Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lit' Fest Blr 2013

if you a lover of the written words living in Bangalore, then you should surly check the Bangalore Literature Festival 2013 that happening this very weekend. i had planned to go, but had to cancelled.... :(  Close to 150 speakers will be coming over the 3 days from 27th-29th September 2013, including Shobhaa De, Evan Hastings (who made the documentary on gendercide titled "it's a girl" and on the same topic i had blogged about. read my post here.... argh dammm it, miss my chance of a tete a tete with evan... sighzz...), as well as Deepthi Talwar etc etc.

It a fun filled day long event happening at Valankani Park in Electronic City, Bangalore.

check out the website here  and here is the schedule too... talk about spoon feeding sia..Chalo you guys enjoy!!

Joy of Giving

              the first week of October, or well technically 2-8th is the JOY OF GIVING WEEK.

When one has so much or even just a little, sharing it with others especially strangers less fortunate than us is a great way of giving back to society.... Since this initiative is a week long program that is happening all over India, do check out the website for more info and contribute. You could one volunteer or donate..or even organise an event. one of the initiative. 

 So what are your plans in coming week??

Bon Fires...

Just last month i went on a road trip with a group of buddies to God's own Country (read it here, here, here and here).... this weekend i will be off to a camping trip... Yea!!!! ^____^''

past fortnight i have been quite a busy bee searching for various groups to join...despite my bout of sickness.... yet to recover fully but i am going. I wanna have a BBQ chicken, toast some marshmallows and sleep under the starry skies... sorry for rambling out of point, anyways i met online this bunch of cool people and they were planning to go somewhere towards the Karnataka border for some bon-fire camping trip.. and i thought to myself.. "Hey that looks like Fun!" and since i have nothing else planned.... here i am!! 

my bag is packed!! is a single loosely backpack too light??

You would not believe the organiser, Sameer had put an exhaustive list of items to bring along... it was 3 pages long!! Btw, inside the bag, besides my personal stuffs like spare clothes, toilette, windcheater, it also contains a blanket, bedsheets, knifes, can opener, oil, dish washing soap, scrubbers, chopping board, plate, salt, sugar and make up kit. Hows that for smart packing eheh?? ^_^''

However this afternoon boy was i super annoyed. Now in this group, i know like NO ONE.. but still taking a risk in going off coz i definitely do not wish to stay at home moping around...and so far people seems fine... except for an idiot. 
In the forum, i had asked if anyone else was coming from my side of the town... and a stupid idiot replies and has an entire conversation with himself... 

WTF!!! i swear i was so very much tempted to blast him off (i mean WTF does he mean by coming from "hospitality background" i would help??? what should i spoon feed him too or what!?? or Who The Hell is he to decide that if i hitch a ride with him, it implies that he's no longer a stag???? wtf)  but since i am going as a single girl (no one was available last i checked).. i thought let me be polite even though i was pretty much ready to take off my 3 inch heels and club him with it... all the while screeching like my friend rightly asked when i told him about it; "Who's this fucker??"  should i go missing... this guy might be prolly to be blamed! #justkidding...ok...maybe not. -___-''

Still i am super erger to go... here's the itinerary.

What to expect: 1. Local food 2. BBQ  3. wild life if we are lucky(deers etc) and trek with guide to a historic place  4. Awesome wine 5. Divine Honey tasting 6. Bee box and how honey is harvested. 7. Bon fire - games- live music 8. sleeping in tents 9. clean toilets 10. whole lot of fun fun fun!!

28 Sep at 0900 hrs: We all reach Esteem Mall. Please make it on time. Leave home by 0700 hrs!!

0900-0930 hrs - Briefing on the entire trip. In that we confirm our car pooling, exchange phone numbers followed by some safety instructions etc.

0930-1330 hrs - The DRIVE and Lunch en route. The roads are good. Please get your car. Some of us who do not have cars will get a ride. Of course...ladies first.

1330- 1600 hrs -  Get camp site ready, pitch tents etc. We will be divided into groups and take on each task and chore. TEA will be made at the cap site with some local snack.

1600 -1800 hrs - A small demonstration on the honey bees followed by tasting of some of the rare and divine honeys. ( six to seven types ). Photography, briefing on the wild life there etc etc. You will love it!!

1800- onwards - Preparation for camp fire. Lighting the BBQ. Music by some of us. Some games. Wine tasting with some free wine(limited free wine- you could buy more if you like). Local food ETC...

