Monday, 29 April 2013

when it rains, it pours...

seriously, i wonder why i have yet to go mad as in CRAZY mad as a  hatter, Lunatic and just god damm fucking stupid psycho done for...

when it rains, it pours... hell it's fucking pouring hailstones for me.

i wonder what God thinks of me, they say, he tests only till your limit but fuck man, what's my limit?? so im an orphan... guess my turn came a lil sooner than for others, next i gotta deal with family issues no thanks to my dead father's adultery fighting for my inheritance from my mother's side with his son's mother and now i gotta deal with my dead father's fucking creditors who's filed a claimant on my inheritance??? From my mother's side??? Does it even makes any sense that he was dead for more 5 years???


really, i really got a shitty life.

Just a few days back with a glass of wine in my hand, i was just chatting with my bestie about all the tumultuous changes going on in our lives and how she was surprised that both of us was as sane as we are currently. Man, i really got a darn exciting life.

But while alot of people go for roller coaster rides that lasts for few minutes i live my life as on roller coaster, on edge all the time. i cant really go to the right nor the left neither can i move back or stand still. It's just on a tight rope moving forward inch by inch.

 I just thank God, i'm not starving or in the middle of a war zone. Oh right, i cant even pray coz im in  mouring for 1 year. WTF

as much as i love my country, Nepal.

Photo: A wooden bridge over Marsyangdi river,Nepal
For more information please visit

Photo: World Peace Stupa,Pokhara Nepal

but wtf, why do i have to always return to Nepal because of some god damm emergency??

some people spent their entire live on monotous humdrum of life and me..


Sunday, 28 April 2013

extended lunch @ a pub

HAha... please don't let the tittle mislead you as contary to what it implies, i did not wake up the next morning at the pub. o__O

this weekend was spent roaming around.. first off we had gone to Plan B, which a fab pub in Ashok Nagar and then to a restaurant called Coconut Grove on MG/Brigade Rd..  though i remember seeing any coconut tree at all.

Meet up with the girls at Plan B, and we must have been on the same fashion wavelength as all three of us ended up dressing in white tops! lolol

my top was ok for a lazy weekend meet with the girls but.. later that evening, i ended up going to ICE & SkyBar @ UBCity. God i felt so gaudy amongst the Zara claded wift thin girls in their 5 inches heels.. think i have really lost my head, going to such places in a charity tee...

Saturday, 27 April 2013

my last few post are mostly negative, or so it seemed to me... so here's a picture to balances things out.    #shameless moi

top is by Zara, all accessories from Kathmandu. OOTD for Sunday Brunch at Bene, Sheraton Bangalore. It's a fantastic place (if u still have not been there... what are you waiting for?? o_O )

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Chip of the old block

They say an apple never falls far from the tree and to a certain extent i wholly agreed.

Someone commented, i am my fathers daughter.
well what do you know, I AM my father's daughter and a chip off the block.

My father was never an emotionally expressive guy and he also never did he liked to show how sad, disappointed and frustrated he was. Not even when at the hands of his lover, his faces and arms was full of scars.... he always managed to have a smile on his face and sweet word to speak. The neighbours used to say, "the world is round, his karma has come for him" for he used to physically beat my mom when i was young.

yes, i am my father daughter but im also my mother's daughter. Like my father, I usually hide my pain and hurt from all but one dearest friend, and try to control the situation and work things out. No matter how frustrated i was. But i am my mother's daughter and although she stood by her husband for years till her death even as she was ridiculed and tormented by my father in her youth and his's mistress in her old age, i will learn from the mistake of that and i will try my dammest to break free out of that vicious cycle.

I will not stand by a boy, who lifts his hand against his woman to teach her a lesson. Nor routinely finds it OK to Lord over her, expecting her to pamper him hand and foot and sweet talking plus think nothing of using her money for his benefit.
(I'm sorry im a hypocrite as i will not think much of using his money and expecting the guy to foot the bill at least 60% the time.)

