Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tattooist over Dentist

Once when i had a very lazy off over the weekend. I went to the Dentist after nearly 5 years??? (yeah i know.... =___= )

There is just something about lying down with your mouth wide open, and 2 person inserting things in your mouth that make a lot of noise whirling, suctioning, scrapping away the dirt, putting some fillers, heating and worse sanding away the plagues especially around the gums... Och!!

google pics

The entire process just reminded me of Aliens, Species and kidnapped by UFO videos o__O  the overhead light blinding your eyes does not help too in avoiding those creepy thoughts coming in your head. i think there's even a terror flim called "the dentist"!! tell me if you watch it, im not going too... gotta have some courage for my next dental visit!!

the entire time i was in the lying with my month open, i was trying to recall all the nice romantic movies like Asshiqui II, Pretty Women, Notting Hill, Titanic and even Harry Meet Sally and Sleepless in Seattle..... NO FucKing use i tell yeah...

i kept getting flashbacks of 


talk about thinking useless things...



dont know how to now go meet my orthodontist... as i suffer from Type 3 cross bite as well various chipped teeth... sighz... why the hell did i ever munch on so much ice cubes and chicken bones???? WHY!!!

After all from a very young age i been told that good dental hygiene is very important and there was a mobile dental clinic that used to come to my school twice a year for dental check ups of all student and i loved going! @___@ i dont know why, but i did... maybe just because i was allowed to leave in the middle of class??  or the clean smell inside the bus??? and all the fake teeth used to demonstrate by the dentist how to brush.... it was interesting... Then.  Do dental buses still come to primary school in Singapore these days as well???     # Nostalgia OD...  

i guess the fake teeth gets cuter by the years though.... ^___^


As the Greek  Philosopher, Desiderius Erasmus rightly said: Prevention is better than Cure.  I know tat  to keep away gum disease at bay is by  good oral hygiene. The most important would be Brushing your teeth at least twice a day for optimum plaque control. As well as Flossing. @__@ (#hate flossing! too many experiences that dumbo me tried flossing with ordinary cotton threads instead of floss thread... and of course have cut my gums... and not just once... @___@ )

but does this look fun to you????

Anyways some of the healthy teeth lifestyle ways are

 Have a well-balanced diet.

Kick the butt. As in Quit smoking and not go kick someone's butt.

Reduce stress.

But last but not the least, do Visit the dentist at least once in 6 months.

yeah right...

Gimme a chance & money to torture myself, i rather go to a tattoo parlour and ink myself than to go for another round of general cleaning, scaling, filling and what not...

i so dig tattoos.... in fact i been wanting to add more to my collection and these are some of the designs i have contemplating...


compared to years earlier... having a tattoo these days is not so much of a big deal. in fact numerous people are attracted to tattoos and have a desire to ink themselves, only the fear of the needle and the fact that once you are inked, you are branded for life. which may or may not be the best thing... ~_~

i remember when i got inked, i was hiding it  from mom, but obviously she found it out. well.... she didnt say much ado about it then....then one fine day, as i was entering the bathroom- she told to make sure i scrub all the dirt (ie the tattoo) on my back away.... ~ o_O ~  LOLOL

here are link you can read:


Monday, 27 May 2013

Expensive Kathmandu

this morning i was just online.. trying to find rates for flight back home to Kathmandu... but i then i noticed this....

Flights to Colombo costs just Rs7,816 and to Singapore just Rs16,099. Holy shit!!!

Whereas the ticket to home costs me like over 20 Grand with layover of up to 22hrs!!! #faints..

Fuck man, it's cheaper to go for a holiday somewhere else than to go home. Darn... Why is visiting my motherland so expensive than my birthland??

Plus i dont even have to pay for Tourist Visa to Sing... Lolol... if only my bank account had 5-6 figures..... would love to go to Sing for a weekend getaway and of course just in time for the "GREAT SINGAPORE SALE"  and of course not to miss out on all the yummy Chilli Crabs and Popiah!!!


#drooling and daydreaming....