29 Sep

0700 - 0830- Get set for the trek. Light B'fast bring down the tents clean up and move to trek.


now on a side note, learnt something today and wanted to share it. The girls will love it!! 

was in the bathroom just brushing my teeth and all when i noticed a bottle of Listerine mouth fresher... i had no idea what came over me but looking at the ingredients like alcohol, benzoic acid, Euclyptol ... i decided to clean my ear studs with it... yup the small glittering thing inside that mini bottle is my ear studs. simply place the gold/silver jewellery into the solution for 5 mins and gently shake and clean with an old toothbrush. 


trust me... the stub was dirty. the grime had covered up all the holes and now... it's sparkling!! ^_^

Listerine works! and smells nice too!! Listerine does not only "Kills germs that cause bad breath" but also eradicate dirt and grime too! lolol... actually i found i using Listerine to be better option than using glass cleaner.

Chio!!! i'm off to eat fresh honey, BBQs, drink wine, sing along with the rock stars and dance around the bon fire and go for a hike to overcome the hangover!! ^_^

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wonderful Wonders

**lame post**

a few weeks back went to wonder la for a team outing.... so here are some pictures...

since i was at wonder la i was mostly having a gala time... played some games, rode the trams and roller coasters, rain danced in the dark and played my fav game... car crash! lolol... i know im very violent sia... but i did managed to click some pics... mostly after the fun & games..

breakfast while waiting for the doors to open.. not recommended!

group picture with my roomies.. don't know why im staring at something or someone

and more nonsensical picture taking ..

a lil TLC for chikku/mikku???

and 1 extreme photo shop makeover..

and if it was not tiring spending an entire day at wonder-la... we went bar hopping... ok fine went to just 2 places..just it lasted till late..

at plan b

yummy drumlets

authentic nachos with clotted cheese

at Hard rock Cafe

going home..



Monday, 23 September 2013

Santa's baby

hahahaha.... ok i have yet to completely gone bonkers, but i just felt like starting off this post with a huge LOLOL...

why.... cause either (A) i have a secret admirer, (B) GOD loves me soo much that he sends me stuffs that too nice prezzies or (C) I AM A SUPER AWESOME BLOGGER...

though my health has been playing truant with me for past couple of months, even though i make sure to have a glass of warm water as soon as i wake (at least 4 times a week), do some form of yoga once in a while else either run on the treadmill or play snooker for 30mins... it started off with my stomach not being able to digest food (the horrors ~__~  being the foodie i am), followed by running nose aka the flu on-off for at least a month (x__x), and most recently a fucking VIRAL FEVER. that too on a week that no one else's shift matches mine (so i could whine and get endless cups of tea) or having a sweetheart to cuddle up too (cause i decided all men are bastards)...  on a lousy bluesy Monday evening i came home and guess what!!! i got a courier!! since i dont remember buying anything that had yet to come i wasnt sure it was...

 it's a fucking CK watch... err.. dont mind the scratches on the box lah... clumsy me dropped it... you can say partly in shock la..

and decided to quickly take photographic evidence sia.. lest i lose it again.... the last time i got something so nice was bloody Samsung Tab that i fucking lost even before fucking using it... read all about that shitty day here, it was a TAB that i liked but never thought i might buy coz i super damm stupid about anything electronics/technology lah.. 

here's the watch...

here's how the watch looks on my wrist..


i know i am damm CUTE... 

especially after Photoshop... but somehow i doubt i actually have a secret admirer who sends me stuffs from Delhi..


God and Santa actually sending anyone prezzies is incredulous and....... ridiculous .... after all i never believed in Santa... and as for the good Lord... sighz... so far i can feel his love for me only... if not im sure i would have died by now due to the combined effort of my clumsiness, stupidity and foolhardiness... did you know i actually walked for more than 7kms at 10pm, passing through 3 red light districts, 1 army camp, and miles of deserted road after a tiff with an ex-lover, with 2rs in my back pocket?? hahah... see that's how pissed Crazy i can get yet beloved God sends his army of angels to look after me.. lolol. but Really it cant be God that couriers me gifts lor, else he might have also read my blog and know i actually truly want a Micheal Kors anytime over other mid-range watches lor. read that post here. even if a mid-range CK watch costs 8000rs!! #ungrateful brat

so the last option is.... I AM A SUPER AWESOME BLOGGER...!!!    *background clapping*

only problem is, i dont remember for which post or competition
 i won this watch lah....o_O'

i know it the heights of Bimboness..

still i am gonna CAMWHORE and force you guys to look at me..

haahahhaa  *more evil laughter*

but honestly lah.. whatever lah.. who ever it is... a big Thank YOU!!

i am a SANTA BABY!!

xmas came early!!

p/s: the only good thing about fever is that your face becomes so rosy with all the blood rushing to the surface... ^____^  good excuse to take selfies...

