Monday, 8 April 2013

Ramp Ready Hair...

while checking out the Indiblogger site i saw this....

Get your hair ramp ready with TRESemmé!

Get you hair ready with TRESemme!! But really more than that what really attracted me was "FREE SAMPLE" holy molly!! yippee... especially when i was kinda down on my budget and low on shampoo.. since there was no strings attached maybe except to write a blog post about it... so why not heh??

so i applied for a free sample.... and i think it took maybe a month to reach me... but it DID!! unlike with Bingo- which promised to send a couple of packets of their new flavours and never did sent.... #emo ~ rejected me izit??? .... i came home feeling tried and lousy on a blusey Monday to see this...

 i was surprised to see it. i thought maybe my Sheaffer pen had arrived but i realised i had given my office address so it couldn't be... well the only thing left to do was to open it. and i did..

oh wow!

the package came with a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. i had chosen one for Hair Fall control as my hair was dry, damaged and brittle plus is fine, prone to split ends and dry due to colouring...  so after receiving th sample i got set to give it a go for 7 days using it alternativly although since it is for dry hair it's gentle nuff to use it for daily useage... but first, this what TRESemme has to say for itself...

i love their website ... it's really useful with the various types of products available plus a list of  you tube videos of "how to..."  hair style from the interactive TRESemmé India Youtube channel, to syle your hair Neat~

Diana Paton..opps i meant Penty (err... and i though my name was bad X_X) is the brand ambrassdor for India and she's in lots of video .. unfortunately lah... coz i have short short hair..i cant really style it as much...but here are my review after using the product and styling...

after a quick wash and blow dry... and using a bit of help from youtube...

style (1)

Braids. Who says it's not possible for those having short hair to have braids?? Cest possible en very pretty too...esp with you have a cute floral clip like these..

Simply make a braid at both sides of the head..

Use either a bobby pin to clip it in place or a rubber band. I feel that will the braid placement is higher up, a bobby clip works better...

Then simply just clip it into place!

Matches Spring & Summer ^__^

if you have longer hair this style will look even better as you could actually do 2 layers of braids and softly curl your hair at the bottom... Perfect for a casual date at the park or lunch date. ^___^

style (2)

This is twisted braid, a single braid version of the French braid. All you need to do after sampoo and maybe blowdry is simply gather a front portiom of hair at the top, twist it  2-3 times, gather more hair just below and twist it together and so forth.  it doesnt really matter which direction, so long as it's all the same direction... this is what it should look like from top......

and the front view. as you can see, it's suitable for office, work or play.  Not complicated and time comsuming to do but neither is it a plain old boring side parting and you happen to be one of those lucky ones to have thick hair, it possible to it with centre parting, on both sides...

here's a link to help you guys in learning this look..

style (3)

This is the pouf/ basic bump. this hairstyle is the preferred hairstyle for erwest  royalty especially of Nepals' but it's one style that would make a girl instantly feel like royalty.

but it is still quite popular amongst bridal & pageant crowd too..

 if you have this...then all your problem is solved. ^_^''

if not... i guess you could always... do this..

take a front portion of your hair

twist it twice

and place the clip in place using a comb clip, else lots of bobby pins will still do the trick. o__O

mini crown on my head... gives an illusion of bring taller too...

if you feel that maybe your forehead is too too big like mine, then u could use a necklace as a hairband instead.. just use normal bobby pins to keep it in place. or if you are really 'sotong' aka confused, just backcomb and lightly comb on top as seen in this video (right at the end) or as shown here..

style (4)

Do you hate it when on Sundays you dont really wish to wake up but you have to coz..even though it's your off/holiday, there are like gazillion things to be done???  And you need a hairstyle that will enable you to do the same?? 
A style that just about eptomizes Sunday is the twist back, or rather what i call the Sunday errands style. Because it leaves the front of your face free so that you can to go do whatever it is that has to be done. Like laundry, grocery shopping, running after the kids (and dogs) or spending the entire day under the tree in a park with a book with your parther or even finally meeting up with the college mates.. plus this is the hairstyle for people with really short hair and cannot make a pony tail..

Well, here me... a typical Sunday look. Minimum make-up... i think a BB cream, khol and lip balm is really alot of effort for Sundays... 

 and yeah... the hair....



To start it off, make a side parting

and take about an inch of hair breath-wise from the front and about 2-3inches along the length of the scalp, twist it 1-2 times and clip it vertically along the twist. Repeat till the entire portion in front of the head is done. It's not rocket science so just portion, twist and clip. 

after all it's Sunday....


style (6)

High pony tail with bump. Pony tail as a hairstyle is popular both on & off the ramp. For a busy housewife it's the simplest and most fastest way to tie up her hair. Even high street fashion designers love the style, esp. when combining with androgynous style alothough depending on how you would dress up, it can still look very womenly like Kim Kardashian.  There are 2 online video, both great.. here and here.

style (7)

Butteryfly pony tail. This a a slight variation of the regular pony tail. Here's how to do butterfly pony tail. Since my hair is short (just reaching the shoulders) i cannot do a regular pony tail by gathering all the hair, instead usually i do a half. It looks just as nice just abit less formal. (# sorry no pic..)

But here i have done a butterfly pony tail as seen in the video and clip back all the hair. Was trying for a messy look but not entirely sure if the objective is reached. What do you guys think? suitable for a party??

here a link for more styles for short hair.. and this link is great too!

my feedback on the TRESemme products?? well.. i think it is a safe bet to say TRESemme does help you give the salon-like hair... Hair was noticeably softer, smoother and slightly silkier and it lived up to it's name.. the amount of hair fall was lesser within just 1 week.
Also i dont believe in blow drying or styling my hair using sprays, gel, mousse or even wax... yet somehow my hair was less static from the 1st Shampoo and it was easy 'nuff to actually do simple styling without the use of additional heat through hair dryer/ curler etc or even gels etc for the styles that i tried out.  Plus this hilarious video just about made me swear off from using curler...

After using Tressme my hair felt bouncier and glossier... #maybe due to less hair fall?? -__-  would definitely buy it and recommend this!   Hopefully with this usage of Tresmme products it will stop my limited hair from balding... =_____=

Well this was my post for the Tresemme contest. Hope i win something!! ^___^

maybe a Sharp plasmacluster hair dryer???

# oh well, a girl can dream... right???


  1. Beautiful hairstyles:) Best of luck pretty girl:)

    1. @bushra: thank you, and wish u the best too! ^_^

  2. simple and pretty hairstyles.. you look very charming... all the best :-)

    A Rat's Nibble

    1. thank you!! yeah tried to create hairstyles that could be done in a matter of minutes.. ^_* glad u like them

  3. congrats on your win cezan :)

    1. dear a Rat, thank you. it was worth the extra time and effort in the project to win at the end. unfortunetely not sure is u do read my blog, but here's a to find out what happened to my brand new still-in-the-box galaxy tab II, that i won... ~___~

    2. oh btw... congrats on ur win too!! ^_^

  4. Its really awesome, that's the blog you admire I liked it.
    Beautiful Hair styles
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