin E capsule and primrose oil and fish oil and remember to moisturize my skin after every shower (yeah what! - as if u guys dont skip out on applying body lotions T_T plus i don hav Dry skin mah..) and to F^&%$ watch what i eat coz... EWWWW... the human body is FUGLY on the inside!!!

gives a whole new meaning to the phrase-

it's not how you look outside, it's how you are inside.


i shall and so shall You coz... trust me the alternative is not Nice.

 i mean wtf, why would someone wanna eat till like 2000 pounds and then go for gastric banding, liposuction, body tuck and f^&*ing god knows what not. i am not criticising or passing derogatory remarks about obese people but HELLO, there is a thing called WILLPOWER.

it is possible to lose weight coz look around you- lotsa people around lose weight all the time. Willpower- everyone has it too. It's a question of whether u want to stop eating so much and start excising. obviously it will take time but fuck, it's better then paying someone to suck out your fats and laser off  the skin.


i gonna have nightmares.... wtf stupid youtube.. .... ...

man to man

men's talk - overheard the men's talk during their gossip time..

on Money:
            when told it's never enough.
            A (still single ) :  it's money... #singsongtone
                                     it's never enough but at least you will be richer asset wise... cars, bike, flat ... etc  #forgetthewifepartandhershoppingexpenses 

on the recent international transfer of colleagues:
            A : is it necessary to be married with kids to get transferred?? why's this baldie going to Maldives? T__T   #i'msingleiwannapartyonthebeach-whyhim??

on Life after marriage:
                  S (recently married) : i come after a hard day's work and sit down. My wife comes and questions me- "Why am i silent? What's wrong??" i have lost my Silence. o_O

on Marriage:
             it's awful but still advise another to get married  #allmenwisingnoddingtheirhead

i get to get learn real insights on how men talk and think.
No really!!
I guess that's the benefit of being a single woman amongst men.... o_O

the first thing you will master- ???

Selective Hearing.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

valentine's day gifts & the economic bubble

i know it's not even February 1st but Valentine's Day is already on my mind. In particularly V_DAY GIFTS.....
Cuz let's face it I'm a materialist.  i love getting gifts and hoarding them like some kind of bag lady.. sometimes immediately wearing something at other times not even opening the gift wrappers and instead just storing it like that ,  so that it's always Xmas with gifts all wrapped up... ~_~

Oh i did i forget to mention, i love shopping and finding right reasons to shop is my specialty. U may find it hard to believe but i am not a shopaholic though. Usually i think long and hard and many times before purchasing non-edible items. (edible stuffs- well you could say it's a reflex habit to buy a little of different types all the time and an easy excuse to whip up a mean meal... ^_^)

example..  only 200rs!!! ^_^

Which normal girl can resist shiny, bright coloured trinkets??  By trinket i do not mean those cheap or otherwise fake jewelleries. I deal with only gold, silver or precious stones.  Not that i look down upon plastic or cheap metal jewelleries.....instead i have always felt that if i'm spending my hard earned money on jewellery i feel that it should last... as a form of  stupid investment.      That way at the very least i don't have to buy gold for moi enfants sia... just hand dem down my old heirloom jewellery lah!  @__@  i know smart right or not!? #future planning

Plus u never kow.... these day's fake jewelleries esp. china made has been found to contain lead, mercury and wat not... Even those mentioned as lead-free and for kids....PROTECT UR HEALTH BUY GOLD & SILVER ONLY!!!  btw if you think brand items do not contain such harmful chemicals... think twice and be logical. Where are most apparels manufactured?? That's right CHINA, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on. ....where do you think jewelleries are made in???

so....PROTECT UR HEALTH BUY GOLD & SILVER ONLY!!! not very expensive too and with high returns... returns on gold are on average 20% while it even higher for silver. i used to buy 1-5gms gold & 10gms silver coins..not very X sia...



Jeweleries are soo hard to resist especially 1 as cute as this... 

Chio right??

