Friday, 28 June 2013

touching the big 6-0

seeing the currency news is getting a bit tedious for me these days... Tha value of Indian ruprees has been falling.... Sighz.... now it's touching the big 6-0 to the USD $$ and the pundits are still saying that even at this exchange rate, the IC is still somewhat undervalued.

i mean WTF. IC is touching 60 to a dollar and i gotta retire my overseas online shopping?? NAHHEEE.........




 zara, mango... wait for moi...

Thursday, 27 June 2013

all or nothing

just cuz...

 it's either u give it your all or Nothing at all.



Tuesday, 25 June 2013

state of affairs

saw this amazing painting... with a hidden message.

"Amazing thought-provoking painting "Beijing 2008" by Chinese-Canadian artist Liu Yi.

This painting, named “Beijing 2008”, has been the subject of much discussion in the west as well as on the internet. What’s interesting is that this painting is called “Beijing 2008”, yet it depicts four women playing mahjong, and conceals a wealth of meaning within…

China’s visible set of tiles “East Wind” has a dual meaning. First, it signifies China’s revival as a world power. Second, it signifies the military might and weaponry that China possesses has already been placed on the table. On one hand, China appears to be in a good position, but we cannot see the rest of her hand. Additionally, she is also handling some hidden tiles below the table.

America looks confident, but is glancing at Taiwan, trying to read something off of Taiwan’s expression, and at the same time seems to be hinting something at Taiwan.

Russia appears to be disinterested in the game, but this is far from the truth. One foot hooks coyly at America, while her hand passes a hidden tile to China, both countries can be said to be exchanging benefits in secret. Japan is all seriousness while staring at her own set of tiles, and is oblivious to the actions of the others in her self-focused state.

Taiwan wears a traditional red slip, symbolizing that she is the true heir of Chinese culture and civilization. In one hand she has a bowl of fruit, and in the other, a paring knife. Her expression as she stares at China is full of anger, sadness, and hatred, but to no avail; unless she enters the game, no matter who ends up as the victor, she is doomed to a fate of serving fruit.

Outside the riverbank is darkened by storm clouds, suggesting the high tension between the two nations is dangerously explosive. The painting hanging on the wall is also very meaningful; Mao’s face, but with Chiang Kai Shek’s bald head, and Sun Yat-Sen’s mustache.

The four women’s state of undress represent the situation in each country. China is naked on top, clothed with a skirt and underwear on the bottom. America wears a bra and a light jacket, but is naked on the bottom. Russia has only her underwear left. Japan has nothing left.

At first glance, America appears to be most composed and seems to be the best position, as all the others are in various states of nakedness. However, while America may look radiant, her vulnerability has already been exposed. China and Russia may look naked, yet their key private parts remain hidden.

If the stakes of this game is that the loser strips off a piece of clothing, then if China loses, she will be in the same state as Russia (similar to when the USSR dissolved). If America loses, she also ends up in the same state as Russia. If Russia loses, she loses all. Japan has already lost everything.

Russia seems to be a mere “filler” player, but in fact is exchanging tiles with China. The real “filler” player is Japan, for Japan has nothing more to lose, and if she loses just once more she is immediately out of the game.

America may look like she is in the best position, but in fact is in a lot of danger, if she loses this round, she will give up her position as a world power. Russia is the most sinister, playing along with both sides, much like when China was de-occupied, she leaned towards the USSR and then towards America; as she did not have the ability to survive on her own, she had to weave between both sides in order to survive and develop.

There are too many of China’s tiles that we cannot see. Perhaps suggesting that China has several hidden aces? Additionally China is also exchanging tiles with Russia, while America can only guess from Taiwan’s expression of what actions have transpired between Russia and China. Japan on the other hand is completely oblivious, still focused solely on her own set of tiles.

Taiwan stares coldly at the game from aside. She sees everything that the players at the table are doing, she understands everything that is going on. But she doesn’t have the means or permission to join the game, she isn’t even given the right to speak. Even if she has a dearth of complaints, she cannot voice it to anyone, all she can do is to be a good page girl, and bring fresh fruit to the victor.