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Love Letters

Dearest Love,

Can you hear the birds singing outside our window? It has been months. Yet I wait for few more still, for you to come home.

When you come, I shall show you the magpies and sparrows and the big fierce eagles and falcons even the crows that come to the balcony begging for food.

I have decorated the room for you my darling. I hope you will like it. The walls are whitewashed in shades of turquoise and white with real sea shells on the frames. I have bought a new bed for you, soft and gentle for your delicate skin with blankets made from the finest cashmere wool.

All these decades, through all hardships and heartbreak… I never thought that I might find someone. The good Lord finally answered my prayers. He sent me you. Honey, I promise to love you, and to protect you and be there for you. I am sorry my love that you do not have a father but I will make sure that I will be your mother and your father.

It is not your fault that a father is not there to hold your hands or play with you. It was just not meant to be. He was a passing rockstar in his journey to great fame and I just a lonely by-stander. We met and you were conceived.

I shall tell you more when you are big and strong. For now, my love, my sweet darling… rest a little more in your sweet cocoon and please don’t kick mummy so much. We shall play soccer together when you are a little older.  I promise.


p/s: I love you.

Ok guys before you panic that i am preggers and planning to be single mom. I AM NOT PREGNANT (though my tummy may look otherwise... >_<). i wrote this love letter of a mother to her unborn child because somehow i seem to be meeting alot of women who have taken the brave decision to choose to be a single mother despite having options in life not to be so.

So this post is dedicated to those women. . .

Friday, 20 September 2013

Aloha ~ not.

this week was rather sad for me as i bid one of my roomie good bye.... we stayed together for more than two years...spending many an hour at home till the wee mornings chilling out over endless cups of tea and cigge (me) along with a more than few discussions about everything and nothing, the peculiarities of life, debating over "Saif Ali Khan" whom she adores and whom i dislike with an equal passion...  and of course she was always my guinea pig to try out my cooking..

last sunday... we went out for a lazy lunch at Maitai...

here's the pretty lady in question

had some decent food, average drinks and fantastic conversations, chit chatting for hours on end and the waiter must have been cursing us coz we did not finish our food or drinks yet we sat on the corner sofas.. yapping away..

all things must come to an end . .  .but when God closes a door, he opens a window.
 here's wishing her all the best in her life!!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kovalam ~ Coconut Groove (IV)

so after spending the night in wayanad forest, relaxing overnight trip on a houseboat in   alappuza and feasting in Varkala we finally reached Kovalam, said to be one of the most beautiful beaches of India.

Tired, hungry and and sleepy we eventually found a hotel that was not ridiculously overpriced.  It was the Varma beach resort, right beside Lighthouse Beach..

We took a large room with King's size bed with a sea view plus 2 extra beds because all of us were sleeping in the same room!! Gasp! Oh no.... actually, it didnt much lah... reminded me of my childhood when i had to sleep with all my cuzzies in the same bed on the floor all cuddle up to one another for warmth.. at least this time it was only the same room... >_<''

attempted to take some picture in the mirror but it turned out all hazy...never mind, instead we took off towards Kovalam beach which was 5 minutes walk away..

dinner was kinda forgettable because i was under the weather from too much sun, thinking and junk food..instead choosing to return back to the room for some much need hot shower..and some sleep.. lying down instead on in the car as i been doing for the entire day..

woke up in the morning... with the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks 

i dont why Kovalam beaches are so hyped about. i found it to be short, rough, dirty and highly polluted to boot especially the Lighthouse beach.

the beaches were full of dead fishes, jellyfishes and strange clear blobs..

maybe it was during the monsoon but i felt the entire place was gloomy....

decided to have a take a seat in one of the restaurant..

the beach might have looked awful up close but from this distance it was lovely.. kind off.. >_<''

saw this funny gentleman dress in various accessories in sunny yellow. Maybe he's favorite color was yellow lah..
Trust me, even his sneakers and ipod or iphone was the same shade of yellow @__@. I was wondering from where this the dude came from and guess what he starts chatting with a mother-daughter duo (very pretty pair) beside us and i couldn't help but overhear lah.. an globe trotting NRI based in Austin... yada yada yada.... basically he was trying to hit on both. \O__O/

Thank god, they left soon after. Met mervick then. Read the post here on meeting with the laundry guy aka Mervick in the beaches  of Kovalam and how i realized how small the world really is.

