Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bios Life


 (new moms and awesome wise grandma will so understand this quote..)
"It is often said that a classic sign of old age is when we start talking about our poop. Maybe it’s just a sign of growing wisdom, as evaluating a bowel movement can reveal much about one’s health." John Douillard


**Last Warning**


in my quest for better healthier, happier life and yes due to to continous spam on a friends fb posts of "before" and "after" pics of weight loss... i joined yet another offline freelance distributor organizations... one of the many gazillion in the world..

so what company have i joined?? It's unicity with a world famous Bios slim products... in their words it's not weight loss, it's fat buring.... blah blah blah

but actually to be honest it was the freaking parasites that live in your intestines that made me join the company. it soo happens that each time i go poop i always take a good look at it.... What!!! everyone does it, i'm sure even you, yes you whose going... "gross! eww." anyways i always take a glance at it... comes from living in the farm... one gets so exposed to poops, dungs and shit all the time..yada yada yada.. but back to the point... see... sometimes the poop was brown small and floating othertimes it was not small and not floating.... hahaha.... well the thing was sometimes in the poop there would be like little white stuffs that kinda a bit like plastic or something but it's mucus however while discussing Bios Life slim, came to know... that bloody plastic-ramen like thing was wait for.... urgggg..... it could be actually freaking parasites cysts....Ewww...

at that point i heard that bios life product product actually helps people lose weight by cleansing their intenstines... except you know you dont have to go on the god awful tasting detox diets but rather just take Bios Life and it would help flush out the stupid parasite inside the body... in a flash i joined unicity and am waiting for my first packet of Bios Life slim.

now... just waiting for the damm parcel to be delivered and oh so ready to download like 3-4 times a day and flush out the worms.... oh dear lord.... ever since i saw this super gross video where 10 pounds of parasites was sugerically removed from this jock, i'm like so freaked out... the video link is here is you wanna watch though i really really seriously dont recommend clicking on it.

Instead watch the following video......

let's see if it works... will be blogging about my weight loss, if any.  of course no ways i will post my weight on the world wide web but i will mention just dress sizes. I usually wear a US10 top and US12 bottom... it's a long way from size "0" but then i have no interest in becoming "0" either, maybe if i can get down to size "8" or even "6" then i'm sure life would be wonderful :DDD [ever Optimistic]

Since you have read till here [excluding those who actually just scrolled to the bottom of the post.... wah, you all cheater-cocks.. :P]

here's link on the 10 things that you poop actually tells you of your health... and here... after all what you shit is what you'r eating and has been digested.. lololol....

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Diwali celebrations

long backdated post on Diwali celebrations..

had spent Diwali with a group of fellow volunteers in an old age home_ Omashrama Old Age Home off Bannerghatta Rd. It was also a chance for the volunteers to visit Omashram, as post the Diwali celebration a fundraiser concert was to be held. 

It was a short short simple celebrations, we decorated the home with rangolis, held a small prayer, lit diyas all over, a few fire crackers was played before a simple meal of idli dosa.. Photos courtesy of Rajesh P Menon and Anand K.T

volunteers hard at work..

a group shot

and a close up as well :P

as dusk falls and the auspicious hour approaches, diyos was lit and perfumed incense whiffed through the hall way, inviting all to come for Aarti


after the puja ended, the pasadam was distributed to all and gifts of warm clothing handed over to each resident of the old age much to their delight

 then it was a good opportunity to spend some time with the elderly

after a few words of heart felt wishes communicated in a mish mash of English-Kannada-Hindi-Telugu, it was time to lit the diyas and invite the blessing of Laxmi Maa.

although i never understood the logic or idea behind bursting fire crackers, my fellow friends displayed their inner child in them by thoroughly enjoying playing with crackers... x__x

pretty soon it was time to head off. earlier for me as i had to travel to across town to meet some other friends but as i left the old aged home i could help but miss my own home and recollect previous Diwali. The numerous time i was working during festivals as my mother entertained relatives and guests at home all alone, who bravely and unflinchingly answered questions on why her only daughter refuses to spend festivals at home instead choosing to work... i could not answer to her either in reply to her unspoken question. In place of a reply, i could only managed to make sure that the house was spic & span, the floor decorated with tiny footsteps handmade by dipping my fist in vermilion paste leading up to the puja room from the courtyard, making all the sweet & savory offerings for the Laxmi Puja and even conducting the puja itself. Yet leaving for work, as soon as pasadam was fed to mother. How cruel i seem in introspect to be present physically yet my heart not in place to be truly interested in spending time with my own loved ones.. Is this because some of my earliest memories are always being a loner?? or situation was such that i adjusted to being independent at an early age, when other my age seemed to be coddled in protectiveness and love? i learn to go to school on my own by changing 2 buses at 6.30am in the morning by the age of 10 years, or choosing whether to study or watch cartoons all day long till 2am with no one to guide me while my parents traveled to & fro across South Asia. Out of boredom and necessity i started working from the age of 14 years and really by the time my parents tried to tame me, i was too far out of their reach.