The final victor lies between China and America, this much is apparent. But look closely; while America is capable, they are playing Chinese Mahjong, not Western Poker. Playing by the rules of China, how much chance at victory does America really have?" Tolga Toleubay

Saturday, 22 June 2013

to be or not to be...

a  nun.


a novice


a Beguine

Over the weekend, post work i went to 'Rastra Cafe" in the outskirts of Bangalore that opens up all night long. I had with me a good friend who thinks on the somewhat same wavelength as me...over numerous cups of coffee (and frequent pee breaks o__O), and sharing of past experiences... i declared. "if i dint have some young un depending on me, i would have definitely have entered a monastery" 

ehh wHat??

when probed why the heck i would want to do that... all i could think was ... "for peace of mind" and not "running away" as it might be seen. ~___~

and seriously why the hell not???
ok fine..

 as my friend pointed out, "I just know that for sure you wont do (to be stuck in a monastery)"...  Well....true, i  really am not cut out for being a Nun... living in closeted convent or monastery and renouncing all worldly desires and reciting prayers like a broken record but at the same time... yet i am immensely attracted to the idea... the isolation from this mad Crazy world... a reprieve from the rat race of a life that we live in. ...i am not at all religious, just spiritually enough to know, fuck there's gotta to be someone or something much much better than us dumb idiots- over baked homo sapiens..

And it just got me thinking... why do i feel this way?

Am i the only one??


In fact, over the years the number of women willing choosing this way of life has been increasing.  Simply put i think  becoming a novice/nun is basically living communally with a bunch of like-minded women and pursuing their common (religious interest) without distraction is a very good thing when one considers the moral depravity and decline in conscientious that is on the rising in the world.  These days, no ones bats an eyelid when someone drinks, smokes, or experiments with drugs and sex. (not that i am Puritan or a Saint by any mean... Heavens No. . .) Even when that someone turns out to be a man of the cloth like member of the clergy  or monk. instead such news are quietly sweep under the carpet.

The world may be getting smaller due all the wonderful technological advancements in keeping everyone connected, except,  ironically at the same it's making everyone feel so isolated and cut off from one and another.

 where is the love people???!!
here listen to this as u continue to read 

Women are known to be more sensitive and i tend to agree that women are. i think there is only so much emotionally and mental havoc someone would be able to cope up with. Perhaps i'm jaded. But also perhaps there is a grain of truth  in turning to God, when everything seems to be going wrong..
Losing your job, ill health of your love ones and separation with your partner, forced to leave the house because of what-ever reasons... when your world collapses around you like a deck of cards, one cant help but turn to God for solace. Some become resentful of their lives, going on a destructive path while others start becoming more devout and having Faith, Hope in God.

That is discernibly why, i am so curious in the idea of renouncing this world and living in a place where it's quiet, living a simpler with natures, with a secured roof above my head, surrounded by like-minded ladies. Each of us... living together, peacefully engrossed in a world away from the outside world, meditative on the book of prayers. If there was an equivalent version of the same for atheist.... 'a quiet single sex residence for devotion to reading, study, gardening, hanging out with your friends, running charity marathons, and singing — the waiting list would be years long.'' Jezebel. ~___~

i spent about few months in a convent and i truly felt in some ways as if i was back in a vipassana centre. the only downfall being the curfew was at freaking 6pm!!! while living in a convent the most prominent feeling i felt was really one of security... i guess that is what rules and regulations makes you feel... all swaddled up like a new born babe.

Except when it gets overboard...  due to  the high level of fuckery nonsense that exists in any organisation. The Catholic Church being blind to years of accusations of sexual abuse by priests and dogmatic stand on pro-choice even when both the lives of mother are child are in danger. Forget that,  some even discourage the use of simple contraceptives like condoms (what about prevention of STDs, unwanted pregnancies due to rape etc??). The Church is not alone, such hypocrite views exist in most if not all religions, to a higher or lesser degree and unforunately i feel it's more to due with the people in the upper hierarchy mis-interpreting and literally following the words of the holy books. The same book that has gone through numerous revisions, editions and translations... no wonder my friend calls himself an atheist. i guess, it's entirely possible to get frustrated with the people representing the religion.