Thought of indirectly hinting to mr. d but he too damm sotong sia plus i earn my own $$ ,  so am thinking of  buying it myself....  matches with my ruby ring, and the ruby nose stud too... T__T   #Going off topic again...

while asking N about what she thinks about me gettin it...   her reply???   softly , gently although with wide interested eyes  -  Hey girl, do u know that the economy is entering a depression stage?? Companies esp IT companies have already started retrenching staffs.......... #Still staring at the pendent..

Aww man... what a downer... ~___~  

mr. d...... .... .... can you hear me..... ....  ....  ????

hello.. ... ... anyone there ??

Monday, 28 January 2013

IN & OUT- Over


today it's 28th. Expecting salary to be credited within a few days.  <@>_<@>  But that brings me no Joy. For after repaying my loans & debts- i'm left with nothing. X_X

i feel it's not gonna be a good month. So it's just gonna be my baby (i.e credit card) and me.  ~_~

i remember the times when i was much much younger- me & my bestie would dream of one day becoming a tai-tai or having a sugar daddy...  im gonna hit my thirties pretty soon i see no man willing to make me his tai-tai or me willing to have a sugar daddy despite all my mis-givings of an unmarried woman, living in a country other than her own with nothin to show for her labour all these years except good memories of fun times and perhaps a dozen or so shoes. X__X

                                       A scene from the new movie “Hi, Fidelity.”
i was a wanna-be Tai tai...

Stock Photography - legs surrounded 
by shoes. fotosearch 
- search stock 
photos, pictures, 
wall murals, images, 
and photo clipart
but all i got is shoes... tat too not even nice ones.. T___T

Sighz... i gotta find a better paying job!! Maybe i should change the industry? Sighz... im broke even before i get my salary. Broke even after my salary is credited. i just thank god- i'm not yet broken.

Oh wait, bloody hell... i just freaking cut my finger- with a paper cut. wth. I'm broken (skin) too  ~___~

Wish i had this..

Friday, 25 January 2013

of Mouldy pasta,small tights and savings

i have a credit debt of appx slightly above 10 grand and a bank balance of appx 50 bucks. but lemme reassure you, it anint gonna curb my spending.

yeah i know, how insolent and i will have to repay it eventually. huh... well u know what, it's my debt, and it's not like the boyfriend is gonna pay it so i might as well spent on things i like. :P

anyways the last time i went grocery shopping was maybe last week or before that. With nothing much to cook with at home, i went to sbarros at Orion Mall. While i went for a pizza combo, N went for the pasta combo.
Pizza was ok... (no mushroom???! T_T) but the pasta.... lord it had the most mouldly grainy taste ever! Too bad i didnt take any pics (u can blame blogpost-- yet to repair system malfunctions even after a week @_@ ).. even after sending it back and getting a fresh replacement. Urgh!!! yucky.
Thank god for the pizza. So the next time you go to sbarros be sure not to order any pasta in white sauce!

online pic
Picture looks yummy but......


next went to Zara!! it had a sale. The best thing about Zara is that not only do thay have sales every now and then but they dont stop at a certain price discount, instead are willing to give a further discount on the discounted items!! Now that's NEWS WORTHY!! i wish Mango did that too.. or wait do they?? should i go and check out to day?? #thinking aloud...

PLAIN BASIC TIGHTSi wasn't even thinking of buying anything, coz i'm pretty much broke anyways.  but then there was a good offer on tights..the original price is INR790- like who's gonna pay 790!! even if it is very good quality? i mean- honestly i rather go back home to sweet old kathmandu and pay 300 nepali ruprees for the almost same quality.

The thing was, the 1st sale reduced it to 590 and now it was 390!! of course have to pick it up heh? :D

i took just 1 in grey. i quite couldnt convince myself to buy the red, teal or brown or goodness!- the leopard print. Cuz lets be honest i dont exactly have twiggy legs it's more of healthy stumps.. -__-''

Only it was in small size and one size fits all. Ummm... rushed home and tried it. .... YEA!! it Fits!!

