Sunday, 20 July 2014

EOSS window shopping

It's already mid-July and all the shops have huge SALE written all over the place...But what if you like wearing new clothes but truly do not need any more clothes due to dearth of wardrobe space?? 

Well let me onto my secret... i love Shopping. But what i LOVE even more is just the process of trying on new clothes and taking selfies basically window shopping...This evening i took a walk around the mall and did just what a girl' gotta do...

1 went to 3 different shops to get 3 looks..

First, a casual weekend look... i think it would go well for a lunch date as well.. jeans of course is optional... but in India... advisable. The dress is from chemistry, with peek-a-boo back and retailing at 1690rs/-

Next up is Mod look... a chic modern interpretation. it''s fitting to wear for a late brunch and maybe even a bit of dance in the early evenings. The neon pink Jacket (rs2990) and high waist shorts(rs1990) with side detailed zip are from Zara, while the tee is my own..

the third & last look is my favourite of the 3. But it's not exactly suitable for any odd day... when i saw this dress, i thought this is a dress it would super for a ROM day or maybe a sweet 16 celebrations.  It's a beautiful high beaded collared dress with an A-line flare.I forget the brand, lol, behind it's available in Debehams, located behind Red herrings collections. It's a lovely price to match it.... rs8990

So which look do you like best?

Friday, 18 July 2014

really?? Rampant desires..

as a member of the social networking community called meet-up, i often get alot of status updates..this morning i got yet another one... at a glance, i though it as "Art of Loving Make-up" and though oohhh how cool..i mean which girl does not need more make up tips???
till i opened the link......
there are so many things wrong with this. Call me Prude, and trust me i'm no innocent, but let's just break it down and ayalize this meet-up description. btw, you are free not to waste your time to continue reading.... dont say i did not warn you guys...
"Let's come together to uncover our innate sense of togetherness to enrich our relationships".... How does meeting fellow enthuastics help in enriching one's relationships? I thought a relationship (as in couple relationship) consisted of 2 individuals. Or maybe 3 if the marriage is on the rocks, coz the therapist will be an important aspect of it.
"Let's explore and discover what it takes to renew, re-charge and re-kindle true love in relationships"... O......k. Sound innocuous enough.. men & women do that all the time, mostly women.. it's called Girl Talk aka bitching about the partner. Lets face it every woman does it, and many times even men.
"Let's take it beyond a relationship of convenience or contract to one of commitment and companionship." ...Woah. A relationship of convenience or contract? So now a virtual group is also required for a booty call? oh i'm sorry, it's to take a booty call to a next level by injecting (pardon the pun) some sort of commitment into it? I thought the reason why the concept of "friends with benefits" works was that it involved different entities to fulfil their physical need for intimacy without the strings that a proper relationship required. You know the simple things like remembering birthdays, being considerate of the others feelings etc.
The last line is pretty detailed and minces no words to what the meet-up group is all about...just in case, some naive lamb might be thinking it could be how to improve one's relationships.."We can meet once a week (preferably a week-end) at the residence of one of the members, by turn, to engage in facilitated sharing and exploring, and holding each other to grow our significant relationships to a level where partners find completeness in themselves." So basically a group of people all interested in exploring their limitations on lust and hopefully engage in orgasmic sex with one another, turn by turn, in everyone's places during the weekends... Wow... that's seems like a shout-out to like-minded souls interested in orgy sessions.
still in shock
i dont know if i should be more shocked by the following article... Gulzar Khan is a 54yr old man with a mission to procreate an emtire army. Nah, i just made that up, he's 54 yrs, husband of 3 wives (not an eyebrow raising issuse) with 36 children. Yes, that's 3-6, Thirty-six kids and he still wants more.
I dont think he feels an obligation towards contributing to either the Taliban insurgents or Pakistan Army personnel. Rather in his own words... "I do not indulge in adultery and sinful acts so I satisfy my natural desires lawfully by marriage," but his wives seem to have taken a stand against his virile manhood as Khan "" was not satisfied and needed more of it -- I mean the love-making," so he's planning to get a forth wifey because "They(Khan's 3 wives) do not allow Khan to go near them, but he have desires he want to fulfil."  (like creating an entire nation ????)
Some health issues like heart attack or ulcers are no obstacles against his happiness for he is "happy only when he perform his conjugal rights."
Mr. Khan with some of his children.
Anyways..... it's their choice on how they would want to live their life. i meant no harm or insult (yeah right) on these poor brethrens... they must have lost their minds or sanity or balls this is just me 2 cents worth.
as for me... i'm just gonna go back to wearing my FCUK pink tinted sunglasses and pretend a sane world exist.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Beach bag