in fact that i wish the Beguines way of life did not die out with Marcella Pattyn on 14th April 2013. Beguines were women whose members lived in semi-monastic communities but did undertake any religious or formal vows or oaths. Instead they willing devoted themselves to prayer and good works, and was not dependent on alms or donations instead working for their bread. They inhibited a life in the grey area between the real world and the cloister, in a state of autonomy which was highly unusual for  women of their time and thus was highly disturbing to medieval men. These women were not nuns but at the same time these women were not either the respectable sort or the ir-respectable lot.  Guess they must have unsettled and frustated most men who were not able to categorised them.  As time passed and Beguines started becoming more mystic... it led to their decline. The Church started prescuting them of hersay and Beguinage (house of Beguinage) started being absorbed to mainstream religious order.  =___=

if only, their way of life still existed. As a Beguine, one would be free of any formal vows yet be part of a community of single ladies who believe in prayers, good deeds and self independence without the sometimes overbearing attitude of men. 

"They don’t understand it, and I can’t explain it to them. I must live out what I am."

Here are some articles on Beguines. 1, 2 and 3.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Child Marriage

There are few topics that have the ability to disturb me and stop me in my notions and “Child Marriage” is one of them. Though illegal yet such social crime in name of ritual by some is sanctioned and encouraged by the guardians of the young ones.

During my early school days, I recollect one day my mother was eagerly waiting for me to share news of her interest – “A marriage proposal had come by “
He was 28 years old Gurkha with the means, ability, willingness to provide, in need of a wife and a  friend of a distant relative. And he choose me.
I was chubby as hell then, and had yet to outgrow my baby fat and P.E shorts, in the early process of learning to wear lipstick (tangy orange hue).   A girl who was just 15 years of age.
Marriage??? When I comprehended what I was hearing, the flood gates opened up as I sobbed for the first time in years.  It had happened to few of my friends, but they were pretty, homely and soft spoken girls. Never in my wildest dream did I ever dream that a hot tempered, foul mouthed, smoking, obese wild cat like me, would be even considered as marriage material let alone be approached for a marriage proposal.
But God must have been paying attention to me that day - for an unexpected visiting family friend, supported me.  Mother rejected the proposal, with a heavy heart I assume.  Years passed since that day, but mother and daughter never spoke about that episode. Not even when I caused her great grief by my choice of male companions, bemoaning the fact no man would ever marry me. Even as she rejected all my choices, none would do for me. Perhaps, she was reminded of her own life and the tremendous hardships she lived through simply because she too had gotten married as a child. It is difficult to fathom the difficulties she must have gone through, getting married at a tender age of 13. Her first child was born the next year, and the year after that, and again….. Till I was born. There was a 30 years of gap between us.
As I look back at lives of my female childhood friends, sometimes I feel a twinge of envy.  They married young, have kids who are already in school and settled abroad in their nice little tidy cottages with manicured lawn with their perfectly pruned English roses, mostly thanks to their respective husbands!!!  The legendary Gurkhas serving in the British Army. Looking at them, especially as and when I’m nursing a broken heart with a bottle of whisky (Black Label) in my hand for the umpteen times, I wonder…. Did I miss my boat to a blissful domestic marital life??
I do realize the “Grass is not always greener on the other sideand my friends are a privileged few, in whose cases… things worked out well.   Guess it is just human nature to covert what you don’t have.
I’m grateful to my mother. She did not marry me off, even when she could have easily done so. After all, she was the head of the family. Thank God, she was enlightened enough not too. However this is not the case in places where “Child Marriage” is rampant. It’s a custom that takes place throughout the world, from Asia, America to Africa and to Europe as well (in the past).  For example closer to home, 68.9%  of the marriages in Bihar involve girls below the age of 18. 
There many reason why child marriage is practiced in over 50 developing countries.  I believe the underlying reason to be - the preference of sons over daughters. It is still a Man’s world. Female children living at home are considered to be a “Paraya Dhan” (literally alms to a stranger, wastage of family resources) and not the “Godness Lamxi” (the Hindu Goddess of wealth, blessings and happiness).
Girls as young as 8 or 9 are married off. Of course, not all of them would leave their maternal home immediately after the ceremony but she would be marked publicly henceforth as a married woman. As a wife, a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law of so and so, with the hope that maybe she would be protected from unwanted attentions from the opposite gender now that she is already married or worst from losing her virginity to a man other than her husband, bringing humiliation upon the family.

Virginity; we may be living in the 21st century but that tiny piece of flesh called “hymen”, still commands a premium in the marriage market throughout the globe.