Dont you just hate it when you have some clothing attire say's One size fits all only to find out after buying that bloody hell... try as you might you cant squeeze your ample blessings of fat into that idiotic "One size fits all" thing. T__T  who the hell invented that size???

a funny thing happened at Zara. N sandles broke. HaHA. or not.  But it shouldnt be a problem right, cuz we are already in Zara. Except N has the biggest shoes size at size 41. And she's not even 5' 8''!!   -__-  Eventually we found one, a nice square front ballet shoes in size 41 (??) and somehow i convinced her to buy the pink...well... a skin tone pink against her olive skin. Only to be told later that it was still too tight and the shoes was cutting into her feet. Ummm.... she's selling it. Anyone wants???

Whereas for me... all the shoes i like was too big.
T_T wtf. Big ass but small feet.

sighz.. Loved this shoe but it was size 38. i need 36. cant even do a Victoria Beckham and stuff my shoes with tissues coz it's peep toes. @_@
Also ridiculously cheap! at 1190 only!  #Wallowing in misery..

Saved money though  X_X


Next stop was at the Supermarket. Weird to shop at Zara and then go off to buy some onions but... Whatever. After biliing a couple of onions, vegetable, some eggs, fresh squid and a chewing gum, the cashier informs me...sorry mam, no card only cash... wtf??? the last time i had cash on my hands was more than 1 month ago... ~_~  now i am already feeling paiseh about the whole thing as it is quite embarssing to know at the end and when u seriously do not have the moolah of the paper variety... but guess what? it gets better. instead of paying 2rs i choose to dump the lot in my carry bag and now have to take everything out. ~_~  only to be told by the cashier that i have taken 2 gums and to return the other one as well. my face just went pink as i flustered. How dare he accuse me??? over a chewing gum?? Rudely i told him, check your CCTV. it's only 1. Bugger checked and re-checked, found out that i'm right and didnt even bother to say Sorry. wtf??  X_X well that's  Indian cashiers at Star Bazzar for you.

So a big thank you to Star Bazzar. you helped me saved some cash when i really shouldnt be spending money that i dont have.

p/s: give some basic etiquette and customer care for your staff!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Greenish face....

it's a few days since i've been havin problem with my stomach. I think it's probably eating too much meat and beans... trust me very bad combo. Dont wanna go into too much details but im having too much gas in my stomach!! ~_~

i guess it was made worse over the weekend where i kinda camped out my my bro place. Unfortunate for me his sleepin patterns are like so 180' mine. While he went off to bed at 9am, i woke up at 9.30am. And as usual i was ravenous. Must have been my lucky day coz mr. d cooked masala dosas for meh T_T

Too hungry to care, i must have goobled at least 3 before settling my butt to watch season 4 of the vampire diaries for the duration of the entire day. (it was the weekend! >_< )  Only to take a nap, wake and eat more dosas. Big mistake i tell yah...

now my stomach so not feeling well that my face has actually taken a slightly greenish hue. @_@

ps:  Being a sucker for punishment last night i made some onion pakodas to savour with my RCs.... which thankfully i didnt drink enough to get a hangover but ate enough to fart myself to sleep to the glory land...

 if it was not for the disco music being played by my insensitive roomie i would have been still sleeping. >_<

so dont mind me if u find me hugging the toilet.. T__T


Thursday, 17 January 2013

scent of the air


as in any big International Hotel, each year there are various kinds of audit going on at any point of time.
Well in my workplace, the Brand audits are happening soon...

what in case you do not know what is brand audit is.... it's basically an audit to check if the brand guidelines, collateral etc are being followed by a particular individual entity. Kinda like how all the McD all have the basis color scheme of cherry red & sunny yellow and the logos and portion sizes etc lah...

anyways -  i nearly forgot what i wanted to say- 2 of my colleague were talking about the signature scent. yeah lah- i couldn't help overhearing heh-- swear to god wasnt intentionally eavesdropping- OK??

