Tuesday, 26 February 2013


 Remember this??

i had thought it was bloody red when i ordered it from Oriflame but it turned out to be peachy instead.

well, this is how it looks on me...


not bad heh???


wore it for Sunday Lunch with mr. d's mates... and we of course went to...Desmond's. Heard much of it...that it was good place to chill out and the restaurant was owned by a common frd of the 3. Desmond is the name of the sweet anglo uncle who owns it and the restaurant is located in Lavelle Rd along a quiet road in the ground floor of Cristo Complex. Parking might be a cause for problem during peak hours.

The place is apparently quite a name to be reckon with as the original Anglo Bangaloreans swear by. Um, .... but for me more important than the venue nothing beats having a good time than with good mates.... 

so here are the special guests (appearances)

J&M.... very cute couple and the bloke's well settled and seems to know how to react to a woman's talks... ^_^
she's a lucky gal!!
    and he's super lucky!!

and here's another picture with me!!....

you must be thinking if this is the restaurant review of Desmonds' why the heck am i just showing pictures of yours truly well.... thats coz.....

i didnt take any pictures of the food!! #Sorry. Honest to God i wanted too but...  ahem... my fellow lunch mates  thought that im acting abit loney..  Not that they said that aloud.  they are much too polite to say soo, but ...... . . . . sob. sob.... i felt like that! baawahhaaa....

haha. No lah, but i did feel abit awkward whipping out my camera and clicking pics of the food-- even though that was my intentions to do so.

since i did not take any pictures of we had i shall just describe, so we basically had some panneer tikka, with fresh butter naans, (brinjal) egg biryani, Spaghetti Neapolitan for the man and vegetable lasagna pour moi!! i didnt taste the paneer, biryani and the naans but i did try the spagetti in addition to my lasagna. First off, the it was fab. When centuries old wait de maitre was placing plates on table, he mentioned that both the conti dishes was "a full tanker"..... wait. im sorry What???


err... i dont the guy, and i generally do not like my waiters too be too chirpy, helpful or - dear Lord "friendly". Call me a hypocritical bitch but that's what i prefer even though in office- we really encourage our associates to be a lil more outgoing, chatty etc... =_=

So anyways i was annoyed but also secretly excited. Lolz... i was thinking wah big portions~ yippee~ and trust me the conti dishes came last...making the wait even more exciting. But when it did come... it looked kinda small... i mean the lasagna was appx 3in by 3in with a side of 5 tbsp of mashed potatoes (with no chives or sour cream -_-) and i think some greens...

Oh well.... maybe i do have a rather large stomach....

but then i still feel it was kinda rude of the senior wait de maitre to be condensing... X_X  but that was just the start....

Now as the five of us enjoyinh our Lunch and just generally talking, the sweet old man swings by with a basket of buttered toast. Um... yum.. but really please keep it on the table~ ah ha.... nope. he doesnt get it. He really encouraged you to try one, "Here you go Sir, you must try this. This is even better than the food"  (??????), well ok. But please just leave it on the table, we are trying to eat our other food- coz seriously, biryani + bread rolls (abit toasted??)...  does that even makes sense to an Indian ?? #confusion galore. He didnt leave untill all of us had taken a piece each.  i just hope that the breads wasnt billed =_=  V paid!! So generous of him!! ^_^ Thank U!!

 but back to the story, as V was telling us about his Valentine's Day experience with the two girls leaning forward and carefully listening to his each word, the old man pops in again. HELLO!!! u blind or what??? the guests are engrossed in conversation and  he's just butting in like an unwanted guest. He  leans in and says, "Dont worry Sir, Im here. I'll clear your plates, give you the bill and you guys can just carry on.." . . . W TF?? he comes to say this? Not once or twice but at least three times, meanwhile we are trying to get back to story of what 'P' did to 'V' and lemme me tell you... it's not common for a guy to open up his heart and talk about his emotions!! and the bugger has the audacity to keep distrubing us???  wtf. no offensive to his age but wtf!!

he hands over the bill and of course we just kept it aside as 1st we are not really done eating, 2) wtf, we are still eating! in 2 mins tops, he comes to collect the payment. um... ok... as V as askin how much to give as tips, i told him. "there is no need. they have included 10% Service Charge anyways"  #the wait staff givin me the evil eye from behind...  i mean wth??? S.C of 150+rs is not enough iszit??? give bad service still dare give evil eye wen tips not enuff yeh??


some more even though they knew the owner, the owner's son plus the owner's daughter still no courtesey to even give 10% discount is it?? So shameless... we are is it, must ask then u give... Tot should like auto mah...
 u go somewhere... happen to meet the owner and u know his family and u eat lunch at his restaurant yet Uncle no give even 10% discount??? Oiyoo.... if a frd of mine comes to my workplace, i will auto try to arrange to give at least 10% discount sia.. no questions asked.  Yah lah, i'm shameless...

of course since i dont u to remember me as mad dog... here's a pretty phopshop picture of mine...