Yes i am my father's daughter. It's impossible in life to go through life without taking a bit of financial help from others. It has always been my intention to return the loans i took, given if the money was given in love and i have been paying consistently back. I am not like someone who takes a bit of financial help, and takes in gratitude as a gift with no intention to ever pay it back.

yes i am my father's daughter, for it's difficult for me to ask back for the money given to a love one (even after the relationship) sours. Unlike someone, who take's it freely with no regards,  till there none left to take and yet somehow expects the girl to have a lil bit more for his allowances.
And resorts to namecalling, stalking and even........ for his money (which he had supposely given in Love, but of course now we know) (hey listen, u stalker.... the remaining due amount is less than 10% of money u gave and i have been consistently returning it month by month, part by part. Dont freak out about the money. Im not like someone's else......)

Yes i am my father's daughter, i have no shame in that. But Are you chip off the old block yourself????

P/s: did you forget all the times, when i paid not only for the food but also the petrol??? Food for u, food for me and due to your generous spirit, food for other too! who used whose money??


PS: im sorry, im not interested in being your ATM. (any more)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ring the Bell, it's (yet) another stupid idiot

Just saw this post on FB:

Women invite trouble by looking at men: Madhya Pradesh Congress leader


you can read the article here...

India just amazes me to the brim... ever since the Narbhaya case (the infamous Delhi gang rape case), (read my post here on the case) the sane ordinary citizens of India are standing up to the atrocious being committed to the female gender... (for example, the protest in Delhi right now are mostly due to the rape of a 5 year old girl... yes you read that right... a f*&king 5 year old kid was raped) see some of the news articles here and you have the people in power remain so callous in regards to giving respect to the female gender... just another stupid idiot high on power  #paphew....

i dont get it, how can a country that idolises and fervently pray to Female Goddesses like Pavathi Mata, Durga Mata, Sarawasti Mata, and even Kali Maa etc  amongst the  thousands of avatars by  the Hindus and Mother Mary for the Roman Catholics and others which i have no clue on.  can indulge in hypocrisy to the excess that just makes me wanna puke???

and on a personal note, just last weekend, i was requested to meet up with a dear friend whose entire objective for meeting me was to implored me to give my broken relationship with a common known person (aka the stalker) a chance despite my strong stand- not too. 
i literally fear when im alone walking somewhere, or when im out somewhere  that harm may come to me and it was explained in no uncertain terms that being what it is, it would be very very very difficult for me to go back to the relationship yet the dude is trying his dammest to convince, and beseeching me to think it over, and give the stalker a chance despite all that #$%^&*,  for his sake.  (the stalker) i mean WTF???!

which brings me back to the point?? How can the people be so two faced??? you have the politicians and their kin crying out for resignations of the MP/Police Commissioner etc, turning the criminal case to be a political point to boot out the current regime and take their place, in fact misusing the grave issues on hand for not only their benefit but also to actually speak in a derogatory manner of all females. I'm sorry but did these bas#@*& come out of a female homo speian womb or from a different species??? #maybe from a jackal instead???

sighz... i can go on and on ranting about this issue but i doubt that any of it is going to make any sense or impact. Will my tiny puny voice against the tide HELP??? Perhaps, when we join forces the collective power becomes stronger and louder...  and a good opportunity for us to speak out, stop violence against women is this campaign that happening very soon on the 28th April, here at Bangalore called "Ring the Bell",

IndiBlogger and Breakthrough come together to “Ring The Bell” in India. Come join forces to support the cause, and promise to actively make a stand. Register soon, before all the seats are taken!
Ring The Bell is an award-winning global campaign calling on men and boys to take action and stop violence against women. Come join forces to support the cause, and promise to actively make a stand. make your  pledge here 

p/s: Yes, i can be melodramatic (at times.... #___#)

Olympus has fallen....