S: Our "X" signature scent is Ocean Wave. Right?  (S- just has this particularly annoying habit of sounding too smart for her own good #_# )

A: (in a sarcastic tone)  Bull Shit. It's the open sky.

And Me - i just burst out laughing like crazy mad dog. Because i thought A was referring to the Open Sky... u know up above the ceiling the open air with the clouds and everything.

Turns out- I am really the crazy mad dog coz apparently there is a scent like Open Sky. WTF??

Monday, 14 January 2013

once a upon a time...

once a upon a time, i was someone's GF. and that BF had many a cousin brothers. out of so many, i was closer to one. His name was RMZ.  and his birthday was 1 day after mine!! :)

he was my rakhi bhai. i was close to him, and hime with me....or at least i thought i was... #_#

but then as time passed by, a BF found a girl he liked better. so i got cheated & ditched (nothing new!!) >_<

once a upon a time, i had a brother who was a BF's brother.  but then.. the situation changed. from a future-possible bhabi,  i became the impossible nvr-possible bhabi.... and out went my relationship with my rakhi bhai..

well that's really sad, coz i did love him as my bhai.  it's too sad that once a upon a time i figured he was matured 'nuff to seperate his relations....coz i nvr did put him in an awkward position of asking after his brother...

but that was Once a upon a time, ...i guess i'm history coz after ever since his brother got married, he quickly distanced himself from his sister...   who came once a year to her motherland and sometimes wished to meet her brother coz she had none of her own after her own heart...

too bad that was once a upon a time... when she cared 'nuff.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Living together...

first of all, lemme get this clear, this post is not about how my life is living together mr. D.
it's actually how cheesed off  i am with a certain section part of the apartment dwellers where i stay.       Now for those of you who have read my previous posts- you know that i have a love/hate HATE relationship with the neighbours...

i live in a company provided accommodation near my office in Milk Colony, Malleswaram. While the perks of living here is great mostly,  there times when i just wanna whack some sense into some people head.

#this post is gonna be one long rant... #StatutoryWarning
< @ >____< @ >
this evening some of my colleagues from the other flat came, saying there have been complains with regards to cigarette smoke, drying of laundry and clothing attire.

1. it seems some of the other apartment dwellers have complained numerous times about the cigarette smoke coming into their house. while there ARE smokers in my flat (ie 3 gals out of 7), the flat that received the complain does not have any smokers.  instead the complainer (for lack of better words) live directly below us not above us:

  my counter arguments are:

      a) WTF is their problem??? if i smoke or the other girls smokes, we do so within the flat. It is not like we loiter around the common areas and smoke.  What fucking business do they have to dictate what someone else does behind close door??? That too, how the fuck is it possible for the cigarette smoke from 1 chain-smoker, 1/4 pack a day smoker and trying-to-quit smoker, in the flat above manages to float down 1 storey to their flat?!?!?!  BEST part???  Get this- all 3 of us work different shifts.

     b) There also a ridiculous complain of some of the girls drying out their undies on the railing/window sill.

what kind of perverted people goes around staring at someone else's bra & panties and is even observed enough to memorise the colour, design and types. freaking Psychos! -__-''

         Bitch even has the balls to say, "why is it that so many are being dried, eh??".  well Hello!!!  what does she expect???   for others to wear the same undies for a week straight?!?!? (perhaps--  like her???) Adding insult, that this is family colony... well Holy Molly!!! so in family colony people dont wear dont wear undies heh like some of decadent hippy communal colony ???  _l_

      c)   Also a comment was passed, as to how some of the girls do not wear proper clothes. Hell and damnation #throwing-a-hissyaFit, what do they mean by- not wearing proper clothes?!? who are they to decide what is proper and improper??  while of course, i have not bothered to see the comings & goings of the girls- i can still definitely vouch that im pretty sure that none have worn clothes that are demeaning and vulgar. If you ask me... i think the sari is a whole lot more reavealing than your average spaghetti top..
a classic example of a spaghetti top and a sari. Which has more of skin show???

