Sunday, 16 February 2014


there's a new club/lounge that's open up, the highest such in sweet Bengaluru.. aptly it's called "High". 30 stories high, it offers a panoramic view of Bangalore and is serene beautiful place to enjoy a drink or two. Spread out with over a large square footage and an upcoming Banqueting hall that accommodates 300 people, it looks set to set the bar high (pun intended).

there is an long open air terrace with a vertical garden and pond on one side and floor to ceiling window on the other side. From there one can go to the bar area and beyond the dining area. It's a lovely place to impress someone if that's your agenda. Food is primarily influenced by South east asian cuisine. 

Was invited for a corporate get-together and thus didn't take much picture... okay i lied. took a lot of pictures but it's on other's phone so.... i got only this single picture.

the single dude in the picture is a colleague who's on his notice period so.... he wanted to take lots of picture with lots of ladies around him.... though why he looks constipated instead of content is bewildering to me... lolol

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Customer Services

I'm a huge Tanishq fan or at least it's the first shop that i go to should i have an hankering for purchasing of jewellery but a friend of mine simply loves GRT jeweleries for their silver items. Yesterday as i passing by the outlet from Mantri Mall i thought of checking the place and their collection and a cute pearl bracelet which i saw online...especially since it was not clear if in fact the pearls in question was real freshwater pearls or just a phony plastic type.

so i entered the shop and took a seat waiting for the sales agent to ask me, even when he is in front of me. After what seem liked 10 mins when it was around 5mins, i looked around and everyone seems to busy doing their own thing.. No one comes to service me. What was it like a looked like a pauper?? i could surly afford a couple of grand worth of silver yet NO ONE comes to me to ask me how they could help me or even look at me in the eye, not even the bl**dy arse id*!t  that's folding sticker labels... Really.... from a brand like GRT.... #whistles, that's awful customer service.

So finally i had to raise up my voice & speak up... 

Me               : Hello...
agent            : Yes, madam...
Me               : Can you show me the pearl bracelets?
agent            : No madam... #tight smile
Me               : Huh?? #totally confused and repeated the question a little more loudly.. Excuse me do you have any pearl bracelets?? 
agent             : Huh?? #has a clueless look
Me                : Pearls. Moti. Bracelets   #feels like smacking my own forehead
agent             : No madam, we dont have. 

at this point the typically action that a sales agent will take is to try and show other items but he just expectantly waits for me.... #was he waiting for me shoo away?? 

Me              : i saw online. you guys had it.
agent           : no madam. online items we dont keep...
Me              :  @__@
agent           :  #waits...
at this point i noticed a string of pearls

Me              : Can you show me that?

so after i got it and tried it on... i decided that i like it and tested out the pearls by gently biting it...

agent           : madam, what are you doing????? #shocked face
Me               : i'm checking it #matter of fact tone
agent           : No madam. You cant check. If you want to check, you can do so after you bill it.
Me             : What? If i dont check it, how to i test it? This is how one check a pearl if not do you want me to use fire to test it?? Do you know how to test for real pearls??
agent             : no......  

And everyone around me is looking at us....   annoyed i just placed down the string of pearls and shake my head.. after all that the agent has the audacity to ask me...

agent            : YOU are Not buying???

Really.... i wonder what kind of customer service other people seem to tolerate but simply put... if i don't like something, i don't waste my time. I walk out.

it's a shame that GRT level of understanding towards a customer needs is so low.

anyways this video show how to check for pearls ..


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tip of the day

Tip of the day II:

if you are required to wear powered lenses.. and you are just unfortunate (like me and thousands millions of others..) to have different strength power for each lens... then for heaven's sake use a cute lens box like the following..
 or better yet something like this

 because this is notta gonna help you differentiate the darn lenses when in a hurry

after wondering for days if i either needed to change my lenses or increase my power... in a fluke i somehow wore the right lens in the right eye.. #shaking head#sighing

i really want this kawai lens case!!

ps: yup, i'm infatuated with Hello Kitty.. O__O

Saturday, 1 February 2014

into the dream world

A lot of people take to drugs, alcohol and other destructive habits in a bid to escape from reality. And yes, it is necessary to have an outlet to refresh our mind every once in a while... some go on marathons, a few find cooking to be therapeutic and more still travel to far flung places and immerse themselves in a foreign culture.  I too escape to my own inner world, dreaming of fantasies in an optimistic bout but it get's tiring when the voice of reason aka common sense aka devils' advocate tell me it not going to work out. And the only way i can instantaneously go off into a parallel universe is by opening up a book and diving headfirst into the story....preferably with a hot cuppa hot chocolate and a few tasty cookies..

you might have guess by now. I'm an avid reader.. some even say rabid reader because i'm also a pretty rapid reader. It's not unusual for me finish off a 5000 words novel within a day and still have time for a drink or two... most of my childhood years involved me either eating or reading... there were many a days in school when i would have been busy reading a novel while my physics or chemistry teacher tried to explain to the class the theory & formulae... alas my theory was of Romeo and Juliet and the formulae full of starry stars (in heart shape)

as a adult, i rarely have an opportunity to indulge in my passion of just curling up on the bed, and reading.  For hours on end.  And with the advancement of technology and rain forest depletion, physical books are getting expensive and e-books cheaper by the day. Thus when i entered Landmark i was trilled to note that books were on discount up to 70%! Since i had planned to buy some books for my brother, i was super excited to note short stores, suitable for children were just Rs49/-... cheaper than on flipcart as i didnt have to pay delivery charges as well. :D Got myself some books..

At full price, these books would have cost me over Rs2,200/- but guess how much i ended paying...... only Rs.716/-!!! Wow is that a great value for money or not??? :DDDD

Even bought a Lonely planet trekking guide at 70% off, it came a most opportune time as i was planning to go trekking in Nepal during my vacation there in spring. 

And i even got tons of bookmark free!! 

Wah is it a lucky day or Not?? Must be because it also happens to Chinese New Year!!! Gong xi fa cai everyone!!