Saturday, 31 August 2013

Gloomy Satuday

it's a rainy, misty Saturday morning as the jay birds and magpies sings and i've awake since 2am this morning with an expected choc-a-block schedule in office yet not sleepy, as i am currently working on the part (II) of my road trip of Kerala.

the weather reminds of Alappuzha/Alappey... 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Wayanad~ Coconut Groove (I)

You might have read my previous post dated 10th August mentioning me leaving for the land of the coconut~ Kerala. Well this is part (I) of the trip. First a brief overview of the trip. 3 guys and 2 girls on a 1700km+ road trip from Bangalore to the entire length of Kerala over 7 days passing through Kanyakumari before hitting up through Tamil Nadu back to home sweet home Bengaluru. The route we took was Mysore - Waynad - Trichur - Kochin - Alappuzha - Varkala - Kovalam - Thiruvantapuram - Kanyakumari - Madurai - Bangalore.

Initially I was a lil' worried and confused when my friends mentioned that we would be passing through Mysore as I somehow had that impression that Mysore was up Northwards wherein Kerala was down South. It was only after returning that I bothered to check out the map of Kerala and found out that DUH, Mysore is down south!! O__O oh… goody, I did not open my mouth only to keep my foot in it, as im prone to do..

The three of us- Di, AB and me stopped for a quick bit of shopping to get essentials at Orion and meeting up VP and VM before heading out towards Mysore, stopping for dinner at Fish Land. Since there apparently two competing Fish Land, I think we had dinner at the Hotel Mangalore Fish Land. The seafood is fresh and tasty but with no value for money as the portion size does not at all justify the price. For example a plate of rava Kingfish set us back by 250rs yet only a 1-cm thin of deep fried cutlet served. -____- 

after dinner it was back to the car and onwards. The route that we were planning was essentially via Waynard after Mysore. So i gotta see my beloved Mysore Palace all lit up in the evening.  Unfortunately, none knew that the entry to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary would be closed at night, opening only at 6am in the morning. o__O and it was appx close to midnight when we reached there. oh well... since we did not have any choice, we waited with 5 cans of Kingfisher beer and a lot of time to kill. 

we slept and snored, we drank, we talked of common acquaintances and people we used to know... and i peed out in the open (well... it was darn dark!!!) many times.... it's surprising how being in the dark with others and lil other distractions makes you focus on the person in front of you, to open up, to share stuffs that you may not in daylight. Maybe too soon dawn broke.

Passing through the sanctuary was a short but blissful and serene drive. photos courtesy Di.

Soon we passed through Sultan Bathery were we had some awful coffee.  Little did we know then that our search for decent coffee would have taken us back to Bengaluru.. @__@ Beautiful place but crappy coffee.

Lunch was at 2pm, after a long search for a decent place. Out of nowhere, i started craving for some KFC chicken popcorns... saw some AFC (Arabian Fried Chicken) but we settle down for carbs heavy meal..

We saw some really huge Bungalows, all funded by the Gulf monies we presumed.  Maybe built using

Kerala has an ancient form of martial arts, called the Kalaripayattu that is still practiced in there. Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods and in fact many Indian traditional dance schools and Kathakali incorporate this ancient martial art as part of it's module. This particular form is a "Mother Art~ of all other martial arts like karate and kung-fu”. Read here for more info on this art.

Christianity is the 3rd largest religion followed in Kerala, with Roman Catholics forming the majority of the bulk.  Just as the bangalows are huge and ornate soo too are the numerous Churches... must be the Gulf monies.

In Cochin where we stopped for for some tea at the 

where Uncle John has a restroom but no water closet. Yes, a bathroom where guys could take a leak because there is a urinal but no w/c... wtf?? and it's a family restaurant.  sighz... #shakeshead

I noticed that compared to Bangalore, how clean Kerala is with lots of greenery all around and looks like a wonderful place to live.

I Love Orchids... it's a difficult, temperamental plant to take care of, but when it blooms it's worth it... evoking a sense of luxurious refinement, of  innocence and virility, their charm and mystique delighting the viewers, for few other flowers have the ability to impress their recipient in the same way that the orchid can.  

besides the restaurant, there was this female bitch who was basically chilling out in the late afternoon weather.. "it's a dogs' life..."

along with the plentiful amount of vegetation, Cochin is also Eco-friendly with most of their street light powered by solar panels..

and even green appliances. i guess post working in the Middle East, people do get used to being Green with the Gulf monies... (heeheee, private joke here that cannot be published for i have no wished to be sued for libel and slander.. :P )

soon it was back to the car for our last stretch of journey to Alappuzha with traffic and bad roads, as AB drove in a state of mind that could have been better. >_< but i guess having to drive hundreds of kilometers does that to anyone.

meanwhile i started taking selfies and enjoying the ride with my head out of the window- didnt care if there was oncoming traffic..

suffered from a  mild sever case of visible bra line but wtf, as if no one else wears it sia...
#couldnt care less. 