ok this post was supposed to be out like i dont know maybe 3 weeks back?? found in the back logs of drafts....amidst all the other post that i really wanna post but cant.... >__<''
im sure you guys know... PVR has a fantastic mid-week offer... Movies on Wednesdays start from Rs100 !!!   ^____^ super <3 as it's for the entire day so i can go watch a movie after my shift too, wohhooo!!!
So on a Wednesday night, i went to see

the reason i chose this particular movie was simply because it seemed like a thriller type, recently released and OZ was unavailable.  But im glad i did go watch it, even though it rated an "A'' and i was watching it alone after work.... btw there is nothing wrong with a single female going to movies. It goes to prove that the lady in question is a movie buff.  =____=
despite it being a "A/R" rating due to the numerous continuous stream of bloodbath, i really did enjoyed it. ^_^ so much so that i actually wouldnt have mind if i had gone to see it twice had someone else asked me about it... um... #___#  if only if it was to see Gerald Bulter... #swoons, he's looking much older than i last saw him in PS, I love you or even in 300, but i think he's just one of those lucky guys that ages well... more manly and rugged masculinity instead of becoming gouty as time pass by...

#sorry could stop myself from looking at his pics! ~___~

and for guys who has yet to watch the movies and are wondering why the shit im just yappin on about G.B (Gerald Bulter .... DUH @__@).... that coz the movie by itself... sucked. the plot was weak, and there was no story to speak off, the action scenes was ok... i meant this is a Hollywood movie and ppl will have high predisposed conception of the quality of action scenes and the film failed to deliver, but the cinematography (or what ever it's called) and the animations(#wat cha call it??) etc was good and i think GB as "Mike Banning" totally saved the president of United State of America, the United of Amercia (#nah) film. (#obsessed GB fan)

Opps.... i gave the plot away.... Sorry.. but u will thank me for saving your money... just watch it online for Free! ^__^

beside the darn plot is so  obvious from the poster alone!


today, i would be going to watch another it's Wednesday and PVR.  . .. . . .  #ok, fine u know the drill.... it's 100 bucks on Wednesday #totally bored voice

 and no this time im not goin alone ... ^___*

 it's the animated movie

so see yah!

or maybe not

#stares & prays not to meet stalker...


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Faith in the Lord

they say, all good things come to a end... i feel that logically everything must come to an end. Nothings lasts forever, not the dreams, faith, hope, lives or even plastic... eventually there will be a time and place when things start falling apart and decompsing. Let alone something as fragile as human relationships...

Homo sapiens.... we are a fickle minded species that has yet to learn to grow up and behave in a responsible way. For all the nuclear power we have, stored i various parts of the world and the ability to destroy Mother Earth thousands of times over, there has been no greater weapon that that which we born with. The tongue. the strong muscle in the human body and the sharpest tool/weapon that a person has. Improper usage by the speaker has broken many a heart... a mother's heart breaking in two, when her child howls at her "i haat u...." simply because he didnt get an ice cream, or a teenagers dreams being shattered  when on national TV, the judges gives a scathing remark- "u hav no talent" to the oldest set of words that breaks a lovers heart "it's over.."

and it is at times of our greatest pain and need and most of us turns to the almighty... and yes, just before the exams too, when suddenly even an agnoist starts praying... i sure you might know of the the following story... "Footsteps in the Sand(which i have taken from here)

i am not upset that in my hour of need, being a Hindu i am not supposed to enter any religious place for 1 year following the death of my beloved Mother... just that it does break my heart knowing that i am barred.  Stupid religious rules, one might be attempted to say... =___=

it was kinda hurtful
get a message from a (past) lover...


no has sole propriety on God, Lord, Jesus, Almighty, Allah.... or the million other names... 

 let us just grow up a little shall we???

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

need to pee story....

ok, im sure if you have a blog you would definitely understand the instinctive need to check up your stats... as in your blog statistic..... (#what stats were u thinking off??)  #_#

so this morning, i did (as usual)...

and i just wanna thank whoever my reader was.... a big thank you.

why?? for returning back to my blog all because of  "need to pee story" ........ =____=

which i think is this post here or maybe this post... o__O and while im kinda happy you returned back to my blog... err can you just maybe i dont know... put my blog on the favourite list perhaps, instead of gooleing "need to pee story"??  -___-'' (even though i seem to write alot of posts based on the lavatory @__@)

                                                       (pic fm google)

and btw, who the fuck  gooles "" wtf man... in spite of everything...... argh......

