Saturday, 7 December 2013

Birthday hauls and daans...

in my previous post, i was stuck in a dilemma between getting a perfum or a sexy pair of shoes. well.. i made my mind and it's......



hehee.... maybe i might be considered as showing off but im just soo happy that i wanted to share what all i bought! heheh

in the end given a choice between the shoes and perfum... i decided to go for the perfum simply because it was something i had hunkered for some time.. when i thought of it... it was like, CH was on my mind and desire to get for so long, and to change my mind just because i saw something new like the shoes and lusted over might just be a case of being greedy.  Besides i had given my own word that i would get CH and a spoken word is almost like a promise made. .@_<
beside if i really like that shoes so much, i can always buy it later... during Spring Sale.. :D
 i even manged to get the gift set one. In Orion Mall, i checked out Debenhams, Central, Parcos and even Westside but unfortunately they had only the perfum... unsatisfied and in search for the best deal i travelled to Mantri mall where not only did i get the gift set but also a bag along.. ^__^''
quite chio right? for a freebie lolol :)

in the gift set, along with the perfum comes a tube of body lotion as well. 

seeing the lotion i got flashbacks of anecdotes. when i was much younger there was a friend who was more well off than me. In turn she too had another friend who was much more well off too her. Now in our youthful naivety that particular friend of a friend used to not only used a branded perfume but also a branded shower gel & lotion... making her stink of the smell.  it was like one could quite faint from the sheer amount of scent. she would loved to mimic her other friends whenever we went shopping for neww perfums lolol..

come to think of it i know of a lady in the office who loves to indulge in expensive fragrances as well. In fact so much so that when ever she uses the public bathroom the aroma of the perfum would still remain inside the cubicle. with such availability of free room freshener, i do not think there's a need to purchase ambi pur at all... #__#

with the purchase of perfums one also get free samplers!!

if that was not enough of perfum, i even went ahead and got myself yet another one. A small roller perfum from Zara. I love using Zara Women for daily use and wanted a smaller version of it. Darn cheap at just rs390/- too. The fragrances are not the same but still pleasant enough and small to carry in clutch purses. lolol the one on the left is what i use daily and the slim package the new one.

And... i bought my one of my dream watch as well. 

it's no Micheal Kors but it is a Seiko. And yes purchase from my own money. My birthday gift to myself.. :) [Number 1 benefit of being Single ~ buy what you like, for yourself.]
It's a Seiko rose gold watch that so precise and neat. haHa You know i am no watch reviewer by the preceding sentence right??  i even Google for reviews but did not find one... >__<'' but i now know, Seiko was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori and production under the name "Seiko" started out in 1892.  Seiko is actually a Japanese word meaning "exquisite," "minute," or "success".

The model i got is SRLZ94P1 which has a champagne face with polished rose gold tone markers and hands.  It has 5 faces or dials, the largest with the minute and hour hands, and 4 smaller dials inside. the North dial shows the time in a 24hr format, the East side displays the date, the South is actually the second hand and lastly the West face displays the day. The 4 corners is also painted in Lumi brite, an improved fluorescent luminous paint that's free from radioactive substances..useful at night and safe to wear all day & night long.
the bezel is set in a stunning 32 Swarovski Crystals rose gold polish with a 3 o'clock crown. The bracelet is stainless steel in rose gold polish. Looking at it, it's clearly a ladies watch with the color tone and the bling bling but it's inner working parts are quite decent too. It is a Japanese watch after all. The glass top used is a Seiko propriety Hardlex crystal which is not as good Sapphire glass but the former is more value for money for a entry level Luxury watch. besides what the hell, i'm not planning on going deep sea diving with nor use it as a sports watch..The lock is a fold over clasp and push button which makes a satisfying click when opening or closing. It has a Japanese Quartz movement, which is known for being produced in house (Seiko) as well as for it's accuracy and to some extent shock and water resistant.  Wearing it, there is a sense of good solid construction that's well assembled together. The weight is comfortable on the wrist, even though it's not as light as some of my other feminine watches but being a fan of heavy watches, it carries a right note. Nether too light nor heavy. Measuring 38mm at it's face size, it also does not overwhelm my relatively small wrist.   
(yes, i am a fan of Japanese technology and products... :P)

  entire day's worth of shopping with zero purchases of cloths/shoes/accessories..

This birthday was a pretty expensive shopping affair and i did feel a little bit guilty for spending so much cash that would have been better off saved or spent traveling yet i do not regret it (much)

It is also a kind of tradition in my family to give anna daan on one's birthday and i wished to do the same. i thought of taking a bunch of kids from a nearby Orphanage to KFC for a treat but they were out on a sponsored excursion. #__# plus the idea required a wee too much planning and work load for 1 person to carry out. there i was having dreams of feeding the less fortunate...Only to fall flat on my face out of sheer laziness.  @_@
I was feeling bad about not being able to carry out my wish of feeding some kids when i came across this site called..Give India. It's a site that has an extensive list of charity organizations. In their own words they are;  "GiveIndia is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200 NGOs that have been scrutinized for transparency & credibility." They are not fundraisers but instead seek to connect interest donors with the NGOs that really delivers on their promises of helping the needy, whether it is for the elderly, children, youth employment, education, health, human rights or for the disabled. As a donor you can choose the type of NGO to whom you wish to help and even to what purpose one would like their money spent on. below are some screen shots.. 