Cochin aka Kochi, is a major port city on the west coast of India by the Arabian Sea often called by the name Ernakulam. The city of Kochi is the most densely populated city in the state. The Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi, was an important spice trading center on the Arabian Sea coast from the 14th century and still is an important city, home to the Navy, Coast Guards, the highest judicial body in the state- High Court of Kerala and Cochin Stock Exchange, the only stock exchange in Kerala. 

Enjoy Cochin by the sunset!

this is it. concluded 1st part of the road trip. the next post will be all about Alappuzha backwaters..

Madras Cafe

So tonight i went against my better judgement and actually went to watch a John Abraham new movie ~  Madras Cafe. 

it's actually not that bad heh! >_< of course with little or zero knowledge of the history of the  Tamil Tigers, assassination of the Rajiv Gandhi.. i have no comment on the storyline, it doesnt help matters that the only tamil word i may know is "illai" and nearly a quarter of the dialogue seems to be in tamil nor the fact that after a very tiring day at Wonder la and pub hopping the previous day, i was yawning throughout like a sleepy cat!!

i recommend this film! it's a good watch, additionally also makes you wanna to research on the conspiracy theory as mentioned in the film (well as least, i felt like that... -_-'')

and yea... i think i may dislike John, just a lil' lesser simply because he seemed to have improved on his acting skills instead of just trying to rely on his usual smoldering  stare... 

Creative BBQ

saw the following picture of a couple of friends back home enjoying a barbeque by the terrace on a load shedding schedule...

LOLOL.... i just loved the picture!! Barbequing the chicken wings over a refurnished sink, lighted with a mobile light. Just hope that the boy had at least cleaned up the sink properly before using it!!  o_O

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Inside Story

 the following story has made the rounds in many social networking sites.

India: the Story You Never Wanted to Hear

The Inside Story of India (that you never wanted to hear/know about)

It's the account of an exchange student to India. Here's an extract of her experience;
"When people ask me about my experience studying abroad in India, I always face the same dilemma. How does one convey the contradiction that over the past few months has torn my life apart, and convey it in a single succinct sentence?
“India was wonderful," I go with, "but extremely dangerous for women.” Part of me dreads the follow-up questions, and part of me hopes for more. I'm torn between believing in the efficacy of truth, and being wary of how much truth people want..... do I go on and tell them how the festival actually stopped when the American women started dancing, so that we looked around to see a circle of men filming our every move?....Do I describe the lovely hotel in Goa when my strongest memory of it was lying hunched in a fetal position, holding a pair of scissors with the door bolted shut, while the staff member of the hotel who had tried to rape my roommate called me over and over, and breathing into the phone? a traveler's heaven and a woman's hell. I was stalked, groped, masturbated at; and yet I had adventures beyond my imagination"

when i first read her story, shared by a concerned friend.. i had replied: "not defending India per se but i have traveled in india alone and actually it's not so bad, i have traveled alone on a bus, train and auto from 1 part to another all sorts of hours maybe it helps that im not white but honestly such cases of whereby the foreigner has a prolonged traumatic experience is truly rare. i mean the takin pics and staring & eve teasing are part n parcel of the Indian male psyche and all women in Indian have learnt to ignore it at the very least. India is an amazing place for a traveler, with it's own peculiarities." 

but that was before news of Mumbai rape case. As more details was revealed... the more disgusted and worried i become at the stage of the world. Just what is happening with the world??? i wished for the days when things was so much simpler and people happier.  

over drinks as a bunch of us girls discussed this matter, we came to a conclusion that besides the point that ''Yes, all men are dogs", rape or more specifically gang raping seems to have become the latest and most extreme dare that a guy could actually do. I do not understand with what the world is coming too, but it seems to be that the more such cases of gang rape are exposed by the media, the more frequent and common that such attacks seems to becoming. Maybe it is just me but i feel that after the huge outcry of the (Nirbhaya) Delhi rape case, and the antics of the government in punishing the perpetrators it's like an encouragement for the psychos to go out and gang rape a women. Any fucking passing female, with no regards to anythings except for the fact that yes, they are gonna fuck a b#$%, and that too together. WTF!! 

I wonder what is in their mind? Does it make them feel more "macho" after forcefully forcing themselves on a woman and that too together and have their brains been turned into cesspit where they can no longer differentiate moral obligations, legality impunity and destroying another human being's life?? For those same set of guys in Mumbai have previously committed the same hideous crime and still chose to the same violent act, as if it was a Friday night activity. WTF???



Sunday, 25 August 2013

6 degrees to the Laundry man

Just recently i returned from a week long road trip traveling the length of Kerala, a SW state of India also popularly known as God's Own Country. This post is not about the road trip but rather about a stranger with whom i interacted for barely 90mins.