Hello July has offically started and so has the end of season Sales!! Went to Zara yesterday...
and spied a lovely shopper bag in peach tone with a canvas material..
it even goes well with another top i saw..
and it's on SALE. With a mini pouch as well...But why the h!!! does it have a magnetic button instead of a proper zipper?? i dont get it. If such a bag is made and it's even called a shopper bag so i guess we are supposed to for shopping or to the beach with it...but how does a girl go out carry the universe in her purse yet the purse itself is not secure.
imagine a girl is walking down the road and she trips... now the humilations would be ok if it was her tripping but What is she trip and spills out the contents of her bag??? the horrors of having to pick up lipstick after lipgloss, not to forget wallets (yes in pural coz 1 is simply not enough), pens, paper, mobile and other miscellanous items like i dont know maybe hand cream, perfume etc etc... So why would anyone design a ladies bag and not include a zipper to hide all her secrets?? Remember the S&C2 scene wher Samantha drops the contents of her purse??.
So why??? Anyways i'm still on the fence. Should i buy the purse?? Umm......

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

All dressed up

the previous weekend was a friend's wedding reception and i had to go..  Rather i chose to go, even though it was raining, even though i had no date or someone to accompany me. Because she is a dear friend of mine and i wanted to be there physically to wish her on her wedding day.

Took me like forever to start getting ready before i finally managed to spray on some perfume and walk out of the door, with my keys inside... #smacksownforehead

In unfamiliar area, it took us (me and the cab driver) some time before we reached the venue (thank God for GPS and auto drivers) Note the rain had tickled down to a drizzle with puddles of water everywhere making it almost an obstacle course for me in a borrowed heavily embodied sari that seemed to me about to loosen and slip off me...
I entered the hall with everyone's attention on me... oh well, a gal cant help it if she's so strikingly different from everyone else. :P
as it was my first time attending a South Indian wedding reception, i had no idea what to expect. I saw the bride and groom on stage with a camera crew and lights all fixed on them, and i wondered ??? wth? Seeing me dazind, a sweet old lady gently pulled me along to the stage to meet them, and then. i understood the setup. The groom & bride along with the maid of honour and best man (plus other??) just stand there customarily and wait for everyone to come & greet them to- Yes!, take pictures!! Oh boy.. What torture on one's wedding day..... ://

After 3 clicks, i had to leave as there were more people in the queue behind waiting for their turn. Only thing was, instead of sitting down for a traditional vegetarian dinner on a banana leave, i called up my cab driver and told... "i'm leaving, can u come. pronto."
well that was not the first time i went somewhere just to show my face, but what really cracked me up was that the driver hesitantly asking..."Madam, ..err you dont eat food in a Hindu wedding is it??" omo...if he only knew...
while i took the liberty of explaining the reason why i had gone just to give my sincere congratulations, i dont think he was quite satisfied with that answer. Lol.  'Coz i done give a shit. Whatever.
Anyways came home and realised... darn it. I forget to take selfies with the Bride. Shoot it!! whatever... here's a selfie of me.. :P

Monday, 7 July 2014

Mangalore ~ almost

a long time ago... in June 2014..

The past weekend, on a slow moving train out of Bangalore i went towards Mangalore to attend a friend's small family function.
While the rest of the gang enjoyed fried rice for dinner... i was happy with starting off with desserts first.. of some pista flavoured ice cream. (Nice at 25rs. Cant remember the brand though.. but quite can't beat Magnum..>_<)

i skipped dinner in the cafe as i had packed my own dinner for the journey! Buff chips in chicken waiwai.... #yummy

After numerous snacks of maddur, alternating cups of chai, coffee, water chips, vada,  juice throughout the journey...

 i was close to pulling out my hair in boredom only broken by short bursts of narcissist selfie shots,


Finally the train screeches to a halt in a sleepy town of Mulki and we alighted. There was more staff in & around the station then the passengers. For a moment... i actually had flashbacks of dead towns in mid-western US complete with balls of hay dust flying around.. magnified only by what had happened a few minutes before alight when i was taught to remember amigo telephone no by heart... #oh no  but it was just my active imaginations. Took a auto ride to the hotel. Which is a generous courtesy to call the lodge.

