Saturday, 31 May 2014

Earwax over brain cells

part of my job requirement is to log on to tripadvisor. Yeah! (y) Anyways besides that fact is i often review reaturants as well and search for new interesting places/restaurant to try out. PLus i love reading other's review... let's just say, it's a good reference source, and came upon the following review:
I always wanted to go to a military hotel that was maintained hygenically. I came across this on tripadvisor and decided to go there on sunday at 1:30 pm(a pretty risky time).

First of all, google maps does not accurately take you there. And do not expect to call and get directions. From JP nagar go towards banashankari bus stop and before you get to the signal it is to your right. The entrance is in the lane and there is a watchman who can help you park your car if there is place.

One can go to this place with their ladies folks too. The best way to get a table is not to pay any of the waiters but to go and stand near a table and wait for the occupants to finish. While it may be rude, it is the best way for everyone as there wont be chaos. The biryani is served fresh and the chicken pieces were really tender. The chicken fry and the chicken chops are extremely tasty too. This was the menu at the time we went. Your bill gets cleared by the waiter (who carries wads of cash) at your table. Two biryanis and two starters set us back by 500 bucks

Best way to avoid crowds is either to to early or take a takeaway.

Strongly recommend going here.
Is this dude like truly serious??? "The best way to get a table is not to pay any of the waiters but to go and stand near a table and wait for the occupants to finish. While it may be rude, it is the best way for everyone as there wont be chaos.'' I mean WTF??
Is he mentally retarded unsound?? Bloody stand next to a table occupied by other guests who are still having their meal staring into their food and them, like some leechy beggers?? What the Heck??
And this guy finds it perfectly ok, or rather the best way to get a table, with his females relatives & perhaps even his children in tow all learning such behavours from him?? What a shameless bugger he is (presumsing he's a he)
Argh..... it's Saturday and im in the office. So forgive my melodramatics, but yeah. That dude seriously needs to clean up his ears of years of accumilated beeswax and give a chance for his braincells to work instead of using his head as as storage cabinet.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fun science

How cool is this??

A phone call from across the Oceans

Just saw this.


while i still don't like drinking coke, i really appreciate this wonderful gesture by Coca Cola. it's a simple thing- a phone call but means so much to the laborers working in extremely difficult environments. A simple hello from a loved give us hope. Hope that today might not be the best of days, but maybe tomorrow it will be better.
And so grateful that even though i know it's just a P.R stunt, the idea was not shot down by the suits of Coca Cola as in prone too as in most big MNCs. 

I know because i have experience a reputed renowned International brand dipping their grubby little fingers into the pockets of their own associates and not paying them their hard earned money simply because the budget was not met. Look it's understandable that business is bad, the freaking economy is going downhill but a flimsy excuse and unethical means of a way to justify the bottom line just shows how little value is placed in human lives.
To the upper management, perhaps 3000rs change is a small amount for you. And indeed it is. For you 3000, is perhaps what you might spend for a glass or two of your favorite drink but unfortunately for the vast majority of your associates, 3000 is almost 35-50% of their salary. And it's money that's required to pay their rent, buy the monthly groceries for his/her family. Hell yeah, for me 3000 is the money i could used to go for my weekly discounted movie & dinner.
All the bullshit of care for associates is Hypocrisy, do i really care that this "X" company feels a need for work-life balance for happy associates = happy guests = happy G.O.P ?? Please, just cut out the crap and at least be truthful. That you don't care. That so long's as the ratings and bottom line's in the clear, it does not matter that the staffs have not gotten their weekly off in close to 2 weeks or that an average shift lasts 12-14hrs. Oh no.... these statistics matter only when the audit is around the corner.  Instead look for loopholes to exploit the underclass.

Who needs to go to Dubai for the horror stories, when reality in our backyard is too close for comfort.

Sheraton Bangalore exploits it's associates. Sheraton Bangalore steals from associate salary.



Thursday, 15 May 2014

He's caught!

