Saturday, 29 March 2014


Back at High, this time for a ladies nite out as a kind of farewell party for me & another roomie... don't worry not leaving for good just a good 1 month. #smirks. Yes, im off for a long vacation cum work break to my favourite place in the world, my motherland- Nepal~

so many emotions are welled up. Many things to be done once i reach there hope all goes well. but for now... till the next post, see yea!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother in the dream

 Was in Youtube fantasy land and came upon this:

Now there is some controversy going on regarding voice over and lip syncing but at the end of the day... the emotions of the boy's longing for his mother shines through.

my granny's influences

"Describe how a story told by your granny influenced your life."

I wish I had a story told by my granny to me.  But I don’t. Instead what I do have is her actions that have influenced my life.

To my relatives’ nightmare I was not only a spoiled brat but also a headstrong and thoroughly rotten only child whose every whims was catered too by my mother. Every few years we used to go to the village and stay for up to months at a stretch. Growing up in my private dream world meant that I had very poor verbal and social skills, thus often left alone to amuse myself. Sometimes I used to observing gran.

My bhoju (granny) was a woman of a different stature amongst those in the village. She was tall with a muscular build, and of  a equally strong will and mind. She dealt with not only a alcoholic husband but also 7 bickering children, 3 daughter-in-laws, 2 son-in-law (1 absconding), 10 grandkids and numerous help in addition to overseeing farms on lands sporadically spread out.

Yet I never once heard her raise her voice. She only had to speak and it was done. That is the level of respect she commanded. Something I strive for today. To be able to speak in a soft, calm manner yet being respected.

This is just one of the many ways in which my bhoju’s manner of living has influenced my own life. That words in most cases are just noise.  For she had neither the time nor inclination to yap and gossip her precious time with people who were emotional vampires. Instead she showed her love by ensuring everyone was given their fair share. Rewards and punishments. Nothing more, nothing less. While I do not (yet) (??) command the same respect she got, I have learnt not to waste my time on people who do not do their fair bit, be it at work or in relationships.

It sounds so simple, don’t waste time but in reality it’s not that easy to a lot of people. For example, many people chit chat and network kiss up to others, laughing at lame jokes all because they wish to be in the same group and hopefully advance in their career path.  I don’t, much to my Boss’s disappointment. O_O yet I feel I am soo much self-secured, for I don’t give a rat's arse to others who mean nothing to me. Coz seriously the lady with the huge solitaires in her ears, when you flaunt things from expensive shops, I have no literally interest in your stuffs. While at the same time, when a dear colleague needs some help, I have no qualms pulling up my sleeves and getting my manicure hands dirtied.

This is part of #IndiSpire "A story by granny that inspired us" 

Friday, 21 March 2014

New titles on the shelves

Cover photo

Beside the huge stack of reference book i got recently for my studies, today i have 2 more new additions to add to my collections! 

Some of my favourite Classic books...
some say it's a legend and history, others say it a myth... and more still say it's hearsay..

call it what you will but the Bhavagad Gita teaches us a lot of things.... humility, faith, love and dangers of greed and dishonesty.

Somehow from my childhood i have always been interested in religious books.. not reading Reading per sa,  as my lack of illiteracy in Sanskrit/Hindi/Nepali language always prevented me from doing so... but they always appealed to me. As i grew older i found English translations and ever since have started collecting, as each new translations gives it's own interpretation of the works. This might just be my 3 or fourth  books on Bhavagad Gita, although i have to admit... the earlier ones were miniature travel editions... O_O  ... LOLOL

I love reading/hearing/watching the Shiva Purana and even on Ganesha... two of my favorite Hindu Deities. But my lightest book has got to be this tiny Bible that i found in the old bookstores of Delhi.. It's slightly bigger than my Zippo and in fact small enough to easily fit in my makeup case...

Now if only i could actually read them as often as i read Mills & Boon. --___--'' But then...


Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Remember my most recent entry for a Indiblogger meet? No... well it was for #Indichange, Milaap meet... anyways the thing is i won. some 4th or 5th place. i am not sure.  they have yet to announced the winners list. #Humff...  

by the way, if you have yet to read my winning post, here's it.  but i am not satisfied at all!!
not because i lost  to someone else but i cant figure out who the hell wrote way better than me to win the first prize of a freaking Ipad Air. 

but yea... also too lazy to read all the entry posts..but i did see a few good ones. One of them  was this. It's pretty good... and i dont mind losing to the fellow blogger coz it's a neat article. Ok, maybe better than mine... Maybe... 

but what really pissed me off... was totally losing another contest which i had entered. It's was called the #Platinum Day of Love. 