Given that there does not seem to be much options in Mulki/Udupi and the rooms was actually decent. Spacious and clean, with two large bed to fit 4 with A/C & Tv even if the surrounding area was a little seedy looking. A great deal for Rs1000/-. :D  besides between staying in a highway for easy accessibility or near the beach we decided to stick where it would be easier for us to travel around. Although there are quite a few options on Malpe beach such as the Paradise Isle, a more expensive option.

Choosing instead to have lunch there and spend the day at the beach. Paradis Isle Beach Resort is a lush leafy build-up area with a prominent liking for the mer-maids, apsaras and cats.

Sitting in one of the cabanas, we had an opportunity of being in an ironic situation of ordering non-veg dishes from a vegetarian server. @__@ In a restaurant that did not have much to offer beside butter chicken or other typical fare. We had come for the chilly crabs but it was not availble. Neither was boiled rice. in the end we just order for some prawn chilly and fries to start off. Which were superb.
That was about the only thing that was nice because the fish curries.... was regrettable and truly forgettable. Anyways post Lunch and gulping down a glass or two of chilled Shandy in the shade,

and watching all the jantas (people) having fun around we too decided to go for a dip i even bought new chappals for the beach..

and it was a fun 5 mins of standing in the water as the waves teased and tormented us..
Unfortunately due to the strong waves it was advised for me to not to play in the sea anymore to avoid undue attention to me.. #BigSigh, i too agreed, for this was not Goa or Gokarna with the more laid back beach goers. With peaceful resignation as i sat with as much grace (as it's possible sitting upon a rock) away from the sea, the waves seemed to come closer & closer and.... in a split second, i was drenched more sitting down out of the sea than play in the sea. i was wetter than a drowned rat. wtf
after taking a long shower with no soap and forced to wring out excess water and wear the same clothes... i think we all deserved some great substances.. and what else is better than fresh seafood by the sea?? We sat a shanty shop and ordered for deep fried prawns, in a simple heavily colored batter with a side of spicy tomato chutney. 4 of us, each had a plate each at a cost of just Rs100 per plate. :D :D :D :D In fact we finished the entire stock of prawns in the shop. LOlol.. we are a bunch of seafood lovers.
Not satisfied, we also ordered err. more fish. hehe, noticed the hands by the edges, dying to dig in?

post that it was definitely time to head back for a nice long shower and rest....Except, we alighted in  stretch of road devoid of our hotel. wtf we forget the exact name of the place where we were staying and had alighted further off. by the time we reached our lodge it was time for dinner at a friend- Ss' place for some perfectly conjured Mangalorean cuisine. We had chicken shukka with idiyappam, Kori gassi with boiled rice and to finish off the meal a refreshing glass of kele hashale..unfortunately no pics... :'( it was dark... (was in farm house in a lush forest like area)

anyways i was too busy

We had barely gone to bed when it was time too head off again to "S" home for his son's naming ceremony... took our own sweet time to get ready as there was 4 of us and 1 bathroom...

meanwhile by the time everyone of us had gotten ready and waiting for our ride we thought of having a cuppa Kappi to wake us up along with yet of more Mangalore delicies in the nearby eatery..lolol... the kappi... #horrible... However the Mangalore bajji  and something Magalore Bhuji was Fantastic! ok... i dont remember the names.. lol

then it was time to head off where we spent many a minute decorating the place... i.e, blowing up balloons with an uncanny ability to burst while i was blowing it up. Right in my face.  I was sure there were better things to carrying stuffs around..
Or  taking pictures- which is a much better idea..
 and more pictures.. with the star of the family.. baby A
with everyone.

or maybe just plain ol'food as we were not quite allowed to leave without having food. (it's an Asian thing) we had a typical breakfast of Sanna, sambar and coconut chutney. all painstaking and lovingly handmade by S mom/wife/sister etc..

then it was off to Mangalore. For we had to catch a bus back to Bangalore even though we could have caught a bus back right where we were. Which icaus why it's so important too have a fellow companions who are a right match to travel with. 

I went to Mangalore to catch a bus back to Bangalore.