Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Giraffe Representive

maybe many of you guys already know the reason for this sudden deluge and popularity of the Giraffe in Facebook as profile pictures like the various types of Giraffes.

the ordinary..

the predictable cute pics

the interesting...

the funny...well kinda funni

the athletic.. 

the family proofed version..

and not forgetting the Halloween Giraffe-inspired version..

 but why??
well the reason is simply a riddle that going around inviting friends to send the answer via a private message. 

the riddle itself goes like this..

3:00 am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors. It's your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?

if you answer rightly then good for you else you would have to change your profile picture to a giraffe... LOLol...


In case you might wish to know what a Giraffe symbolizes before making a picture of it your profile face here's the meaning..

First let's look at the Giraffe..

It is the tallest mammal on the planet, with a long extended legs & neck. It lives in herds and co-depends on it's family members and in general the society.
Thus as a totem, the giraffe represents reaching for higher self awareness as well as to look at the bigger view by taking note of long term goals. The conspicuous neck symbolize the vocal cords and communications skills. It also refers to the need to "stick out your neck" to go against what is current for what you feel is necessary and you believe in. Living in a herd points out the importance of family and strength of community for overalll well being as without its' herd the giraffe may not be survive on it's own.

While goggling on what kind of totem a Giraffe is, i came across a quiz on "what kind of animal are you" quiz here.. and lo and behold....i'm a freaking Giraffe!!

and guess what it implies..
Jambo ("Hello in Swahili"),
Welcome to the Serengeti Institute! Thank you for taking our online quiz, "What Animal Am I?" So far over 90,000 people have taken the quiz to discover their innate skills.
Your innate skills mirror those of a graceful Giraffe. You're considerate, kindhearted and generous. You understand that integrity isn't something you do - it's something you are. You understand that to achieve long-term success, people both inside and outside the organization, play a vital role.
The skill of the graceful giraffe is usually the glue that keeps companies and teams together. Even countries. One such extraordinary individual which personifies the power of grace is Nelson Mandela.
During his years in prison, Nelson Mandela's reputation grew steadily as he consistently refused to compromise his political and human views in exchange for his freedom. Finally after serving 27 years in prison, he was released and subsequently led his party to win the first open elections in South Africa in 1994. Violence was expected yet his leadership lead to a bloodless takeover symbolized with forgiveness and understanding.

What do you guys think??

okie if you guys are not at interested in what being a giraffe means that lemme just give you the answer to the freaking riddle....

well the answer most agreed is your "eyes" and "door" is what you open first. Although there is still some debate going on with that too Lolol..

p/s: all pics not mine!!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Comedy Night

Yesterday, took off to The Biere Club for some fun and laughter as they were hosting the monthly comedy show in conjunction with the East India Company comedy show.

I had planned to leave office slightly early but as with all plans i ended up leaving post 8pm only and imagine my anxiety thinking i might be late for the show, because as any one who attends stand up comedy shows knows... if you end up coming late.... oh boy... you will be teased mercilessly..not that in the first place you wouldn't be, especially if your table was reserved at the front row. Good thing i managed to coerced a colleague "Hou" into going as well and the two of us rushed to Vittal Mallya Rd, losing our way for nearly 10 mins...somehow managing to reach minutes before the show, with just enough time place our orders. 

As luck would have it, the normal beer ran out and we had to take 2 pitchers of chilli flavoured ale. O_O then the show started with the M.C of the evening Kanan Gill. I cannot really remember what he spoke about but both Hou & i got picked on... -__-'' why is it that if you see 2 North East people in a group of 8 pax, everyone kinda assumes that the two are a couple??? But i do recall Karan talking similar topic of people's assumption based on the physical appearances and something about Muslims and their foreskins... i'm sorry if you'r feeling scandalized but trust me... so am i.  X___X not that i was not laughing my head off at the same time.  @__@ and the image of Kanan checking out an imaginary dick is stuck and hunting me in my head..probably forever...                       

next off was Nick Pillow, btw what kind of name is Nick Pillow??  an expat from UK, he proceeded to describe his thoughts on India esp South India, and how previously he thought that maybe Idlis were basically bra pads for the ladies out here.... LOLOL now i will not be able to see a plateful of idlis and think of it...  come to think of it.... well it would be kinda like a eco-friendly bra pads... you know stuff it inside your bra for some extra Omph and just eat it up at the end of the day, still warm. Eww... kinda grossed out but hilarious. LOLOL

Finally it was Rajnnesh Kapoor a self acknowledged Captain Stark look alike and his topic was "Indian English". Of how back in 1947, when the British left India, Indian cherry picked what they wanted like the railways and the English language but discarding grammar. Similar to Singlish usage of "ma'', South Indian English tends to have alot of "ah", "eh" and "to" at the end sentences... and instead of speaking a proper sentences... a simple hand gestures conveys a lot just like the expressive Italians, as since in the video below at 2.25..."look at this imbecile" HAhaahaa..