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rainbow Mam

This week was, err.... not too good for me.... for one thing after about one too many drinking sessions and lack of exercise my body was feeling out of wonk... err does that even make sense?? "out of wonk??" "wonked out" ???


ok... back after googled checked. Yay my vocab is not bad. here's the link if you wanna know the meaning of 'wonked out'. it's Not the Britannica or even the Cambridge, Webster definition but definitely a saying with a known meaning... wonked out to be fatigued like shit, shitty and shittest.... @___@  #think you can easily guess how my week was...


ok, back to my week... and the increase of pet names...



as i was saying i was wonked out all weekend only to wake up on the wrong side of the bed come Monday morning. it was like i open my eyes and the freaking song "Khoon Choosle" on my mind.


work-wise. ok.., =___=

but i realized that my Sheaffer engraved rose gold pen is missing..... it was my Pen with my pen name and holy crap for the life i cant remember where i kept it on Friday evening. as you guess my entire mood was pissed off and unfortunately it didnt help matters to discover that the rs7000 cartridge is over on Monday when it was only replaced on Friday night. Needless to say...

i became like this...

and got myself a new moniker... after berating the store and purchase team for getting such a faulty and expensive cartridge.


but thank god after countless search for my Sheaffer pen, i found it. It was at the furthest corner in the locker way at the back behind the bottle water and plastic bags.. after making the entire Laundry team search for it....

but at least at the end , i found my pen back... now it's kept safe in a drawer.. a Pity... 



i had left my locker open to air out the stink but placed the uniform inside coz i wanted to leave a sign that the locker was not unused but guess what... someone apparently not just took a look at my uniform, and seeing my name badge and then had the audacity to take the freaking pride pin.!!! @___@ wtf??? it costs me 50rs to replace it!

this picture is an old one from an earlier blog post

Pride Pinless Lassie




Shitty but ok.  As my mood was visibly bad continuously for several days, one of the staff asked me... politely, if i may add.

Him:    "How are you mam?"

Me:      "Ummm, lemme just say... i think the day is full of Rainbows..."  #smirks

Him:    "oh... ok."      #doesnt know what to say.

Think he was afraid i might bite his head off, if he spoke the wrong thing"

But since then, when ever he sees me... instead of the usual greetings, he gauges my mood and asks... "Is it Rainbows again mam??"

Hell yeah it sure is!!



Shitty but ok.  Though i think i might have given my boss shock of his life, coming make-upless and remaining make-upless  till 10.30am in the morning... I didnt even bother with kajol....

 Shocking, i know.

Squid eye, pic fm Cheesie's blog. Click on picture to check it out.

Felt much better after watching the Reluctant Fundamentalist. Loved it!!

 and this cutie was one of the reasons for uplifting my mood... by his acting, his looks and yeah his voice too... what can i say?? i totally dig guys with such define nose, slow manner of speaking and also couldn't help but notice that he is Hot.... LOLOL...  i'm sure someone i know will definitely tell me im a slut for finding a guy Hot but, Hey. WTF?? STFU!!!

btw all of Mira Nair's movies are a must watch. From Monsoon Wedding, the Namesake to Salaam Bombay. Deepa Mehta is yet another Indian film director whom i love, esp the film - Water. A superb classic movie. #Go watch if you haven't yet. Jesus, where/ when were you born????


Shitty but turned out fine after Dinner with the Girls, gossipping and closing the night with a pitcher of beer. ^__^

Except just wanted to say, be careful ordering Half & Half pizzas at Tuscano's. I had requested for Half with and Half without Ham/Bacon/Salami but the bugger brings in a full pizza of Pepperoni slices.... #___#  i tell him off, and he goes back. Only to come back in 2 minutes with Half side no pepperoni and half full of Pepperoni.

Me:   "Did you just take the pepperoni from this side and place it on the other half??"

Him:  #innocently nodding his head... "Err... yes, mam'




Shitty, Shitter and Shittest as the day goes by... Got told Fuck Face all day long. Totally pissed out i retaliated by blogging. See my earlier post. For a special person, i'm Fuck Face. an Ugly Bitch. HhheeLLLOOooooo , even before Photoshop and make-up. im not THAT ugly kay...

i mean just look at me!!



Thank God for the day of the rest. Blogging about my week and by and large it has been a rather uneventful day recuperating at home, except for the Gas getting over. Wonderful~ ~ just on the day when i was planning to cook some fried chickens, gizzard takoyakis and lovely BBQ brinjal dish.

Still as i stuff my face with Donuts and Coffee at night, Here's to a Wonderful Week ahead!

No more Rainbows Mam shit i hope.. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fuck face

Lolol... been getting called Fuck face quite alot...

some males really get their ego hurt when they find out it's their mistake yet they look for ways & means to divert the blame. #not that i'm not guilty of the same... =__=

but how worried should i be???

when i get to receive such messages??
seeking for attention??

Thanks. My decision was a the right one.