An example, just as an illustration is this anecdote. A friend of mine was having marriage talks with a lady settled in USA; she flew down to India, just to meet him. Now all the background checks were done and accepted by both sets of family, the only thing remaining was for the two to take a liking to one another… Over a cup of coffee, they talked, but all she wanted to know was - if he was a virgin. Fast forward few days later, the lady’s father declined the proposal, stating that the potential groom in question was “too outgoing”. o_O Usually it is the opposite case of male asking the female. For i have observed up-close, many a male friend living it up, bedding women left, right and center but when they finally tie the knot, it’s to a “pristine young virgin” preferably a sweet sixteen in pigtails and a school uniform. They might be hypocrites but at least they are not callous or desperate. Young girls have been married off to debtors far older than the girls, just to settle a family debt.


But even when there is no family debt to be settled, many girls are still married off young. It is a traditional practice, a custom that continues generations after generations. A practice actively supported most by ironically the older women of the household. The very victims-turned-culprits choosing to enforce the same traditions that doomed them. “What happens when a girl gets married at a young age?”, “We have gotten married as a child, and now the tradition should continue” are just some of answers when asked why the mothers, aunts, cousins and grandmothers stay quiet.
They are neither willing to speak up nor a lift a finger in stopping child marriage
What are the ramifications of children getting married young?? Beyond just stealing their childhood and innocence, early marriage of girls is also one of the root causes of many societal ills: poverty, disease, maternal mortality, infant mortality, violence against women and child labor/bondage.  A young girl forced into marriage, has little options in life, especially when she soon becomes a mother. What are the options a teenager has of providing a life for her children when she herself is still a minor in the eyes of the Law? With little or no education(because she got married early), there is limited economic freedom, working on some odd manual jobs, stuck in endless cycle of poverty, with noticeably higher risks of maternal mortality, infant mortality and domestic abuse. In additional some of the medical consequences of forcing girls into sex and childbirth before they are physically matured: Ripped vaginal walls resulting in fistulas, the internal ruptures that can lead to lifelong incontinence, ruptured internal organs not to mention lasting psychology trauma.
It is a tragedy that can be and should be stopped. Young girls and boys should not be robbed of their childhood. As children they have their human rights, to play with their friends, surrounded by their loved ones and given the opportunity to be educated and loved for who they are and not what she may or may not represent.

When #Indichange (Indiblogger) sent an email, giving me an opportunity to be part of the change in doing my bit to stop Child Marriage, I had to participate. For every 50 Blog entries about the "Ring the Bell" cause,  One lakh INR will be donated towards training self-help groups, community-based organizations and youth in the state of Bihar in stopping the practice of Child Marriage and Violence against women. Laws alone are not enough. Ring The Bell believes in the power of individual and collective action to challenge the habits, norms, and cultures that perpetuate violence. One person ads up to one million; one million acts add up to change.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do”
-Helen Keller

I too will be doing my part in stopping child marriage and violence against women. Just as my mother stood up for me, I too will defend for my future children. I may not be able to stop another woman’s child from early marriage but I will do what is possible to delay it. Doing so, even if just a single day of delay, it is an extra day that a child will have her childhood saved. 

I cannot stop a man from lifting his hands against his partner, but I can encourage and support the women to speak out, defend and walk out. Because no one deserves to be treated like animals, not even an animal. 

It is time for a change.

Abolish child marriage.

Read the inspiring book, “Married and Divorced at 10”, a memoir of Nujood Ali one of the most famous anti-child-marriage rebel in the world. She is a Yemini. She was forced to marry a man 3 times her age, raped and the bloodied bed sheet approved of the next day. She was just 10 years old. She fought back by escaping, and going to the High Court all alone, asking to be granted divorce.

And some other great links are here, here and here.

Many thanks to Ayaan Basu for helping me refine this article. ^__^  His website is here.

and this is totally out of point but love this...