Oh boy, my table seemed to be the most vocalised with intermittent hearty bout's of guffaws and donkey laughs (me... -_-''). After the show, the girls were out for a smoke and guess what! the comedians too had come out for a quick smoke and we chatted with one another... Nick Pillow is an actually a teacher in real life who teaches drama at an International School in Mumbai, while Kanan is a Frazer Town localite serving his notice period, didnt get to tete tete with Rajneesh as he was surround by a bevy of admirers but hell.. with 2 stand up comedian in my circle of smoke, who cares??

post which we returned to table for more beer and food.we had the sun dried tomatoes, mushroom and goat cheese pizza, although it was mostly just sun dried tomatoes. either i was unlucky (quite possible) or that there was so little mushrooms & the goat cheese was non-existent, made worse  by having one of the thinnest crust pizza in town.... Tasted alot like the pizza made on a stove... fortunately the veterinarian and non-vegetarian platter was adequately sufficient for 3 person each with 4-5 varieties of items and dips. Overall taste and quality of food was just above average (due to the variety and quantity of side dishes) with average prices. Pizza was 360++, not sure of the platters. Over rounds of chilli beer (lets just call it that for now) and the table divided in two due to working at competitor hotels, talking and talked so much that we got kicked out. The management had actually dimmed the light but with smokers from a hospitality background around, we simply just lit a candle and continued our conversations...till they came and told us it was closing. THRICE. lolol,  finally exited the restaurant all a wee tipsy... hehehe

p.s: did you guys see gravity?? i did and i loved it! finally Sandra Bullocks has finally moved from playing clumsy sweeheart roles like in Speed and Ms Congeniality at a ripe age of 49 years.. wtf she looks 1000X better than me!!!

Monday, 21 October 2013

to be or not to be is Not the question...

How much do you desire to live a better life? For yourself, and your loved ones??

How much motivation do you have in you if you had to carry 25kg of stone from the base of the hill to the hilltop, without a single cent for your hard work. Through thunderstorms, rain or snow for months at a stretch? For an opportunity of a lifetime?? For prestige and pride and a livelihood at the end of the day??  A chance to be to the chosen 200 out of 30,000+.  Only the finest specimen of a man may get the job.
The question is not, to be or not to be. It's to kill or be killed.

As a 3rd generation Gurkha Army brat it's a badge of honor that i wear with pride. Kesang Tseten, a filmmaker has made a docu-art film of the Gurkha selection called the "Gurkha School". This piece of news item and film can be found on the Aljazeera website here.   it's an amazing film, please watch it. 48mins but well worth it.

The khukuri
weapon of choice. even mine.
 i sleep with it under my pillow... dont say i didnt warn anyone... O_O

it's a mean killer knife, roughly about 14inches upward (hilt to tip). good for chopping and slicing everything from potatoes, firewood and yea limbs if required... @___@ Comes with 2 smaller knife for sharping the blade and the other is an accessory knife.

p.s: due to the sheer amount of stone being fetched to the hilltop by the aspiring cadet, now many buildings like rest house have been built. Talk about getting free labour.

p.p.s: attempted to upload a youtube link for the promo of the film was unable to do so... apparently "Error: The uploader has not made this video available in your country __remote_call__"  lets just say... it's not the first time censorship has occurred in India....  

p.p.s: isnt that first Gurkha quite dashing?? heheh *giggling like a school girl... he's like the most famous and photogenic Gurkha online internationally..  why so?? well it cause Dip Prasad Pun killed 30 Taliban insurgents all by himself. check it out, he's even got his own Wiki page
....sighz... too bad he's married already... Shucks....

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Happy (P)Oop(s)!

Last this hilarious advert... this weekend, make your your business happen but also like it never happened! ^_* lolol

Happy Sunday!!

p/s: went last night to catch the opening night of the  Blender's Pride fashion (Bangalore pit stop). More on that later.. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

missing babes

there are billion women who are mothers and there are millions who are not. not because she has made the decision not to be but rather... that's where life took and left her. with broken dreams of cradling and caressing her baby... countless silent nights longingly looking on at an empty cot..

not many people know... but 15th October is marked as the International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  It is the day when candles are lit from 7pm - 8pm in remembrance of the children not meant to be, those sweet souls lost in miscarriages, stillborn, death of a new born and i feel also perhaps to those aborted as well.. (#pls dont get into the debate of morality)

read the heart touching article here..for her and countless others... i too will light a candle. in remembrance of my brothers and sisters, for all those who were not meant to be.. 

ending this post with these videos..
candle in the wind

in the arms of an angel


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Crazy love

Dear  girlfriends and the odd male friends... you guys know who you are,

Just wanted to say.... Thanks for being there... through life's up & down, for holding my hand in the sunshine up the mountain or in the rain across the flooded river.. LOve you all.

