Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tattooist over Dentist

Once when i had a very lazy off over the weekend. I went to the Dentist after nearly 5 years??? (yeah i know.... =___= )

There is just something about lying down with your mouth wide open, and 2 person inserting things in your mouth that make a lot of noise whirling, suctioning, scrapping away the dirt, putting some fillers, heating and worse sanding away the plagues especially around the gums... Och!!

google pics

The entire process just reminded me of Aliens, Species and kidnapped by UFO videos o__O  the overhead light blinding your eyes does not help too in avoiding those creepy thoughts coming in your head. i think there's even a terror flim called "the dentist"!! tell me if you watch it, im not going too... gotta have some courage for my next dental visit!!

the entire time i was in the lying with my month open, i was trying to recall all the nice romantic movies like Asshiqui II, Pretty Women, Notting Hill, Titanic and even Harry Meet Sally and Sleepless in Seattle..... NO FucKing use i tell yeah...

i kept getting flashbacks of 


talk about thinking useless things...



dont know how to now go meet my orthodontist... as i suffer from Type 3 cross bite as well various chipped teeth... sighz... why the hell did i ever munch on so much ice cubes and chicken bones???? WHY!!!

After all from a very young age i been told that good dental hygiene is very important and there was a mobile dental clinic that used to come to my school twice a year for dental check ups of all student and i loved going! @___@ i dont know why, but i did... maybe just because i was allowed to leave in the middle of class??  or the clean smell inside the bus??? and all the fake teeth used to demonstrate by the dentist how to brush.... it was interesting... Then.  Do dental buses still come to primary school in Singapore these days as well???     # Nostalgia OD...  

i guess the fake teeth gets cuter by the years though.... ^___^


As the Greek  Philosopher, Desiderius Erasmus rightly said: Prevention is better than Cure.  I know tat  to keep away gum disease at bay is by  good oral hygiene. The most important would be Brushing your teeth at least twice a day for optimum plaque control. As well as Flossing. @__@ (#hate flossing! too many experiences that dumbo me tried flossing with ordinary cotton threads instead of floss thread... and of course have cut my gums... and not just once... @___@ )

but does this look fun to you????

Anyways some of the healthy teeth lifestyle ways are

 Have a well-balanced diet.

Kick the butt. As in Quit smoking and not go kick someone's butt.

Reduce stress.

But last but not the least, do Visit the dentist at least once in 6 months.

yeah right...

Gimme a chance & money to torture myself, i rather go to a tattoo parlour and ink myself than to go for another round of general cleaning, scaling, filling and what not...

i so dig tattoos.... in fact i been wanting to add more to my collection and these are some of the designs i have contemplating...


compared to years earlier... having a tattoo these days is not so much of a big deal. in fact numerous people are attracted to tattoos and have a desire to ink themselves, only the fear of the needle and the fact that once you are inked, you are branded for life. which may or may not be the best thing... ~_~

i remember when i got inked, i was hiding it  from mom, but obviously she found it out. well.... she didnt say much ado about it then....then one fine day, as i was entering the bathroom- she told to make sure i scrub all the dirt (ie the tattoo) on my back away.... ~ o_O ~  LOLOL

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