P/s: btw... you are really contradicting your own words... pls dont fucking care about my life or those around me... OK.. it's fine if you think i destroyed your life and your family's life. You have the Right to think and feel that. Lemme tell you, when you fucking slapped me in the middle of the road, you did managed to not only make me see some stars in board daylight but also knocked some SENSE into my head. So Thank You for showing me who you are, what you can be capable off and giving me such an early Warning of what might have been my Future.

pps: i really don't like blogging about u, but u do leave me little choice.

ppps:  i know i am ugly. Your not to first to tell me that. That's why i photoshop my pictures.. @__@

Friday, 24 May 2013

Stuffed Cheeks

soory for the lack of update ~___~  been slightly busy... =____= 

* ok, fine.... was just too lazy and preoccupied with life...  x___X

here's an old wtf pic of  mine i found, a snap during Holi lunch at work... with zero photoshop as evident from my majorly stuffed cheeks... -____--

i think i look similar to this o_O

ps: yes, i <3 chillies.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

personality test

Just a short post!

Ever wanted to find out your personality?? Well here is one test to find out your personality type using Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality. click here

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Micheal Kors

i vaguely remember that while growing that in the Cantonment it was a sign of a husband's affection and ability to gift the wife a Seiko watch (in gold) and Rolex being way too expensive.  o__O

It seemed to me that almost all the aunty's in the colony had a golden Seiko watch on their wrist, while my mom had an ordinary steel watch , mostly probably a Casio. And although i knew she really really wanted a golden Seiko watch too like her fellow numbernis, she never quite vocally spoke out about it. And of course my dad being who he was.... my mom's wants was the least of his concern. It wasnt till his (early) retirement that he finally got her a Seiko watch after a 15-16 years wait, which she loved it even after all the golden sheen faded out and stretches after more than a decade of living in the village.

here she's still wearing the dreaded seiko watch after more than 15 years... #shakes head

I had bought her 2 watches but she never wore them more than a token day or two... =__=, in fact if im not wrong she gave those away!!!  o__O  lolol but yeah that seiko watch, it was always with her and  towards the end of her life she gave it away to her niece.

#kinda sad, she didnt leave it with me...but it's ok. I will always remember changing the glass for her each time i came for a holiday. 

These days, 'SEIKO" is passe and now it seems "Micheal Kors" is the new seiko and all the hubby's are purchasing the wife's Micheal Kors. btw when i mean all the hubby's ( i meant those serving in the army and those who i know... so it these does not reflect the general ordinary population =___=)
Case in point:

and even some not in the army....


i love watches. A love passed on from my father... oh he had watches of all sort , from Christin Dior, to Seiko to err.... casios i guess. hehehe... lolol i really dont know, we shared a very complicated relationship.. i love him but as absentee army father he didnt feature much in my growing years ...  #____#      #useless family infor....


meanwhile i got a (only) swatch watch but after annual office party the top and dials are MIA. nope no idea, where the f*^k it went. I realised it only at 4am. Must be while i was mad crazy dancing to the glory land...

end of the party, and no i did not spill anything on myself.... tat's sweat. im sure coz the next morning i double checked...    #rolls eyes... O_o

and my swatch the next morning..

but my favorites are still Omega and yes Seiko...

unlike my dear sweet mom... i have no intention of waiting for my perceived Prince Charming to buy me a watch that i fancy... as a modern working independent

( #or at least i like to think soo of myself as such @__@ )


 #positive reaffirmations....

(...#Hopefully before my grand kids comes along... ~__~)

and after all the debts have been cleared away..

and because at a very recent training, the move "The Secret" was shown to us... i shall now say it across to the WWW aka the universe, I will be wearing a Seiko Lord Ladies watch in rose gold by end of this year... or better yet by my Birthday in December... ^__^

#positive re-affirmations


LOLOL if you think i might have gone bonkers... well yeah you're probably right.. but heck... a Gal can dream right??? Dream and attract that perfect Seiko watch, that dream job, the dream house, THAT DREAM PRINCE... ANYTHING!!  o_O

even when someone thinks you are shit, then it's especially VITAL and IMPERATIVE to think nothing but the BEST...

Im saying all of this because of the movie-- it's a 2006 movie, that tries to convince people that everything one wants or needs can be satisfied by believing in an outcome, repeatedly thinking about the outcome, and maintaining positive emotional states to "attract" that outcome.

BONKERS?? well.... if you ask me... not really.  #and you can admit to yourself that on a basic level it is true...  so watch it... in entirety if you can, i got bugged out that that it never seem to end..