Coz i felt cheated. This is the top story that won. Too lazy to read?  Here just watch the following video. Coz it has got pretty much similar storyline. 

And this ad was released in 2012!! Or rather it gives off the same feel as the winning post. A  cliche storyline, safe and suitable for the Indian Society. A rather PG rated run of the mill storyline and i'm sure one day if the company choose to it would easy to make an actual ad. 

... but just as that story might be lame and tame mine has so much flavor and emotions... much like riding an emotional roller coaster, and things totally in sync with modern reality touching on unsavoury topics like caste & religious differences and unwanted pregnancies and consequences. Excited to read my entry? here it is. 

yes, i am shamelessly promoting my own post but then i am confident that my work is way better. in fact the other runner up posts was also better than that particular one. And it did also occur to me... was it all rigged right from the beginning? Who knows?

Anyways back to the one contest i did win. I'm glad to win Rs 15,000 in credits to Milaap instead of hard cash even though the cash would have been very useful for me. Besides the prize gives me an opportunity to put my words into actions of helping those that wants to help themselves and the money would ensure that my philanthropy needs would funded for the coming few months. 

till the next post... see yah!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Petits peu picasso

Yesterday, a group of guys going for a medical camp to a village in the outskirts of Bangalore, a few of my team mates decided to tag along and provide distraction and a fun element by having a painting competition amongst the children.

First of a much needed tea break as we knew from past experiences that lunch would be late. A group picture of just us girls..

Upon reaching we found all the little champs lined up out the make-shift doctor's office.

but they were a little too young to enter the painting competition. There were a slighty older group of children.Using basic tools of basically white papers, water colors... we asked them to start painting..

and i could not help but also start painting..
nice na?? LOLOL... ok... being artistic is not exactly my forte... im a good connoisor of good food, drink and art but a terrible artisan... #sighz.

however the others were notably better than me, notably the little people and the not so little people.

but im happy too show off my megre skills. lolol  #thickskin

ok enough of me.... back to the people who really matters. The kids who came for the medical camp. This was a follow up camp to the previous 2 medical camp and really just a simple blood group check but a general look see to basically check out the well being.  A few kids of sound health but most seem to show signs of malnutrition and quite a fear of needles. lolol there's just something about needles that scare the shit out of people and especially young kids. but we also had a few bravehearts. Meet Nagesh Babu... who was all ready to give some blood in return for some muffins. \O_O/

and after all that ordeal it was time for some juice and muffins...

a few toddlers required help... and we were more than happy to help out.

you might think why we are letting them seat on the floor but compared to the hot sun outside the cemented floor is actually very cooling. meanwhile while the younger kids were at the doctors the elder children had finished their paintings... here's a look at their work..

 the bright burst of colors.. and their sincere effort to convey their feelings 

i can totally see myself as being one of those mom who stick up their children's kindergarten painting on the fridges and handing it on to those for years to come, safely stored away. But dont you feel all of them are little picassos??

to find out which paintings won, check out part II..


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Half the country

Until about a month or so back i had not even heard of India Conclave. yes that's how submerged i was in my own world. There was an opportunity for me to try an win a seat at the India Conclave-- not that i would have won because there are so many better bloggers then but the thing was i completely ignored it and did not even bother to try. >>__<<


because it was a golden opportunity.. there were so many great speaker and one of the first videos of the conclave i saw was the monologue performance by Kalki Koechlin entiled "Truths of Womanhood". 

It's an intense performance that resonate with each and every women especially for those living in South Asia. When sometimes, you have to think twice about breathing. Yes, essential bodily mechanism, because eyes are lasered on you or rather on your breasts. It transform something as mundane as breathing is an erotic act for a lot of men, Indian or otherwise. Making a woman limit her breaths. How ridiculous is it?? 

