Thursday, 28 March 2013

Power cleansers..

Ever since i saw Clarisonic, i have been dying to buy one. Unfornately it's not sold here in India neither am i willing to pay the exhoribit international shipping charges on top of it's premium pricing starting from $150. so boy was i excited to see that Neutrogena offers a power cleanser too!! and it's in PINK!!! ^___^  and ...and  @ just only 799/-.....

Wave Original Vibrating Power-Cleanser

i had first seen the product at a Health & Glow outlet at Orion Mall but didnt buy it then and it always seem to be either out of stock or the freaking sales girls had no idea what i was talking about... how can sales girl dun noe wat is/was availble at the store meh??? aiyoo...~~ 


was so happy after buying it that i even posed taking a dozen or so pics of it....

till i noticed... wtf. where's the darn battery??

wtf, battery is missing..... arghh~~ i dun noe how offen u gyus in india notice it but like fucking 95% of the times, cosmestic items are not sealed?? why??  plus went back to Health & Glow to get the battery only to be rudely spoken too, being told that no the box does not include the battery when it clearly mentions the same on the box......  else i guess i might have to raise a complaint to the customer care of Neutragenia... =___=

p/s: called up customer care as mentioned on the blog and even raised a complaint against it but to be told that they would call me back.  it's been over 4 days now... not a single call from the stupid Health & Glow outlet at Orion Mall or the promised call back from Johnson & Johnson (parent company of Neutragena)....

Monday, 25 March 2013

just in case... i do have readers...and you guys happen to be checking our my blog for new posts for past 2 weeks only to be disappointed... truly sorry!!!

my net connection is out, pending overdeu payment  #____# so maybe next week i get back the usage till then... feel free to go through my old posts...

* peace ***

Saturday, 23 March 2013

First Impressions

Read an article in which several Doctors believe that "evil lurks in the brain"... For a full article, click here

It's the age old favourite topic: Nature Vs Nurture.... Is one born evil??? or is the circumstances that makes us who we are?? For the crimes we commit??

In the movie "The Omen", what if Father Spiletto choose to keep the child within the Church instead of sending  it/him to be adopted??? 

Of course, although i love watching horror films- i need good company surrounding me and the remote in my hand so that i can mute it at any given movie. Oh yeah.... i also tend to frequently shut my eyes... so as u can guess, i will half guess the movie... =__= and because i am such a scary cat- mr d always watches the movie ahead so that he know the entire plot and explains the details to me as and when i start asking stupid questions. Questions like... wtf! why did that guy do this/that??? Why were they so dumb?? and so forth @__#

but the good thing is, precisely because i'm like that both the bf and the brothers will tend to know in-depth storyline or else we will pause the darn movie so that i can Google... ~__~ but this is a side topic.. ;P

does looking like this
necessarily make you a badass?? i mean it's possible that he is a good human being, but sometime people are easily distracted by appearances as Puss in Boots rightly knows and manipulates others.

So would you believe that you might just be born mentally deficient and you have a "dark matter' in your head???  Even if you are born with one will it neccesarily make someone act out on it?? I dont think soo... remember Michal jackson holding his son out of the balcony??? He claims he just wanted to show his son to the fans but. . . .. . .. it's more of WTF, has he totally lost his nuts???

Did Mj have dark matter in his brain too???

Really makes one ponder....on the

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Social Public Announcement:

DO NOT DO DRUGS... in 7yrs you will age 20yrs

Monday, 11 March 2013

standing tall at 2310...

i think alot of people are hyped out about ranks and rankings.

it starts even before an infant begins to coo let alone speak a simple coherent sentences yet the parents and in many cases the extended relatives start looking out a better (or worse pre-school) and dreams of loafty colleges abroad for their loved ones..and in India an entry to the ITTs... err is it the IITs?? and of course given the immense fertility of my fellow co-citizens (actually 25% only lah, im not indian but (almost) married to 1)... it's all about the rankings..a point 0.001 actually means something when you are competing against 485,000 odd hopefuls for 9,618 seats....

but im chilled out... i have never failed my finals so i think im in good hands or rather have good decent brains, just chilled out about the whole ranking thingie...and...

guess what???  i'm not even in the top 100. but i'm at 2310. :)  at what?? the indirankings.... a site i did join to increase my viewership but also a site where im too lazy to actually update my posts... on average i may actually blog 3-4 yet update only 1 time at indiblogger... too lazy or rather, i could care less about my hit rates.. coz it's more of a personal thing for me rather than like publish my torrid personal life or post stupid copy-paste posts... =_=  and also oh yeah it's might take me a million eons before i might actually earn a single shilling out of the she-dang so might as well give a cow pat iszit...

but HEY!! dis is my ranking!! o_O

guess i am bothered 'nuff to check heh??

i'm giving myself a job well done pat on my back for actually getting featured!! ;) with no or little effort and that too at 2310 out of  7512. im actually in the top 30%


after the sand and the sea.....

i come back to Bangalore after a week of sand and the sea in Goa and Gokarna... what do i realised??
DAMMnnnn  the noise...the traffic, the TV, my rommies yapping on and on (not that i hate dem... u know it's just the noise..), the bellowing train horns... urgh...
but also the temperature. oh my, it's cool out here. i'm not sweating like a pig and feeling sticky as if i have  been dipped in syrup....
and the Mo%^~*F$%&* MOSQUITOES!!!!!
can i go back to Gokarna??
It's the weekend, time to put your feet up. :)

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the post on my trip will be coming up soon!!! (workin on photoshop! ^_^)

Friday, 1 March 2013

it's Friday and im soon off for my long pending vacation to .....

 i have heard sooo much about this place.... i would definitely like to see what it has to offer me.... i been told to catch some waves and sunset and am planning to do that provided i get my swim wear on time... =_=  #fingerscrossed...  and while researching... i have found Goa to be really really full of beaches... um... i love the sea but i don't know.... 75km of coastline?? Umm.... ^_^''  maybe some cheap wines and a wee bit of shopping might just have me back begging for more Goa...

heard that Gao handicrafts are good...lets see. the pork vindaloos is a MUST TRY,  unfortunately dont eat pigs so maybe i might get lucky and find a chicken or a fish vindaloos???  Paragliding and jet-sking is also nice ..  but it would a short trip as we would be heading back to our favourite destination in South India...


it's the beginning of March, bonus is coming soon so till then...
dream about where your next holiday is gonna me!!

i will just. . . . 


saucy little soul ♥

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will post pics of my trip wen i get back...


meanwhile the click on the pictures above for more cute, funny, sassy pictures of animals...enjoy!!

ps... gotta buy a birthday gift for mr. d by today, tmr.....wonder wat to get..??