Monday, 13 May 2013


Sand and the Sea (II)

This is the part II for my recent trip to Goa & Gokarna... the first part is  here

On the way to Gorkana after our overnight stay at sandy Goa... i think this is maybe midway towards Gokarna... saw a bunch of cranes enjoying the fountain. i was very glad for the distraction as someone bought tickets for an A/C bus (again!!)..

thank god i didnt puke this time round...

a bus journey supposed to take at most 2 1/2 hrs took nearly  3-4 hrs and frankly both mr. d & i were so worried of whether we would reach Gokarana that day ..... but Thank God, even though the bus driver was a super cautious driver and travelled at maybe just 80km/hr, he did took us to our destination and even kindly stopped our connecting bus... ^__^

once in Gokarna, this was the first thing thing we saw... the preparation for the upcoming MahaShrivatri although this trip was not about that at all...

After finally settling on the room at the various shacks availble on the beach... we were off toDinner #yippee...  been hungry the whole day...him more so..coz i was munching on something or the other.... ^_^

my overly photoshopped pic with the fake drawn on photoshopped lashes.... umm... so this is how i will prolly look if my lashes were long and cury instead of short and straight as a push pin needles... @___@

The seafood thukpa at Dragon Cafe...yumsss.... lotsa calamari, fish and thick chicken (...err???) soup... 

Calamari grilled that suffered from an overdose of lemongrass marinate and seasonings...

Ok,  in case you have never been to Gokarna, lemme tell you... it's a samll series of beaches at the southern tip of Karnataka, about appx 9hrs travelling time by Bus. The most famous beach for which Gokarna is famous for is the 'Om' beach but full of tourist and rough waves from the Arabian Seas.

If your planning to come to Gokarna, head straight to Kudle Beach. If you are a lil adventurous and are ready to sleep under the skies, Paradise Beach is perfect.. although you should be prepared to either hike alot to buy food or fish... ^___^   point is there is lotsa beaches... not miles long but u do have a limited choice and the crowd is somewhat decent...and you get to see God's beautiful handwork...

The reasons i would always prefer Gokarna over Goa (even though i been there just once) is that Gokarna is alot less crowded and commercialised, the town still retains it's cultural reins with a strong community of Brahims population. The temperatures are cooler and the beaches clean and safe. In fact, several times in the early morning and evening i went swimming alone- no incident except for a over-zealous bull and some guys trying to make small talk. @__@ Food is as always fantastic and although liquor is not that freely available as in dont really miss it... because now the point of going to a Beach destination for a holiday is to basically soak up the sun (see the picture above), eat, swim, sleep, read and eat some more....  so be prepared for the deluge of pics... of Food...


Birthday breakfast for the guy...

some curd to sweeten the day ..

and a ridiculous bill of just 135 for 2 person... cheap considering we had 2 kappi, 2 set of idli, vada, curd in a earthen jar and more vadas..

sights on the way back to the beach side


 special drink of the day..

Lunch!! Mixed seafood fried rice ...

yummilicious grilled prawns. these prawns are to die for... thick, juicy, succulent... grilled with just butter and garlic with a herb dressing of rosemary.... #drools...

even the cat was all eyes on the prawns..

ever had calamari pizza???  #drools....


after all that food, it's time for a much needed rest...
one of the too! only 600+ per night.

love the lush green healthy flowers

after the fantastic lunch and rest dinner was short and simple

just some thukpa for him and hummus pita pour moi (#bad choice)

a walk by the beach side post dinner under the starry skies....
didnt click any pics... so got it off google but aint it pretty??

 and finally a birthday celebration... err sort off since it was just the two of us..

 no birthday cakes, just a simple fruit cake for the guy...
(#hey, at least i bought it!! o_O and he did like it too x___X )

Just spent the day chilling out, reading some books...

yes i am a fast reader.... i read the 'calcutta chromosome' and the 'My favourite wife' from start to finish and second half of the 'Love in the time of Cholrea' over a span of 2-3 days ... will give reviews later... :P

a break from the reading..

 to Hot to do anything else except seat under the shade, with a glass of beer/tea/lemon soda and enjoy life..

even cows need a siesta

and video this..

time for Lunch!

yeah, fries... i getit, not the best of choice but it was a freaking Hot day.... plus it was his choice... i ordered some seafood thukpa... (just look at the generous serving of king fish ..... slurp! )

and a bottle of chilled beer to wash it all down.. ^___^

Thank God, we had scheduled a walk to the town again in the morning for a bit of  masala dosa and shopping!! ^__^ 

interesting artifacts...

the fruits were too gorgeous to resist... im not sure if it's organic but the aromas were too enticing to resist...

 bought some chewnut fruits as well.. my first time having cheswenut fruit...

 an acquired taste required...

but i bought my first set of bikinis

(#blushing pink.... #__#)

  to be continued..