It's official. Rajesh Hamal is finally getting married. If you dont know who the hell is Rajesh Hamal is... well i cannot truly blame you much unless you are a Nepali and still dont know him. Well then lemme introduce Rajesh Hamal..
he's an old fart who was and still is the reigning King of Kollywood (Nepali flim Industry). Although his hold on the throne might haven weaken these days.. @_@
but the point is the only Nepali (that i knew) that was very intellectual, tall, handsome (in his heydays) and somewhat rich is finally settling down. I'm just... kinda... sad. I guess.  Not that i had any crush on him.... gracious Lord~ OH NO, but it seemed to me that he might not have appeal to me in that way but i always found Rajesh Hamal to be different, standing out amongst his peers. He always protrayed sincerity in his acting, and even off screen he could easily hold his forte in any discussuion. Definitely not a HIMBO for sure. But reaching the mid-century mark might have finally made him see some sense in getting hitched. >__<
the lucky lady..Madhu Bhattarai
the happy couple..
wishing them a blissful and soon marital life ahead..

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Too Early

Now i been dawdling with the idea of purchasing a new phone for i dont know... a year now? Currently using a basic Nokia phone that's really sturdy and relible plus with DUAL SIM. In fact i'm reminded that i need to buy a new phone only when i'm in a FREE WIFI zone like Starbucks, some non-decrept hotel in Pondicherry, Varkala, fact Everywhere.
So... i decided was still undecided till i hit the "BUY NOW" button and ordered a Moto G (with matching Red cover). Note that till i had entered my credit card details... i was still Confused as hell on which phone to buy as i really dig Moto X over Moto G, coz.... it's good.... because... ummm.... Ok i got swayed by the good reviews of X over G.
and the clarity or watchacallit pixel thingie... Although since my current phone is several generation older, i think Moto G clarity is like superb compared to it. But guess What!! i think i should have hold on to my horse purse  strings coz 1 hour after i bought it on Flipcart... Flipcart announces to the god dam world that they are selling MOTO E. WTF!!! @__@
Moto E, Available Now
and it's just Rs6,999, that's like 50% of Moto G..... in my case, the early bird got the hooo....
okey.. enough whinning... till the next post.. :P


Monday, 12 May 2014

on papers

Guess where i was this weekend?? Dress in formals (well, almost...) to keep myself awake, i was busying taking #selfies in an auditorium for the Karnataka State Open University convocation.. lolol

nope. it was not mine. Just was there with a bunch of friends for moral support.. but it was difficult to stay awake.... Just glad for my supersized jumbo spec, for in the paper the next morning... it's not visiable that i was actually dozing off  >>_<<

 After His Excellency the Mayor of Karnataka dissolved the convocation, (#phew,..finally) i could finally get out for some fresh air.
 Post lunch at the Royal Orchid with it's vibrant  sunny walls it was off to the guest house for a quick change of clothes to head out to the Cavery River where the mates sloshed around for some hydrotherapy..

as i day dreamed.. doesn't the sun hiding behind the fluff of cloud look like little bunny rabbit hopping around?? :D  #dreamy.. believe it or not this picture was not Photoshopped at all.  Love it, it was a beautiful day spent with beautiful peeps around and i'm glad i managed to capture this pic

Watching the pelicans (??) across the river.. 

and i had to take a final selfie as my camera died on me... :P  it was the first time that i went to Mysore and did not visit either the Mysore Palace or see the paintings but nevertheless it was a wonderful weekend trip spent with friends.

#Life is Beautiful.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cooling Down


lolol, not sure how many actually still visit my blog... >_<  Anyways i'm back to Bengaluru from a hectic vacation that had me travelling across Nepal and parts of India. :D will blog more on my said holiday in next post but here's a preview.......

i actually been in town for a week now but was busy catching with friends and "Empress Ki" so..... :P it's super to be in Bangaluru just before the monsoon unleashes it's temper because for the previous 2 weeks i was being baked in the Terai belt of Nepal and roasted in Chennai, Mahabalipuram and Pondicheery. The difference is akin to applying cool aloe vera on my sun burnt skin (like literally... O_O)