As a man, if you ever wanted to know what do woman want or think. Watch the video.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

a women's worth

so it was International Women's Day yesterday....  but really do we really need a designated day to celebrate the female form in all her entirety? Some how it seems to me, having an Women's Day is kinda derogatory, even though on a basic level i understand the good intentions.  I mean - Why a single day in 365 days? The special women in your life should be loved, respected and treasured every single day.  
Photo: Happy Women's day... 

Still anyways.... as people are wont to do, especially in a corporate environment, there were small corporate gestures to commemorate the day. First of during lunch, all the beautiful ladies got a rose and a hand written card. Then we since we had the gorgeous Vidya Balan staying in-house with us, the team thought that it would make our day by clicking a picture with one of India's smartest and talented actress... unfortunately... in real life due her work commitments all 20 ladies ended waiting a fruitless 3 hours for a 5 mins picture session. Post that, it was into yet another meeting room wherein they had organized a thoroughly boring lovely video from some big shots and a few games & quizs, as i tried my level best not to fall asleep... x_X a cake cutting ceremony and some high tea later and some gifts later, it was concluded.
i could have taken pictures and shown you guys if i was using a decent phone...unfortunately i'm not. =__= (think it's time for me to get an iphone soon)... so to compensate... here are the pictures i took at home!! :D

here's a picture me with the rose i got during Lunch... (sorry la... but this post is kinda narcissist, i'm just gonna spam with pictures of me) :P (it get's better later on #pinkypromise)

and i was also lucky enough to be gifted a bouquet of roses by a colleague. :D ... lolol, actually i kinda demanded that i wanted this particular of bouquet and since i was the only female there, i got first gibs, Yea!!! :DD yes, i do pampered in office... hehee
#ps: that's not a sexy mole, it's a fugly pimple that is still drying out...

a picture of all the stuffs i got!!
even though roses are one of my least like flowers, i seem to be getting lots of them.... #smacksforehead, why cant someone get me lilies, orchids, bird's paradise or even a lotus?? #Sighz... Still since i got them, i should at least be happy... anyways it's good feng shi to place fresh flowers around the house...
 a lone rose to brighten up my goldfishes' neighborhood..the empty Ultimate vodka makes such a striking vase... it's not visible from this picture.. --__-- it's a deep marine blue glass

and it's amazing how a simple bouquet of roses can liven up a drab window

but you know what. 

So what if 8th March was Women's day?? While the "Have-s" are busy celebrating with gatherings, Hi-teas and party in posh places when the life of millions of women are in a Limbo. The poverty stricken mother of 3 in the slums of Mumbai who wonders where will she get the money to satiate her children's growling stomach, the widowed grandmother living off the streets Bangalore because her children are not interested in looking after her surviving from handouts outside the temples,  the college girl in Delhi briskly walking and looking over her shoulder ever so often as she walks home after college, and what about the rich trophy wife in California that uses expensive and effective cosmetic items to mask the bruises of domestic abuse, or the frustrated housewife living in Korea keeping house when she's fully qualified to work as a Oncologist yet is not allowed to do so because it would demean the family honor by having a daughter-in-law working Or worse what about the teenager who has experienced atrocities and is jaded with Life... and Humanity.  Because she was sold to a pimp at a tender age of 8 years and lives a life of a modern Slave, living in fear of catching AIDs, not that tonight might be the upteempth time that she will be gang raped for money and she's months away from her 16th birthday.

Having designated day for Women is a facade to delude ourselves "Yea... we womenfolks have come so far, achieved so much and yada yada yada"..... when it is all just a SHAM. Give me a 365 days filled with a kind regard and just equality towards females than a single day filled with balloons, roses, cakes and scone swallowed with freshly squeezed orange juice. Having a head of department sportingly donning a sari will not take away the fact that he might speak in a polite tone to all his females colleagues yet cannot stop his eye's from scanning the new girl and promotes those who are willing with their favors. Because as a close girlfriend of mine says "- "Who run the world?" Not only are women around the world to be remembered for today, everyday we're shuffling!"

on a very serious note; read this New York Times article Food for thought this Sunday morning after the excesses of last night's celebrations

or watch a movie called Eden, released in 2012.see the trailer. it's not a fun and light film, but rather thought provoking and will anger you at the injustice and scope of unavoidable tragic situations of reality

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Month of Love~

So what if it was the last day of Febrary- the last day of month of love?? It's always a reason to smile when one receives a bouquet of roses, especially when it is from a beloved bunch of girlfriends..  :D