Given such a upbringing and mentality i wonder... if my parents were alive, would i too might have eventually have taken them to an Old aged home, just like the one i went to celebrate Diwali at?? And would have strangers spent time with them, holding their hand and giving time some cheers and joys in their twilight years? Is it hypocritical of me to now want to go to old age homes and orphanages and volunteer, when in the past; all i did was push away my family from me. Is it wisdom or regret??

And given a chance what might my action might have been? It is a difficult decision (or i would like to think it would be for all) to decide to leave one's parents to an old age home. While i do not berate those who do for whatever reasons they might have, it does seem to a tragic situation. To leave those people who bought us into the world, took care of us for decades overriding their own desires just so as to bring a smile to our faces, to be kept aside when they grow old and seem to be burden and sent away to a house filled with other rejected parents. Yet if you ask them, "do you reject doing all you did for your kids?", with a self righteous rousing, they tend to defend their children even as tears fill their eyes and a smile that seem hallow.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

head slamming

since it's been so long that i have not posted anything new.... you can blame the cold, cough, books and events (more in upcoming posts..) , here's a head slamming, nose pulling video of mine.

this was taken unknowingly by a friend last year when my hair was still super long and while i was playing Ninja slicer..

haha... so silly of me right??
i just playing silly games on the phone..

next post... all on whips, handcuffs and silk ties that have many uses.. ^_*

Monday, 18 November 2013

An offer to drop home

The next time anyone offers me a lift home. I shall take it.

Yesterday was Go Green initiative a cycle off to school in aid of Omshram.

Google map showed me a distance of 6kms but a round about way meant that we did cycle 18kms from Jayanagar 1st block at Madhavan Park to Magnifique Public School off Kanakapura Rd one way. 

Just after the flag off, i bumped into a stationary blue car and prehaps about 4km onwards... i crashed into yet another blue car this time one which was not stationary. It was my lucky stars that it was at a turning and just after the light had turn green... else i might be typing this post from a hospital bed... just got few bruises and sore muscle...

wanna see.... it's very minute so dont be expect gory scene... a kindergarten garden flight might be more dangerous.. 

this was the most obvious bruise.. against my black jeans the spots of bright blood stood out... of course now it has kinda dried off.... 

next i could feel the tenderness in my knee but it's only this morning that i see... oh yeah... i have added one more scar to my collection of knee scars... o_O'

and just another few more black & blue spots.... this is the most obvious one... got a few more in certain unmentionable parts after cycling for 30kms in a no-cushion seat... >_<'

but after returning to Madhavan Cafe and a cuppa coffee in CCD chatting with friends. i never knew that CCD also offers a vegan shake!! it was yummy!!! superb! i declined the offer by them to drop me home instead taking a bus to Mantri Mall.... *oh boy.... only i got psyched with all the queues that i did not purchase anything, even though i saw a nice kurta at just 900rs... and came out.

outside the mall the few of the autowalla i asked refused to go towards my destination.... what's up with these autowalla?? do they earn too much or what?? in the end i ended up walking. and walking. and i got lost a couple of times. finally reaching home at 9.30pm... after walking around 5kms or more... after cycling 30kms in the day and crashing into a car.... boy am i sucker for pain... the next time someone offers me a lift home. I am taking it up. 

maybe the full moon had sometime to do with it. and btw did you guys notice the full moon yesterday?? oh my... it was so close to Earth and with relatively clear skies it was beautiful... maybe the reverse magnetic flipping of the Sun also had something to do with me acting so crazy.... hummm... *not taking responsibility for owns' actions

and speaking of pain.... i just started reading 

yes it's true i had never read it before. And i did not even know what it was all about. In fact i still know what it is all about yet. I have just reached the part where Ana reads the contract. 

i will be spending today's sick leave... reading 50 shades of grey (finally) and pigging out on home made spaghetti arrabiata...


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion Night

it  was a starry night in Leela Palace Bangalore... unfortunately since i can barely differentiate between Jupiter & the North Star thus all the toned well dressed ladies and men in power suits floating pass me had zero affect on me..

it took more us than an hour to be ready, half of which involved me eating up the last remment bits of Doritos chips and self-threading my sparse eyebrows into some sort of defined shape... after the necessary war paint applications i finally squeezed into my dress, an impulse purchase from Zara some months ago.. only it seems it was short... 
Ummm... well... to be honest i didnt so... after all it did cover way pass my hips and also since the circumference of my thunder tights are well above the average making it longer in place of shorter.... told to pull down my dress in front of my friends' mother..Uff.... as if it was gonna stay there... *rolls eyes....but whatever, didnt want Aunty having a heart attack especially when my friend too was told off by her mom that her dress was short and she needed to put on some stocking...... hehehhe...... ^______^''  So as we were about to leave the house we stood in front of aunty to be inspected and she mentioned... humm... your stockings might be  mixed up... err... o__O', actually my  pins had gotten seriously tanned due to sun exposure whereby making it look gorgeously tanned while N had gone for a nude stocking a shade or two lighter... LOLOL resulting in Aunty thinking that we had mix up the stockings. @_@ lolol

finally we were off ... here's us en route.. pretty right?? *shameless.. btw i love my makeup in this pic!! i look like i had a nose job ^_^

upon reaching there... boy was it crowded there... there was tons of well heeled people and a few zhar-pat... which literally means weeds.. :P also the ratio was male to female was like 1:0.6... ironic considering that a Fashion show is suppose to attract more females than males but here we are in India where it seems like for a guy, a Fashion show is a good hunting ground.