Saw this and suddenly i felt the absence of real friends in my life... it's not that i do not have good friends now... but there is a different depth of friendship when you know someone for years and years. Long term friendships does not required much maintenance and constant contact but the bond never breaks. it comes with accepting one another and it is cemented with a mix of trust, faith and yes the occasional effort to keep in touch.

It seems to me, any one who is a "new" friend is out mostly out there just to have fun time. Not many are interested in knowing or understand the real you instead in this blase generation... they are only looking out for what they may get out of you. It might be the networking connections, the fame/notoriety of being an insider with someone or even plain old options like fleeting physical intimacy and/or money. 

Maybe that's why i don't understand people so well... Or least quite a few  almost all people my age group. You see... i am old school and naive, friendship to me means being truthful to one another.. even if it means i have to tell my girlfriends that "yes, that shade of pink corduroy jeans makes her thighs look tundersome" or even to advise my guy friends step by step on how to seduce a girl (yup, been there, done that. #Guilty #p/s: not that i seduce girls or .... whatever.... >_<'') but also knowing that someone is being Honest with me and in fact grasps the meaning of "being Friends" the real deal instead of "good times friend" for a few months or even a year or two.

See the thing is... i don't really give a bullshit to the profession, the family status, the money, the looks or even the fame and notoriety that someone has... instead preferring to look beyond the facade and seeing the soul. I just care about the person in front of me. And getting the love and attention reciprocated, by walking beside me when on those days, when tears have ruined my makeup yet  im still wobbling in my 4 inch heels and LOLOL in the street holding hands .

Yes, i am abit crazy you see. Or maybe just call me "free spirited" however i'm lucky to have friends who are as old as me and those who just might be my twins instead for they understand better me than myself. :) just rambling on but the past few days, maybe because it's Dasain but hearing and talking with old friends over Skype and International calls had made me happy content. To know that yes, it has been years since we last met but yea..we are good. Hugs~

to the green eyed boy from the mountains... thank you for allowing me into your tender heart even though you are a senior. to the curly haired cyclist.. thank you for all the times we always have. to the soul searching meditative practitioner...thank you for teaching me to look a little more deeper inside of me. to the disco girls.. thank you for dancing all night alongside. to the Osho fan.. thank you... for showing me that true love exists. to the singer solti... thank you for always being there and hell yea..go get that girl. ^_*


your crazy inmate

Monday, 14 October 2013

Meeting old mates and listening to a twit

This week is Navratri and it's a season to catch up with loved ones..thus today i decided to meet some of my old colleagues.. i also had a very good reason to travel more than 20 odd kilometers to Whitefield and meet them up... it was an opening of my ex-colleagues business ventures..

First up was an inauguration opening of Subway cum New Zealand Natural cum Lavazza outlet in Kundahali Gate, before Hypercity Mall ..  no pictures of Subs... just go eat there if your hungry and in and around that area.. you can have Sub Salad, Sub Sandwich, Ice cream and coffee all at the same place!

with gorgeous ladies... btw omg... wrong idea of me to wear that frumpy 3/4 pants in front of these two... sighz...... #__#

with the big boss of the place ^_^

next stop was at Taco Bells at Cosmos Mall, where yet another friend was working...
 finally meeting her after months, with a rose for her..

notice the guy behind also posing?? Lolol ....(missing my long hair too..... #useless info)

after all the subs and nachos, we went to meet more friends at Marriot Whitefield..unfortunately got to meet only 1 as the other 2-3 had already left for the day... sat down at the Whitefield Baking Company for a cuppa coffee and mindless doodling and posing (as usual -__-)

our choice of accompaniments..  from top to bottom, choco chip muffin, the last piece of red velvet muffin and blueberry muffin..

just like that..

  on a killing spree..

a mouthful of flying butterfly red velvet 
group pic, small table big appetite

winner of the doodle contest! hehe btw no she's not doing what you might be thinking... (aiyo... you dirty mind peeps)

 well that's all the roaming around for today!! 