Soon after returned back to the hotel and waited to go out for breakfast. Someone or the other was either on a business call or doing something work related...aiyo so workaholics sia... found a way to kill my time by styling my hair...after all im a hairstyling winner for the Tressme challenge  ^_^''
and fell asleep soon after.. o_O''

the 5 of us had been in Kerala for days by now yet we had actually yet to eat proper Kerala food that had us smacking us our fingers... so off we went in search of one..hahaah... if only if it was that easy. In Kovalam most of the places were actually advertising for North Indian Punjabi fare.. meanwhile while passing by one of the many curio shops i saw this cute cotton bag with hand emborieded  patch work designs. Nice right??? plus i paid only 250rs!! so proud with myself #givingpatonmyshoulder

finally after looking around and asking the localites on where we would be able to eat Non-veg Kerala cuisine we were directed to  "Isha Resort"

inside they had tons of dishes in various pots & pans.. from Kerala parata
 fish curry
 chicken curry
 fried fish ~ i think it might have been Hilsa fish

so much so that we decided to go for the set thali...

it was yummy.. ok maybe the veg subzi were not that great but still.. i loved the rice and the dal.. fish was good but not as great as the one my roomie makes or even my own cooking.. lolol #shameless-self-praise

here's everyone enjoying their food..

meanwhile i decided to take selfies.. and full photoshop post that.. haheh..

out of the window, i saw the zebra crossing.. that advises pedestrian  to run in lieu of walking.. lolol

post lunch we headed looking for a different beach other than the beaches in Kovalam, only to be kinda hunted by touts asking us if we would like to go for a ride in the boat through the backwaters... having just recently passed 2 days and night in boathouse in the backwaters of allapey, too bad we had absolutely no interest..

one of the touts..

 with the boucher that he bought along with to tempt us..only to be rebuffed with... "here, if you want you can take our bouchers too" lolol that's what happens if you try to mess around with a bunch of already irritated outspoken professionals...

we found the what i think is the Vizhinjam Beach or the Ashoka beach, right beside an Osho Retreat center. It's an isolated beach and we might have entirely missed it if not for the fact that the other beaches we saw were either dirty or unsuitable for two ladies in shorts to go for a swim and we really wanted to take a dip in the water because for heavens sake we came all the Kovalam for the beach!!! --__--''   and thank God.. we took a left turn just to find out if there might be possibly a beach.. it was the best beach of Kovalam

The shore was steep and waves rough but it was somewhat relatively clean and we spent some hours there... enjoying the beach and the sun

the waves were just too mesmerizing.. these guys literally stood/sat and just stared at the waves in between bouts of attempted swimming... while i took off in a even more secluded area to sun worship...

Then it was back to Bangalore.... our dinner that night.. pictures looks nice but the taste... sighz...

after an all nighter drive on the highway.....we finally made a pit stop to err... sorry forgot the name.. but it was some kind of Bharat Petrolum cum restaurant in Tamil Nadu... (err... i think... x__x )

they had some tasty masala dosa and idli vada.... yea! dosa after so long... ^____^  

that too with 3 types of chutney.. for a moment i thought it was like Independence Day special or something but Di mentioned that in Tamil Nadu... the 3 types of chutney are always served.. lolol... o_O felt so idiotic..

while in the drive back we passed through the capital of Kerala, went even down south till the edge of India at Kanyakumari where the 3 ocean converges and up towards Madurai... too bad i was far asleep, Snug as far as it could be comfortable like peas in a pod waking up for breakfast and back to sleep....soon  it was home sweet home soon!!

this ends my Kerala trip blog travelog... see yah!!

if not for my travell companions, i might have never experienced Kerala the way i did in this trip and prolly might never will too. So a big shout out to them as well... you guys know who you are. Traveling alone is alright, even experimental but sometimes friends are required to truly be able to let down your guard and enjoy...