And if you noticed any amount donated is also tax exempted under Tax Benefit 80G. Please note that GiveIndia do add an additional 9.1% to cover their admin costs. This is actually very reasonable when you consider some NGO's paying out intermediary fundraising agencies up to 40% of funds raised. Here they charge us an additional 10% but the money is not deducted from the value donated instead is charge to the donor directly ((10%/110%= 9.1%)) . 

There are numerous types of daan like anna daan, vidya daan, anushadha daan etc. Through GiveIndia from your seat, you can be able to reach out to numerous far flung people and bring a little bit of cheer in their life. It could be as simple as a hot meal during lunch for rural kids, a warm blanket to cover an elderly or medicines for an HIV infected child. 

If you are not comfortable donating money... you can always volunteer your time, expertise and even your hair.. for Cancer patients... yeh... no more sending parcels to Netherlands..

Christmas is coming... what are your plans to help the less fortunate???

Be Happy, and try a little to bring a smile to others as well... 

take care & God bless...

Sunday, 1 December 2013


with no one except a little brother to buy stuffs for and a tendency for shopping as all women tend to be  #a  genetic flaw of the species... i have been buying gifts.. ummm to be honest for myself- mostly.... there always seem to be a good occasion to buy some more materialistic products..hehe

it all started with Diwali... coinciding with Angsana Spa having a 50% Off Sale.. x_X with no intention of actually buying anything i accompanied a friend to the SPA, allegedly to help pick out some gifts for his wife's birthday but since he kind of choose almost everything on display (aww... so sweet and generous of him right??), he didnt require any help at all. @_@ and i also ended up buying a little some thing for myself...:P

Justifying myself with the excuse... It's Diwali plus it's on 50% discount!! With no one to shower gifts on me, it's only right to buy myself what i like...lor..  hehe... anyways, i purchased a hand cream and a body massage oil.... the scent is soo heavenly i assure you. At first i was not too sure because the predominate notes are one of Jasmine and Frangipani but then... that combination once it grows on you, it  tends to be really appealing and addictive. these days post showers i rub the massage oil all over, in small quantity of course lah else i might just need to take yet another shower... it makes me smell as if i just walked out of a SPA.  :D

post that spree it was a few value for money stints at commercial streets or brigade road... a tie between books & clothes... bought like 6 books + the entire series of "50 Shades" (^_*)..
however with December upon us it's gonna be my "D" day soon! Birthday that is, so more shopping are scheduled!!! :P

best part of being the Treasurer for the office?? The float is with me...lolol.. so i can totally decide what i wanna get (within the set budget that is..) Since June i have been eyeing to get CH perfume as a birthday gift from the office side...
Simply love it! the opening notes are little sweet with hints of ripe melon and slight citrus overtones opening up to  white chocolate, cinnamon before settling down to sandalwood, musk and patchouli and even a hint of suede. It's one of the few perfum that i fell in love with at first smell. :D i was so sure that i was going to buy this... till i saw this. . . .





it's can be best describe as understated sexy, with a hint of masculinity combined with practical sense and sensibility...would you just take a look at that study heel as only Clarks are famous for??  Plus that gorgeous wine patent color reminds me smoking wine stained lips with a triple coat of cherry gloss... yes..i might have gone bonkers..made worse by the fact that after slipping into a size 4, my feet looks so petite and delicate which they are so Not in real life..

so now i'm stuck at a crossroad, days before my birthday on what to get. the shoes or the perfum?? perfum or shoes? arghhh....the problem of living a selfish single life.... Sighz..

speaking of gifts.... through God's grace i am able to afford my dream watch!! (for the year..... >__<'') remember my previous post on positive reaffirmations???? well... it would be a matter of hours till i get my watch!! hehehe wah... so excited that i cant sleep  :D it's seiko in rose gold...

on a serious note... been studying online and it's a bitch transporting my laptop from one corner to another.. and reading the highly charged "50 shades of grey" series on a laptop for prolong period of time is... a pain in the wrong end like literally... as it's difficult to remain seated in one position or place for hours on end... it would have been wonderful if i had not lost my Samsung Tablet one fine fucked up weekend.. and that also reminds me... someone had kinda offered to gift me the same Tab that night for my birthday.... #hello??? Anyone there!! you know who are... :P my bday is coming! jus a reminder. \((*___^))/ 

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100: Tablet
lolol of course he was not serious lah... guys eheh... it's only meaningless words that sprouts from their mouth. -_-'  still a tablet sure as hell seems useful now...

nevertheless... back to my dilemma... what should i get? shoes that i will prolly wear 10 times a year max. or a perfum  i would use 10 times a year?? Dilemma dilemma dilemma....