p/s: Bangalore Baking Company at Vittal Mallya Rd is so much better! read my review here

on the way back was listening to Indigo radio show called "Heartbeat" where i heard a guy called in and shared his problem of how his wife left him and has now gotten engaged with another and how he's devastated and does not know what to do..  the psychiatrist was trying his best to make the dude understand that the wife female does not seem interested in getting back with him since she did mentioned to the dude that "no she didn't love him" etc etc and should perhaps put the past behind him but the dude just goes on talking that how could she say all that because the two of them eloped and had gotten secretly married (with no evidences of the deed) and was comparing himself with fiance and how the dude thinks he's better financially, physically and even academically etc etc.. at which point i firmly felt like rebuffing the dude with a few choice words that the Doc could not say on air... 
first of all, i really did not get why the guy was persisting in trying to get her back even after she not only left him without much ado to get engaged to someone else, not even informing him that she's leaving and does not seem to be interested in coming back. after all a relationship is not a one way affair..
second of all... why did the dude try to compare himself to the fiance?? there was no need... not that i not guilty of the same >_< but more that it seemed to me that rather concentrating on the relationship itself the dude seemed to concentrate on the fact it was the only failure that he facing... i mean yeah... no one like a broken relationship but then heartbreak is always there in life without it, we will not mature..some most 99% affairs are just not meant to last...

SIghz... not that any of this is of vital importance to anyone else except the dude and his err wife?? woman.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Masters in Ultracrepitology


wanted you guys to know a new word i learnt recently..
'Ultracrepidarian' is a person who doesn't know what they're talking about and has most likely graduated from the "University of Ultracrepidity" in Confederate States of Stinky Poo where visa is free for all, and tuition sponsored by the state of mind.
a classic example is in the following comic strip the dude in red, made by a friend Shwetha Hs. Read her  here 

Bonfires and forts

it was a trip to remember for sure. an eventful and yes Fun overnight camping trip. My first in nearly a decade. You might have read my earlier posts on the crazy dude i met but besides him... i got the chance to make some new friends and learn new stuffs...

on an early Saturday i left for the meet up destination_Esteem Mall, passing by the Ulsoor Lake... i never knew it was such a peaceful area with constant wintery breeze and lush foliage. Soon enough i reached and waited for the others to turn up.... eventually according to the IST (Indian Standard Time ie) out of the 54 who have RSVP, 19 turned up which actually gave us an excellent opportunity to know one another better than if it was a really big group..

starting with a double breakfast! first at McD's and another on the road... a cuppa black coffee & mcbreakfast....

hot crispy onion pakodas
  rava idli with the usual accompaniments
steaming crisp vada with spicy sambar

a long drive with some good company, an P.I.A (not the Pakistani International Airlines but the self professed Pain in Ass) and an lost soul going through Mid-life crisis. en route we played some games and found out a couple of info on people... like a 27 yr old male virgin which is actually not that rare in India.... and some stuffs that we really didnt wanna know of an unrequited love affair lasting almost a decade or a meaningless quote that drags on for what seems like an eternity.... finally reaching our rendezvous point at Hiriyur.. a farm house/bee farm. 

 there were various types of trees around from Sapota trees to taramind trees which reminded me of the stories that granny used to say. "Never stay under the tarmind day or night, for you might be knocked unconsicous. Bandits hiding in the thick foilage and the ghost waiting in the night to take our souls (possibly due to leaves spewing out carbon dioxide late at night)."

Lunch time!! Um i guess traditional Karnataka fare of boiled rice, ghee roti, sambar, chilli baji, beetroot salad, coconut chutney and papads..

then it was off to inspect and decide upon the camping site...

i think it was a good idea to let the boys run amok in trying to set up the tent... hehhe while the girls chilled out.. 

NAh.... of  course the women folks also gave a helping hand.. 
*pisshhhhh... that guy in the shorts in that strange Martian*** #__#

Meanwhile "Audi" and i decided to stick to what we know better and go off in preparing the chicken for the BBQ and dinner..

discussing with the chef on various techniques

as the pulao was cooking the rest of the gang came back and we had a lesson on bee harvesting...

