Monday, 30 June 2014

Excursions and excuses

Now there have been some challenges in my life primarily my professional life and am in the process of weeding out the unnecessary and negative from my Life as it's too important for me to submerge myself in an environment that's not healthy. :D
Most nights and days... i have a full on bitching program gossipping about each & everything.. And i have come to realise that while i always did have a somewhat mean streak in me... i did not used to have venom sporting out. And truly that's Tragic...
hopefully Soon with a change of scenery i might change for the better.. #fingerscrossed. 
Anyways yesterday i was wondering if to go CUPA but decided not too as unexpectedly a colleague of mine had a forced day off,  and i really wanted to go eat the Best Masale Dose in Town... It's a long running shop in 4th Block, Jayanagar. i dont know the name as it's written in Kannada (local language of Karnataka, India). It's at a junction and oppsite Bata's if you guys wish to go.
But before that i needed to lose some weight and what better way than Donating Blood?? Lolol... ok the worse possible way to lose weight but hell yeah it's for a good cause. They even gave a cute badge and some apples after donating... 
 Since it was the absolute last days of the month, it's yeah to the public buses!! for we have no $$ for the auto!  @__@ wtf, took us 2 hr to reach Jayanagar.... Big traffic all over the city.. But the Dosa was so worth it!!! Meanwhile to avoid a case of the fainting fits, we partook on some apples much to the amusement of our fellow travellers...or perhaps our antics of endless selfies...
but hey... after a change of bus and a quick nap in between we finally reached!! Masale Dose & Mangalorean bajji.. 

Nothing quite like sitting next to the footpath and eating a hot piping Dose with your hands and you can also watch  all the passerby, traffics and on-going sales at the various shops. Btw this is like one of the rare places where it's totally acceptable ( a fav location of regulars) to sit on the footpath & eat. 
 Next it was time for desserts... a short walk to an ice cream & sandwich joint we ordered a fruit salad & ice cream with nuts... 
 was so happy....
Till i tasted it......... @________@ it was a new place.
Reminder for me not to get distracted by long queues..
ps; CUPA is Compassion Unlimited Plus Action is a public charitable trust that works for the welfare of all animals... you can even passively adopt a water buffalo.... emoooniee how cute is that :D

Wednesday, 4 June 2014



about a few days back, i got a mail. From Trip Advisor. It's quite common to receieve one as they keeeeeeep on sending reminders and updates.

But this time, it a letter of congratulations. Oh. Wow. umm... ok.  Nothing earth shattering, just a simple...

Yea!!! Or not. ... Should i be happy?? Boastful?? Err... is it a big deal being one of the Top 10% reviewer for Bangalore?  Anyone else out there who also in the Top 10%?  Which technically would possibly mean i'm just maybe one of top 100-500 reviewers of Bangalore?

As part of Indiblogger, as and whenever i won a contest or even just participated, they have been generous to send a token prize from a neat pendrive or even a classy watch to a Samsung Galery Tab. Here i just got a clinical mass emailer.
This just makes me feel so insignificant.