Allow me to also point out that the very people complain are so-called educated, working professional living a mini-condominium colony. 
Ah-Di-Que-A-tEd my FOOT! #vigorously stamping on their paper "da xiao ren". (#hope their "aiyu" is reduced by at least 10yrs!!!! -__- )

so what up with these Bangalorean??? (generally speaking) Are they simply being Conservative... bias... Racist....Hypocritical??? I am using these very words because i simply don't get it. They are the local people who lives in The Silicon Valley of India, they are educated up & beyond University level, they work in International companies like DELL, HSBC, Accenture, WIPRO and yet these are the petty behaviours that they are showing??? Common little people, grow up a little.

You are living a metro-city, working with people from all walks of life and you dare to comment why the hell someone is fucking drying their laundry or why someone else is wearing a skirt and a spaghetti top???  Losers- no one is telling you to dress up in the same manner. For God's grace, please by all means dress how you wish to dress up. Be it a Burqa or a saree or a just walk around in a bikini. Go Ahead , take it and leave it.  i am not getting  riled up because i dress up like that or i dry my undies in my window sills (- which by the way i dont) or even because i do smoke.

It's a question of personal privacy of a human being to have the freedom to choose. The choice to
choose if they wished to smoke if they want to, drink what they want to, eat what wish to eat whether it is vegetable or not, dress how they wish to dress or what it is they wish to do.

Thank God that not all Bangalorean are like these...infact i do have many lovely wonderful opened-minded friends who are Bangaloreans including my b/f and his family  just not in the neighbourhood where i live. :(

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

HAppy New Year 2013!!!

Happy New Year!!

yeah, i know. im a few days late.
 but then so what?! @_@

i was working on New Year's Eve- the official theme was "Twilight" unfortunately last we heard Edward, Bella & Jacob had no interest in dropping by so we kinda got stuck with a cross between  "Halloween + Evil Dead" theme.

Here's me... in a half-hearted attempt at looking somewhat vampireish (???????) #___# 

 hey i tried!!! and i did succeed in scaring some of the kids and few chicken-hearted young at hearts, although i must say, i really did look more like i quite couldn't figure out how to eat chocolates properly without smearing it over my mouth. --__--
btw no photoshop on my nose yet it's looking smaller!! yeh!! ^_^
and the others cast members...from various B-grade horror flicks.... hope none of them sees this post. Um, if u know..pls dont tell them heh..

was there till midnight for the fireworks and i came home and crashed off to bed. But not before having my cuppa noodles.  too bad was ravenously mad so i eat it all up before even thinking of taking a pic.. #___#

just imagine the cuppa noodles looked like these..

pix all taken frm net.. lolol...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

way to a man's heart...


the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

it is said that the way to a man;s heart is through his stomach. How much of it is true?? In wikipedia someone has kindly updated the "stub" with somewhat scanty explanation- "Cooking for a man is a good way to win his affections."

the reason im blogging about this is because over the weekend as Mr. D was dropping me home towards the late afternoon without either of us having lunch, thanked me-- rather sarcasticly if i may add.

Mr. D:  "honey, thank you for the breakfast"
Me: "Are you UPSET that i didnt cook you lunch????" X__X (silently mumbling ...WTF)
Mr. D: .................silence.......... #_# (#guilty as charged)

ok lah... the entire way i was pissed off at him so was not speaking as such. and he had told me he wanted to eat the food cooked by me for lunch also.
well i needed a break!
so no lunch lah!

but my point is "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"??? although it seems to make much sense but tell me ladies(or gents).....  if  a X cooks for Y, what is in store for X???

aiyo, i know im sounding childish but wth!!!!! my point is why is that to win a man's affection, a woman has to cook? if that is the case, what does a man do to win a woman affections??

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


is there anything more annoying than a boyfriend who does not have enough trust to let a girl attend a farewell party for her Boss, albeit at a colleague house???