a cute French accented guy even approached us two single ladies as we were sipping on our cranberry juice and passing cutting snide remarks on passerby... (ok fine, i was..) saying he was looking for some friends...hmmm... euphemism for some casual sex?? yeah right... as if we dont get it... why do guys even bother faking being fiends or say they are looking for a friendship when in fact all they really care is getting some between the sheets actions??  Not being a prude but i think men should be honest... 85% are not interested in a relationship of any sort with new people except maybe friends-with-benefits type with a female yet they come across as wanting to meet new people and making new friends and so forth... WTF and pack of bullshit..makes me wanna go vomit blood.... Not defending or accusing any gender but the world would be better if everyone was honest. Facta non verba...

the cocktail  hour went on while as everyone sipped on their glasses of bubbly  and air brushed kisses on each mother's cheeks delicately (lest the make up goes to ruin...lolol)  with nothing else to do... we went to the ladies to freshen up and take selfies..before i bore N to death with yet another repeated... "wtf, when can we go inside? what are we suppose to do? stand here?? and do what?? look pretty?? Ugghh.. " Sufficient to say, i dont think i am cut out to ever be a socialite coz it's just too boring.... *yawns* (gimme a packet or oreos, cold coffee and a nice thick thriller or even a mills & boons to while away my evenings...)
for one is required to have a thick skin and a fair bit of acting skills to actually enjoy a high society gathering... with it's fake intimacy and acquaintances while stabbing knifes unto each other's back as they smile with porcelain teeth aglinting. Finally after 30 mins  the doors were peeped open and the two of us went inside before the masses...lucky us... we knew one of the organizer very well..seating on the third row.. close enough without being in-your face in front...

minutes before the show..excited to be there for the kick off of Blender's Pride Fashion Tour in Bangalore...

and it started off!! here are some off the designs... Fraguni & Shane Peacock opened up the show as nymphs sashayed down the ramp in geometric designs and laser cut outs in "Robotic Chic"

the shoes worn was a pair of study looking ankle boots... with simple line and not diverting the attention away from the dresses.

and the very famous Indrani das Gupta who is still wow..she has a very good stage presence
 show stopper was Esha Gupta...apparently the Indian Angelina Jolie with her luscious lip and curvaceous figure

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

i loved the designs with the layered shiny metallic cut out designs on sheer base. It's unexpected in the sense that it seem a bit rock chic cum elegant and quite avant garde (or so i felt) all at the same time. After all it was my first live fashion show in Bangalore. This months'-November issue of Vogue i saw the same design concept for a sari blouse and i was just so blown away....

post the Falguni & Shane Peacock show, it was time for yet another cocktail break as we took off to discuss as animatedly discuss what we just saw...  i love the high waist A-line skirt with a thigh high slit.. it was just Oh la la ~~  it was soon time to take our seats once again and it was Wendell Rodricks' show.. there was various coffee tables and chairs scattered. Once the show started.... numerous couple sat down and started tapping their feet to the music and flirting.. before the cat walk started off.

the designs were reminiscent American sportswear with the repeated use of spandex-viscose materials and very bright neonish colors. a spin of the old designs. nothing really out of the ordinary.. except for the fact that some of the model looked like they had a Body Mass Index of 14 and the last meal that they had was in 20011. See the pic below of the model on the extreme right..

then it was off to home sweet home as rats were running amok in my tummy... only thing was the two had to wait for more than 30mins waiting for our cab... enough time to take pictures!!

btw this was my dress... i dont think it was that short..was it?? i look healthy yea?? better to be fit than anorexia *is my motto** haha just consoling myself that i can never fit into a size 4 dress let alone 0. #_#
we reached home finally at around midnight after the long drive....

the next day, it was Tarun Tahilani and Rocky S. Tarun Tahilani is known for his effortless ability to combine traditional aesthetics of Indian craftsmanship and textiles with modern designs and European tailored silhouette. I did not go on the second day but i got the pics albeit most of blurry... but from what i saw and was told it was inspired by "Kumbh Mela" with shades of saffrons, reds, gold & black in a variety of textures and layering and pattens.. a lot like how the Kumbh Mela is like on real life... bright, dusty, busy, exotic and a excitement and trill  coursing through one's veins.
Model at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 1

then it was Rocky S turn. show stopper was Evnyl Sharma

Evelyn Sharma walks the ramp for Rocky S