But how would i rate Desmond's Restaurant??? For me, im actually on the fence. Coz i have heard and read such good reviews, im might be willing to give it another go. But having said that, Sheraton Bangalore offers soo much better food and service and with the SPG membership enrollment, u will get flat 15% discount on food.  Plus it's a five star hotel!

i feel Desmond's is popular only coz of it's location and cheap rates.. esp for the corporate lunch rate. But then if u pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sleeping with the Vixen

when i entered the brother's flat... i didnt notice anything amiss...

till mr. d brings me a kitten. a lil baby kitten. oh my..... so cutee ...

with nasty claws.... ouch!! .... it was just hungry- the poor lil chap... aww.... meow~

we met.  & we bonded.

we played together

we kissed

and we slept together.

what did you expect??? Lol. and stupid mr. d didnt even bother taking off my glasses!! X__X 

 here's a Super  Maha-unglam picture of the kitty sleeping.....

Ha ha

Oh yeah, overcomed with my emotions for her... i composed a lil 3 line song for her too....

   ME - crooning to the glory land.... : Cat...burger. Cat burger.
                                               Deep fry your leg~
                                                             with Honey and mustard...~

thats why you see "cat burger" in the pics...



JUST SINGING!! I have never eaten Kittens nor am i planning too in the future... that includes dogs and cows and babhaaa sheep... the chicken?? ummm..........that's asking for too much sia   =_=     #shameless and fearless chicken eater even during bird flu... #trumps chest~~ Nepali Stomach!

but ok lah.... wtf. no idea why such gory lyrics came into my head sia... i must have been high, although i don't remember drinking.  remember i just admitted.  i slept with the vix.

oh. yeah...

it's actually a He.

Friday, 22 February 2013

HDFC Credit Card _ Fraud???

OK. Lemme say this current credit card that i have from HDFC is my first cc so maybe i dont really understand the legalities or any of the fine print. And this post is totally about my personal experience and opinion.


allow me to explain further- i got my very first credit card bill of 7059.36rs with the minimum amount due as 360. i paid 4600, feeling very happy with myself that i have repaid more than 50% of total due. But in my second bill, i'm charged 318.98 as Interest!!! WTF??? which btw it may be a small amount but it's money i have definitely not spent and have no interest in handing out my hard earned monies to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Confused, i call up customer care- asking them to verify and this is what i'm told by the smarty-pant female customer care executive.

1) the 50 day Interest- free period occurs from the date of billing.  For example, in my case is on 14th Dec and i get interest free period till 1st Feb. BUT my billing period is 14th of every month. So in reality i get maybe 30days grace period im lucky. In fact, Luck, is not the issue, it's only if i use my card on the 14. if i was to use my credit card on the 13th of the next month and my bill is generated on the 14th then i will have to pay it within the payment due date 3rd Feb. that like appx 17th days and not the advertised 50 days!

BUT GET THIS, YOU HAVE TO PAY IT IN FULL. WTF!!!!!!!!!  well of course you have to pay it in full, you idiot-  eventually. After all no one has a Gun point at your head ready to blast off your brains. Duh! And the minimum repayment amount due is so fucking little. maybe just 0.05% or lesser!
Well you idiot, the gun is pointing at your feet because see that tiny amount?? That's just a teaser to CON you into repaying the least amount so that you fucking get charged on the TOTAL AMOUNT. Because as the customer care executive was so kind enough to explain to me when i "didnt get it", as per the Bank policies if the total amount is not repaid you get charged Interest on the due amount as it crosses the repayment due date. Well that should be OK, right??? after all the due date was 3rd Feb.

2) if you dont repay the total amount, you will be charged on unbilled future transactions too!!!! WTF. in fact make it a double WTF!!! So in fact as i did not repay the entire amount of 7059 by 3rd Feb, i got charged interest on the remaining balance of statement I, ie 3% interest on 2459. im fine with that. But i'm not FINE is  when i get charged Interest on unbilled future transactions  too after 3rd Feb. WTF? what ever happened to the highly advertised 50 days Interest-free period???