Sachin, the bee guy showing us the various stage of a bee's life cycle

all engrossed

so after learning about the Queen Bee, drones, worker bees, their mating schedule, society and diet it was soon time for us to taste the honey!! We tasted over 7 different type... from unique flavors like tulsi honey which i quite liked, to mixed fruits, jamun, roses, litchi etc..

here's a teaspoon of rose petals and pine nuts honey... it's actually very lovely.

me hard at work... >_<

after tasting all that honey, it was time for some tea and some honey cakes baked prior by the wonderful hostess Odette... here's R holding on to the cake lest it all disappears in a nifty! that how tasty it was... yums..

a close up of the mufti-colored honey cake

the expected selfie of eating cake.. no idea what's up with the Johnny Bravo fringe.. 

after all that food tastings, it was time to head back to the camp site and start off the bon fire and finish off setting up the second tent

taking a shot in nailing as the sun sets..

around the bonfire, we sang and danced and sipped on honey wines..
 home brewed honey wine... how was the taste?? umm... plzzz pour me a glass of Chianti or even Porto..

as Udayan got ready to sing and play

the two singing duet after duets..lost in their own world of music..

as the chicken and sweet potatoes gets barbequed

eventually everyone got reasonbly pissed and started forming groups, some playing Hot seat, others talking of and about life while more still were engrossed in eating or discussing varied topics such as real estate, hospitality, agriculture etc etc... guess which group i was in... at around midnight or so... though i was sorely tempted to sleep beside the fire, i wasnt too sure of when other's might be tucking in and thus went to the tent to sleep off.... only to be waken up early next day by ......  asking for a cigarette. yes... all 10 of us were woken up at an unholy time by a jack a** asking all the sleeping citizens for a cigarette. 3____3

anyways.... got up and got ready.... after an hour or so.. it was time for breakfast!! idli, vad with coconut chutney and toast and masala omelet (-_-) missed the English brekfast i used to have at Om beach along with a glass of black tea.. followed soon after by a glass of chilling beer..

then it was off to Chitradurga!! beautiful landscapes full of windmills enroute..

 finally reaching

would you believe that the ticket price was just Rs5/-..... wah!!! so unexpected... i thought it might be at least 30-50rs but no way... just rs5/-... ^___^

and guess what... saw spider man... well no lah... just a nimble footed gardener weeding out the weeds along the vertical walls. @_@

a short history on Fort Chitradurga..

the view upon entering... see these two stone... dont they look like per-histrionic animals?? no? um... well just use a bit of creative imgaination lor!

btw... each of the seven entrance has two door.. the huge doorway for the Kings and royalty and the regular sized for the ordinary citizens.. except these days... everyone just uses the big door lah... lolol

spent the day, roaming around listening the translation of the tour guide. yup... while in other places the guide is actually the one who's explaining the sights but here it was actually the tour guide speaking in Kannada and being translated by one of us.. @____@ only here got so weird guides... \*___*/ but the place is very well maintained and clean... just see the previous pic.... difficult to believe i was still in India.. 8_*

During Dassehra/Dashain there is a practice of showcasing Dolls. seen below is the stage which was used to flaunt the dolls that the royal females used to play with... for more infor on the doll festival click here.

from this frame the swing used to be hung and the statue of err some god was swinged for some time before  it was carried back to the temple overlooking it during Dashain. Guess even the Gods come out to play during festivals..

me in the sleeping quarters of the guards... it's not even a cave just a nook few feet high and roughly 20 feet lengthwise..but i guess it did provide protection against the sun and rain

the entire place is spread out and involved quite a bit of walking up and down.... here's yet another staircase and yet another doorway (there are 7 in total)

dead beat after all that walking..
and me..lolol

but i too had to sit down leaning against the cool stone pillars..

a close up of the pillar

there are numerous temples and religious sites inside the fort. seen below is the footprint of one of the Gods.. o_O not very sure whose... the name have been mistranslated and forgotten.. maybe Vishnu's?

and then there is a temple of one of my favorite God...
 the simple front side.. behind the printed cloth lies the statue..
 and right behind is the huge stone statue..of an elephant sitting down..

the Nayaka rulers were a smart lot... even though the fort did not have a natural spring or source of water, they built 3 water reservoirs to store water so that the monsoon rain fill up each individual reservoirs and overflow to the next reservoirs below and thus would last for the entire year. seen behind us is the second reservoir. at the top left hand corner is yet another temple appx 2kms away

the fort even had their very own treasury bank..

some useless vain shot of myself..

lotsa nooks and corners and narrow entrances..

 and distinctive wall decor.. apparently such slabs was placed in strategic areas so as to distract enemies etc.. um.. what can one expect from the land of the karma sutra heh?

it was a hot sunny day with numerous groups of students on school excursions..
 meanwhile i choose to sit down under the shade and watch the kids go by..

a watch tower or some sort of palace on the far side..

the view
then it was to meet one of the brave women of the fort...

haha... not me lah... but rather her..

who is she??
wah wah wah..
this was the small crevice through which the enemy was trying to penetrate into the fort from.

after spending the morning in the fort i didnt really wanna leave the cool sanctuary of the cold granite walls that provided shade

but i had to go..and there in concludes my overnight camping trip..