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

joys of singing

Useless lame post of the week!

while i wish i was a proper artist with some decent creative talents like i dont know maybe dancing, singing, painting, sculpturing...... or even excellent cooking, but alas i dont.

not that i never tried to do it.... it just comes out ok. and that too, is a polite ok. not because i'm anywhere near good... but i do love art in all its' form...

i love singing. i tried singing. but the moment i taped myself and heard moi.... Sighz...... i am not only nasal but also tone deaf.  +___+  but because i love singing/songs i can ahramsey (#easily) listen to any genre of music... except death metal...o__O it does not stop me singing in the shower though!!  ^__^

yes, i do pity my family...


oh... and i love dancing!!!!! only thing is i have two left feets and a memory skills of a great grandfather. i remember when i was a adorble chubby foul tempered kid, i was never never ever picked to be part of the dancing team... booo hooo.....

Monday, 17 June 2013

Arrested Development..

an old fb status of mine on men.....

(i still agree.)

Seems to me- the male species are characterized by a common dis-ease called "arrested development" and while 'The Man'' is always a rare minority (& always taken- Dang n dammnation! ~_~) the majority are stuck in a phase of life somewhere between puberty and adulthood and thus become a man-Boy. They Look like a man but behaves and thinks like a 12 yr old kid. --_X .... sighz... what a sack of potatoes we, wo-men have to deal with.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Too beautiful to work

saw this bit of news some time back... this women claims she's just too beautiful to actually work.

who is she?? here's the link if you wish to read the article.

and meanwhile here's her pictures..

Woman claims she is too pretty to work

can you actually believe her??  

and i really do not know what's in her parent's mind also, giving her an allowance and letting her not work. I mean all parent would want the best for their children but i think beyond 21-22years is too much of the children to continue depending on mom & dad. 

by giving the option to let her continue depending on them, they are just plain spoiling the brat who btw is not a blonde bimbo (just a general term, so all blondes pls do not start hyperventilating) nor is she plain stupid. which reminds me of all the dumb parents that continue to spoil their kids till middle age, worse even though it's out of their financial means..  like these moms here.


can i (not) have such a parent in my next life too??


Friday, 7 June 2013

30 days

a few of my friends have been doing this challenge... looks like fun. thinking whether to go for it...

should i ?? i mean what's there to lose, yeah?? but then i think i could do all of these in 1 day.. #living life on the fast lane... o__O
except for no. 18, wtf is a bokeh??

if u have a couple of mins to spare: watch this video.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Indiblogger Office 365 Blogaton

Ok, the past Sunday on 2nd June 2013, there was a Indi-blogger meet at the Tower Kitchen for "Cloud Blogaton"..

lemme not waste your time. If you are here to know all the nitty gritty points, im sorry. You could check out the other bloggers post. They seem to know it much better (i think) and they should cuz they were listening to  2 hour long lecture/ question and answer while standing... o___O

But if you still wish to continue reading this post then, then do allow me to tell you in the briefest possible way what i think the meet was about.  It was the launch of Microsoft Office 365 in Bangalore.

And do remember this is from a girl who needs help operating a TV remote control.
I'm being honest here. (so appreciate it)

so be gentle, if what i'm trying to explain is wrong.

You could just google it if you'r not happy.


What's cloud power...??? 

Think of cloud power/computing as the Sun.

all the data are stored there. like a National (Law) Library / CIA / KGB / Interpol.

rows and columns after rows and columns filled with information, authored by everyone and anyone. on a range of diverse topics of everything under the universe.

p/s this King Solomon Library is soo freaking cool!!!!! i wish i stay an entire month (at least,  with room service) in it.  unfortunately, it's by the Freemasons.. so i can't even think of it.   ~____~

#ok, back to the topic.

as i was saying, all the data is stored in the cloud and we (the collective we) would all have access to it. Kinda like our Solar System. Everyone might be on different planets (figuratively) and yet we all have access to the sun.

therefore, it would not matter if we were working from home/ office/ beach/ bathroom. we have access to the information we require to make us more productive and efficient using whatever gadgets we might have on hand. o__O

all work

makes Jack 

 an exhausted dog...


Now the organizers sends a mail... asking..." Tell us what you wish you had in your school or college, and how it would have helped you.  and 20 guys would be lucky nuff to get freaking Swatch watches... "

#ooh Jesus, i would love to have one, especially after what happened to my one and only swatch watch... 

so to the point: Tell us what you wish you had in your school or college, and how it would have helped you. ( and i'm presuming, we are talking about the #cloudblogaton heh??)


maybe back in the days where i was still a young tender wallflower... i wish there might have been... something like a cloud computing thingie #whatchacallit???  x_X  to help me...