Waking up to the waves of Indian Ocean crashing against the rocks, it was only due to a flame of desire to go for a walk that enable me to extricate myself from the warm cozy pile of blankets. I got up and looked around the room, everyone was far asleep, curled up in fetal poses and extremities en tangled. After dithering around for few minutes, wondering if i should wake them up; i thought to myself... hey, what the heck. I'm in Kovalam, said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in India and i really ought to do myself a favor and take in some fresh air and lighten my mood.


 Strolling up and down the stretch of Kovalam, i found the place to be an amalgamated composite of Thamel in Kathmandu and Clark Quey in Singapore, except the beach was shorter and dirtiter. Reluctant to return back, i spied an opened cafe and settled myself to drink a few cups of Americano, read some pages from "Real Time" by amit chaudhuri and continue my endeavor in attempting to compose (tragic) poetry; which by the way i really suck at, and jotting down notes of the field trip. A cutie with whom shy awkward smiles was exchanged with while passing each other on our solitary tours, sat down in the next table and in due course we started conversing.

Mervik, a native of Poland was on in his first must-vist maiden voyage to mystical India along with his brother. Who had apparently been partying a wee bit too much the previous night with a bevy of  crew members and thus zonked out, while Marvik was eager to explore new places at 7am in the morning. As fellow enthusiast travellers are wont to do when they meet each other, tales and antidotes of people and places was exchanged with cliche lines such as "Baby, Danger's my middle name" aired alongside an invitation to scale some sea rocks.. o_O,  of course with nothing much to lose and boredom setting in, we took off in a mini adventure ascending the rocks at the foot of the lighthouse and to hopefully reach a sweet spot from where the panorama would be better in soaking up the seascape.

Alas the excursion was cut short by the life guard and his continuous whistle blowing. With legs swinging, seated under the shade of the Light house, we opened up our lives to another human being as it's possible only with a stranger- for the chances of running into each other are almost non-existent.

Marvik lived under the shadow of his family. He was "already 26 years old and eager to break away from the mold and to do something with his life". He traveled across the seas in the hope of finding solace and respite before heading back home hopefully with news of his license application being approved by the European Union. As we parted with briefest of hug possible, with encouragement and best wishes him for his endeavors to be successful. 

He might have not have never come into my recollections if not for an associate's public vocalizations. It made me realize once again, how small the world is, how everyone is connected by 6 degrees (or less) and how i recall thinking during the chance meeting.. (something about this meeting rings a bell in my head)... 

Mervik the (Industrial) Laundry Man... 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sea breeze

Walking upon the golden shore of Kapil beach in Varkala, I breathed in the perfume of the Arabian sea, as sprays of sea water carried forth by the summer breeze misted over me and soft rays of the sun warmed my heart and soul.  There is something about leaving one’s humdrum life to the beach for a holiday . The sight and sounds of the eternal tide slows your heartbeat and grounds you mentally and spiritually to the present moment. It’s hard to be broody and glum for long when you are hereabouts the beach. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013


* *Lame Post* *

sigh... been glancing through my old pics... and i so miss my long hair... ok well, it was more like a rat's tail but still it went my my hip bone and i Miss it.... #boohoo... :'(

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Raksha Bandhan

so today is Raksha Bandhan... basically a day to celebrate and commemorate the sacred relationship between brothers & sisters, a gentle visible reminder to the boys that she's His sister and therefore he would be obliged to offer lifelong protection for her. 

The festival itself has no religious significance but rather traces it's roots when Rajput queens practiced the custom of sending rakhi threads to neighboring rulers as token of brotherhood and seeking protection against possible invaders. (Smart move  ^__* )

I remember the last time i actually celebrated it was with truly a rakhi bhai, a brother after my own heart.. a sweetheart. But that was eons ago.... My own brother is way too young to understand things like these and studies across borders but maybe in the future he will.

on a much lighter note.. in the office we organised a Maha-rakhi program for the reigning Casanova... we asked numerous ladies if they would like to tie a rakhi on Casanova and the feedback was.. a resounding Yes! Lolol.... not sure if this was deliberately traumatizing Casanova but the entire episode was a hilarious scene with old bollywood rakhi songs being played in the background and poor chap's pic on the plasma screen... but he's such a sport. >_<

as he sat down and endured it as crush after crush tied a rakhi on his wrist...

and in end, amongst a bevy of girls sisters a lone brother... LOLOL
(not that he honestly takes it seriously...)

i had to take a pic as well! ^__^''

Monday, 19 August 2013


so annoying.

to get this message NOW.

if u have no idea what im talking about, read it here.


yes, suffering fm pms... dont mind me.

if it was not bad enough. my replacement c/c finally comes.. 4 days ago but i had no idea as my roomie completely forgot to pass it on to me.. >_< anyways happily off i went shopping for some cosmetics at Orion. Only to have my transaction declined as it's F&*^%@@ not activated. #palmFace #superEmbarrassing!! and to top it off... i hav yet to received my new pin for my new d/c. Arghhh dammit!!! and no... i did not have 'enuff cash. o_O..