in case you are wondering about the "infamous Delhi gang rape" story, it's here. and you must have come out from hibernation really recently if you really have no clue on that case. @____@

Saturday, 13 April 2013


useless lame post of the week.....

this was what happened to me today........

but this had to happen..

have a good weekend ppl!!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bloated and Fat

so far in the past few weeks i have been gorging myself silly till i really do look fat as a pregnant lady in her 2nd half of her 2nd trimester.... =___=

i know in my past few blog post it is not really visible how much weigh i have put on esp in my Tresemme post but i am currently past a healthy weight range with a BMI of almost 24-25. How ironic is it that i actually wrote a post on the dangers on poverty obesity in support of the documentary " A place at the dinning table"....  X__x when i have infact been eating junk food mainly because of boredom, emotional overeating plus being a cheapo... it true... im too broke and stingy to buy good nutritious, healthy food like broccoli, multi-grain bread and instead have been buying cheap junk food like Maggi, chips and chocolates???  sighz.... what a hypocritic i am....

Fed up with my pregnant looks... i made up my mind to exercise  

oh boy... the feeling barely lasted for a day.... for example, this evening as i was walking back home i decided to go for swimming... hummf ... guess what happened?? came home, had some chips thinking i will go swimming after that... .... ..... only to end eating dinner that my rommie had prepared. =___= it's now too late to go swimming after dinner right... i though ok fine... it's ok, lemme rest for an hour or so and do some yoga... which btw "sadie" is soo good!! BUT i ended up watching belly dance you tube videos... o__O and even practised a few steps. umpf... my belly sure is shaking like this stupid kid's...  @___@

i tried out steps like the piston steps and the hip twists ... saw myself in the mirror as my belly rumbled and moved in rough waves crashing against the rocks....... and  basically failed myself.... SIGHZ.....

i really need a crash course in having some will power!! and self discipline!!!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Ramp Ready Hair...

while checking out the Indiblogger site i saw this....

Get your hair ramp ready with TRESemmé!

Get you hair ready with TRESemme!! But really more than that what really attracted me was "FREE SAMPLE" holy molly!! yippee... especially when i was kinda down on my budget and low on shampoo.. since there was no strings attached maybe except to write a blog post about it... so why not heh??

so i applied for a free sample.... and i think it took maybe a month to reach me... but it DID!! unlike with Bingo- which promised to send a couple of packets of their new flavours and never did sent.... #emo ~ rejected me izit??? .... i came home feeling tried and lousy on a blusey Monday to see this...

 i was surprised to see it. i thought maybe my Sheaffer pen had arrived but i realised i had given my office address so it couldn't be... well the only thing left to do was to open it. and i did..

oh wow!

the package came with a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. i had chosen one for Hair Fall control as my hair was dry, damaged and brittle plus is fine, prone to split ends and dry due to colouring...  so after receiving th sample i got set to give it a go for 7 days using it alternativly although since it is for dry hair it's gentle nuff to use it for daily useage... but first, this what TRESemme has to say for itself...

i love their website ... it's really useful with the various types of products available plus a list of  you tube videos of "how to..."  hair style from the interactive TRESemmé India Youtube channel, to syle your hair Neat~

Diana Paton..opps i meant Penty (err... and i though my name was bad X_X) is the brand ambrassdor for India and she's in lots of video .. unfortunately lah... coz i have short short hair..i cant really style it as much...but here are my review after using the product and styling...

after a quick wash and blow dry... and using a bit of help from youtube...

style (1)

Braids. Who says it's not possible for those having short hair to have braids?? Cest possible en very pretty too...esp with you have a cute floral clip like these..

Simply make a braid at both sides of the head..

Use either a bobby pin to clip it in place or a rubber band. I feel that will the braid placement is higher up, a bobby clip works better...

Then simply just clip it into place!