Instead of me getting charged 73.77rs i got charged an interest of 273.98rs  plus taxes. extra 200.21rs. Almost 3 times my actual interest.  WTF??

So what do you guys think?? Is this Fraud by HDFC??? what sort of fucking bank policy is it that if a customer doesnt repay the full amount due within the stipulated time frame, the Bank will be legally right to forget about the entire 50 day grace period and in fact be able to go renegade and start charging interests on any unbilled amounts too!!!!  Like hell and dammnation, you are not even billed but you have to start paying interest??? In my humble opinion this is utter Bullshit and HDFC is not only cheating the gullible public who doesnt bother checking their bills, they are misleading  conning the public too by advertising 50 days grace period and implying that the customer will be getting the 50 day grace period. When in fact the 50 day grace period is applicable  only if you are consistently repaying All you due amount within the due date then you are inviting the devil to start charging you interest immediately as soon as you swipe the f$$% credit card.

 so will advise to 1) Cancel your credit card. 2) repay full amount within the due date. 3) Curse HDFC and hope they all die from STDs. ok. cancel no. 3 I was just venting my anger.  HA! I will be praying for that but hey, it's your choice whether you wanna be a meanie like me but meawhile take a careful look at your credit card bills because trust me, i think you have been cheated too.

No wonder these Bankers, get so many Bonuses per year!!!  i am goin to go do some "da xiao ren" on HDFC! which is nothing but a Chinese custom making paper doll, writing the person you wanna defeat and beat the shit out of it!!! (very very popular in HK) Preferably with my most dirtiest slippers. >_<

HAHA.... i had fun. of course HDFC is not alone in this matter. All banks at any given point engage in such underhand tatics to fool gullible people - like ME, into parting ways with their monies. That's how they show a healthy profit margin. =_=

FYI: it's cheaper to get money from a booker than it is from a Bank. of  course, not that im advising you to do the same... it's just.... you know.... for you infor.... T__T

but the best is....

Monday, 18 February 2013

indian bloggers


nearly fall of my seat. Read that Malini Agarwal is "India's blogging princess" and a "social media Jedi".(straight from the horses mouth... heh OK) of India. Im sorry, wtf ??  (did she even watch the star wars series??)

Before you get all riled up that i with a typical unquie hit of like 5 a day cannot be compared to her who get like 250,000 per month ie around  8333 odd per day. Well it's true, i'm non-existent compared to her and i aint ashamed of that fact but Hello... oh plzzz.... i have read other Indian bloggers blog and they are wayyyyy better. Vir Sanghvi- anyone?? Shobana de...etc . Even if -  granted these two mostly seems to have a vendetta against someone or something, but at least they are vocal and clear, concise and well researched - opposite of  "so flimy" ~ like Ms. Malini (& her husband). o_O ???

   Still there are good bloggers like ... .... .... (within India..)

    joshi daniels - no words, only pictures. they say a picture paints a thousand word and this blog epitomise that. beautiful pictures that makes you pause and meditate upon.

there was another blogger- i think " SolitaryWriter" ??? or something. i have read like maybe 2-3 post from him/her ??? and it's awesome.  i felt like i was getting to read stories for free! ^_^  but then i lost the link... =__=  i was like.. ...

  #Landmark im breaking up with you!  .. ....

oh wait...

can we patch up ???

heck i even simply love divinetaste , although she based from out of India. <3 <3 <3 her satvik cooking ! ! !  Manjula's cooking videos are ok too... not the best, but yeah, seeing her cook various dishes, one can grasp the basic idea of how to go about cooking certain dishes..  

there may be thousands of  fans of ms. malini but it makes you wonder... wah- how come they got soo much time to focus on just staring at "slebs" sia ??? that too every freaking day???




Guys, it's a bloody Monday- so maybe i got a serious case of the "monday blues" (as usual) but see the so called write-up on MissMalini. makes me wanna go Puke. bhuuuwhooo.......  the entire picture gallery of her write-up goes like this ....

Pic (1)
Malini Agarwal and her friend inspect themslves in an elevator mirror as they touch up their make-up during a visit to a nightclub in Mumbai.

Pic (2)
Malini Agarwal, smokes a cigarette during a break at a cover photo shoot.

Pic (3)
Malini Agarwal,uses her mobile phone to check messages, to tweet and upload Instagram pictures as she travels home in a car after a cover photo shoot in Mumbai.