1. Wake me up on time. Seriously, dude, i used to spend all most of my salary on cab fares each morning... (& yeah, i started working when i was a young bairn so beat that )

2. Find my socks. Maybe an app that would locate the missing pair like a phone tracking app at 6.35am in the morning, when i'm half asleep and late for school??? in fact, i still need it and would love to have this app, even now!!! =_=''

3. Transport me to a virtual world of the secret garden as i walk to my classes. Anything, just to break that burden of the world on my shoulders while walking to my next class, esp. when the dog ate my assignment. #lame excuse. (actually i forget to do it as i was busy watching Japanese dramas...)

4.  Remind me that i'm late in catching up with friends. and a common place to store all the neo prints taken....yup cloud computing would have been pretty handy.. less discussing on who gets to take home the best neo prints and instead everyone gets it all. 

5. Hook up my brain to the world wide web, as i sit down for that annoying, pesky surprise quiz esp on Mondays and Fridays. Google spec would have been cool...

6.  An automated SMS blast that broadcasts that the teacher(s) will not be coming. yipee!!! 'nuff time to hop into McDonald for the breakfast!!! 


Now that i have done my job of (trying) explaining what is Mircosoft 365 and trying to win a swatch watch. lemme show you what i actually did during the launch event.

Took a few pictures and a tried to take notes but.... here, just go to this link and give the Office 365 a 1 month trial. free of cost. and tell me about it.

in the mean time..
the launch was held at "The Tower Kichen"
on the 16th Floor, UB City

 The entire event had a theme of orange and white from the tent cards on every table. 

to the add-on glamour girls.

and birds of Paradise floral arrangements..

no idea what are these stacks of boxes...
but yeah...
( plus took this off ayann's fb... :P)

and they started off well...

with give-aways....

all 1 had to do was shout out a number 1- 10 and this dude acts smarts, shouting


 since this is a Microsoft event, surly he would get something right??

well.... Shekhar did win something...

it was rock that in the end, he might have forgotten to take home.

others won 1000rs, t-shirts and even swatch watches... #greenwithjealousy... :(

there was even some kind of twitter competition going on and just about everyone was tweeting...
(or at least that was what the organiser might have been wishing...)

there was quite a sizable turn out.. maybe around 100-150 in attendance.

Met fellow bloggers for the first time in my first indi-blogger meet.

Meet Sachin, Bala and Sarabjeet

but i was more happy to be drink the free flowing beer, be in the smoking zone with some fantastic bloggers discussing (almost) everything but OFFICE 365. the discuss was lively and opinionated for some (# comme moi)

meet Samantak and Ayaan. both multi-talented bloggers.

poets, musicians, writers, MNCs professionals etc etc etc...

 #where do they get so much energy from??

and a bunch of other guys whose name i have forgotten along with no. of beers i had, except for Sohni whose apparently a very good artist (oil on canvas \#_#/  !!) and Anoop~ the dude (in black) who was giving out the free swatch watches.... =___= .

 at the end..

everyone got a Indi-blogger t-shirt each.. ^__^

so just wanted to say to Indi-blogger and Mircosoft team:

Thanks for the booze and the platform!!


but my tale continues...

after two of these lovely house specials...

and about half of this...

plus maybe 2 more K/F ultras.. (i think...)

i went from this

to this..

#gotta control my drinking binges...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Just gets prettier...

Warming: This is a total narcissist post, so unless you wish to stare at my pics.....

just last night, after a thoroughly depressive and blusey Monday, i had a heart to heart chat with my besties over troublesome Skye connection...

and as women are wont to do... we started digging up our history and all the memories associated with it as well... and i got a compliment!!  #super damm happy to get a compliment from someone you really love to bits... :D

it seems I just get prettier by every break-up it seems! O_O


see the evidence below..

ok fine. i admit it.

 im just getting better at using photoshop.


#cant a woman just live in her fantasy???

p/s: the number of pictures does not at all signify the times i had my heart broken.
Just how im getting prettier as the decade passes me by.. barely touching me...

#only coz i truly believe in the power of sunscreen, 3-step routines (cleanse, toning, moisturising... for the dummies who have no freaking idea what im talking about, plus the lone male that might have stumbled into this post) and that precious tub of anti-aging miracle creams ^___^

next post will be on my first indiblogger meet.