Matches Spring & Summer ^__^

if you have longer hair this style will look even better as you could actually do 2 layers of braids and softly curl your hair at the bottom... Perfect for a casual date at the park or lunch date. ^___^

style (2)

This is twisted braid, a single braid version of the French braid. All you need to do after sampoo and maybe blowdry is simply gather a front portiom of hair at the top, twist it  2-3 times, gather more hair just below and twist it together and so forth.  it doesnt really matter which direction, so long as it's all the same direction... this is what it should look like from top......

and the front view. as you can see, it's suitable for office, work or play.  Not complicated and time comsuming to do but neither is it a plain old boring side parting and you happen to be one of those lucky ones to have thick hair, it possible to it with centre parting, on both sides...

here's a link to help you guys in learning this look..

style (3)

This is the pouf/ basic bump. this hairstyle is the preferred hairstyle for erwest  royalty especially of Nepals' but it's one style that would make a girl instantly feel like royalty.

but it is still quite popular amongst bridal & pageant crowd too..

 if you have this...then all your problem is solved. ^_^''

if not... i guess you could always... do this..

take a front portion of your hair

twist it twice

and place the clip in place using a comb clip, else lots of bobby pins will still do the trick. o__O

mini crown on my head... gives an illusion of bring taller too...

if you feel that maybe your forehead is too too big like mine, then u could use a necklace as a hairband instead.. just use normal bobby pins to keep it in place. or if you are really 'sotong' aka confused, just backcomb and lightly comb on top as seen in this video (right at the end) or as shown here..

style (4)

Do you hate it when on Sundays you dont really wish to wake up but you have to coz..even though it's your off/holiday, there are like gazillion things to be done???  And you need a hairstyle that will enable you to do the same?? 
A style that just about eptomizes Sunday is the twist back, or rather what i call the Sunday errands style. Because it leaves the front of your face free so that you can to go do whatever it is that has to be done. Like laundry, grocery shopping, running after the kids (and dogs) or spending the entire day under the tree in a park with a book with your parther or even finally meeting up with the college mates.. plus this is the hairstyle for people with really short hair and cannot make a pony tail..

Well, here me... a typical Sunday look. Minimum make-up... i think a BB cream, khol and lip balm is really alot of effort for Sundays... 

 and yeah... the hair....



To start it off, make a side parting

and take about an inch of hair breath-wise from the front and about 2-3inches along the length of the scalp, twist it 1-2 times and clip it vertically along the twist. Repeat till the entire portion in front of the head is done. It's not rocket science so just portion, twist and clip. 

after all it's Sunday....


style (6)

High pony tail with bump. Pony tail as a hairstyle is popular both on & off the ramp. For a busy housewife it's the simplest and most fastest way to tie up her hair. Even high street fashion designers love the style, esp. when combining with androgynous style alothough depending on how you would dress up, it can still look very womenly like Kim Kardashian.  There are 2 online video, both great.. here and here.

style (7)

Butteryfly pony tail. This a a slight variation of the regular pony tail. Here's how to do butterfly pony tail. Since my hair is short (just reaching the shoulders) i cannot do a regular pony tail by gathering all the hair, instead usually i do a half. It looks just as nice just abit less formal. (# sorry no pic..)

But here i have done a butterfly pony tail as seen in the video and clip back all the hair. Was trying for a messy look but not entirely sure if the objective is reached. What do you guys think? suitable for a party??

here a link for more styles for short hair.. and this link is great too!

my feedback on the TRESemme products?? well.. i think it is a safe bet to say TRESemme does help you give the salon-like hair... Hair was noticeably softer, smoother and slightly silkier and it lived up to it's name.. the amount of hair fall was lesser within just 1 week.
Also i dont believe in blow drying or styling my hair using sprays, gel, mousse or even wax... yet somehow my hair was less static from the 1st Shampoo and it was easy 'nuff to actually do simple styling without the use of additional heat through hair dryer/ curler etc or even gels etc for the styles that i tried out.  Plus this hilarious video just about made me swear off from using curler...

After using Tressme my hair felt bouncier and glossier... #maybe due to less hair fall?? -__-  would definitely buy it and recommend this!   Hopefully with this usage of Tresmme products it will stop my limited hair from balding... =_____=

Well this was my post for the Tresemme contest. Hope i win something!! ^___^

maybe a Sharp plasmacluster hair dryer???

# oh well, a girl can dream... right???