WTF ???

also somehow, i feel the popular bloggers of Indian mostly run techology realated websites... ???... i know India is all prim and proper about IT stuff but blogs?? Guess there billions who are interested in such blogs although- Thank you very much, i take my leave with my cuppa coffee.. . .. says - a girl who needs help operating the photocopy machine... but in my defense it's ONLY sometimes- O.K??

i mean that's what the IT department, brothers and boy-friends are for... right?


ps: if i didnt mention you.

 Im sorry.

i couldnt find u.


but hey better than being labeled Boring!!


ps: cartoon, got online fn net....

p/s: Update, found this site... lists tons of other decent  Indian blogger s too!! 

Friday, 15 February 2013

UFOs in Russian

400 people were injured in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The cause?? "meteorite shot across the sky in central Russia on Friday sending fireballs crashing to Earth"..... is it just be or is something suspicious going on around here??

maybe UFOs???

what ever happened to the asteroid early warning system?? watch the video here of the apparent meteorite streaking across the sky. is it possible that it could be a missile test gone wrong or foiled or even UFOs??? i meant.. .. i thought i learnt in class that due to the earth hamishpere everything that falls from space to earth kinda burns up?? so how big was this so called meterorite than it actually managed to crash on Earth in the Ural Mountains and why were the citizens of Planet EARTH not informed of the possibility of the asteriod crash before it happened??? 


but also why is the Ural Mountains so frequented by meteorites and asteroids? Anyone recalls the Mystery at Dyatlov Pass way back in 1959?? In fact the ural Mountains can be considered the holy site for UFO hunters...after all thousands go there each year  in the hope that they might be more than just lucky... guess these hunters are lucky, for they are still alive to visit the Ural mountains again. As the 9 hikers in 1959 were not and instead found dead. Now being a Nepali, i know very well that deaths while trekking is unfortunate occurrence that happens for numerous reasons. There are many reasons- foolhardiness, weather, being ill prepared and even i  guess murder and intrigue.
but orange tan and gray hair together on college kids in winter??? or crushed skulls, rib cages with zeor soft tissuse damage and even a severed tongue?? Strange.

Here's a video of an alien autopsy...



Are we really alone in the universe?

Highly unlikely.

After all we are a brunch of dumb humans who can't even take care of our one and only planet. here a picture of the death spiral. Click on the picture for more info.

Enjoy your dinner with your loved ones and sleep soundly tonight. For it seems, we might just die tomorrow.. ..

OK... maybe i'm over reacting and spooking the shit out of you but lets be honest. There are ALOT of things we Don't KNOW.  
 Ignorance is bless-- so they say. 

Wonder who said that...


Vappy Valentine

Baby knows better...

After 4 days, my skin has finally started peeling off.  I knew i should have applied sunscreen before hitting the road to Pyramid Valley in the outskirts of Bangalore but i was too busy watching "Million dollar baby" to even apply khol... =_=
sad right, it's the weekend and i've a date and i'm not even wearing khol...


whatever man.

click on the pic... cool artist
Still what a day for my facial skin to start moulting like a bloody snake. On FEb 14th. Valentine's Day. ARGH....
not that i believe or even celebrate the stupid commercalised and artifically event. uff...

I dint get any gifts or roses... told the bf not to get any...besides hate roses and no secret admirer too... >_<  But i did buy something for myself. Now i have been looking for a blood red lipstick for quite sometime now.. and while ordering some stuffs from oriflame i saw a limited edition lipstick was on offer. a 3 core lipstick with lip color, gloss and lip balm- how cool is that??? and the color- Catwalk Red. oh la la...~ ~ ~

now im imaging the color to be something like this..

especially after seeing this..

and i get pretty excited to see this..

and this..

only to fall flat on my face after seeing this.

it's peachy!!!
i have like a gozillion tubes of peachy listick!!


Happy Valantine's Day to you'all....

meet my Date..

my monkey date (and not even real T_T)
oh yes... i will be your valentine ...
#rolls eyes

still the monkey is very cute sia...came to work to see this cheeky felllow on my table! ah~
the joys of working in hospitality ^_^  some banks like to give roses to their female staff, i get cute balloons ^_^

and here's a special date with myself while skyping with my best friend and my extra special dinner..aka the re-heated last night leftover dinner. upgaded to special only coz of 2 types of chilli chutney and awesome ghee.

Had good day at work though...took some pictures..


 im no photogragher but finally the magix hour!!!

#swoons ~

ps: if you wanna order avon/oriflame products just inbox me!!!