Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday bluezz...


What a day!! It's a Sunday but i have soo much to do... @_@

First order of the day was applying mendhi that a roomie had lovingly prepared for me...

then the next task after outing sitting out in the sun for 10-15mins was to..

 Simultaneously watching May Queen a 2013  Korean drama serial on my bedroom and Lord of the Rings prequel_ Hobbit out in the living room.
 As if it was not tiring enough to be running back & forth, between video buffering and commercial breaks i was also stuffing my face with Waiwai & tea eggs. 

 Damm it's a difficult life. Thank god, i have just enough port wine to help me relax ....lolol...

Everyone enjoy the weekend! 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

K-D ~ May Queen


annyeonghaseyo! Guys do you enjoy watching Korean drama like me?? After a slump there has been a sudden inflex of quality dramas. I am currently watching 'It's OK, It''s Love', "Fated to love you"(Korean version) and "May Queen".
The first two are ongoing shows. I enjoy watching It's OK, It's Love simply because they have some great OST tracks. Showcasing gems like the Twins Forks "You cross my mind", Passenger "Let her go" and even Queen's "Best Friend". But as a drama I love “Fated to love you” due to the chemistry with the actors that has sparks off all over. Super love!!

I have a grouse though…unlike Indian serials that run through the weekdays, Korean serials just air 2 measly shows a week. Darn! @#%^& Which makes me search on for re-caps or hunt for a older serial that has already ended like May Queen.
Omo it’s a bloody fantastic serial I tell yea, especially the acting from the child actors are superb! And of course there is Korea’s most talent child actor- Kim Yoo Jung.  From the popular "Moon Embracing the Sun"
Check it out. I have no wish to be a spoiler but the script is pretty decent so far (i'm still at esp 4) and the skills of this tweens… whew!! #Hatsoff


Friday, 29 August 2014

lunches & doggy bags

you might know that i have another blog called Living to Eat in which i blog of all things food...mostly restaurant reviews, recipes and food trivia etc..but mostly what i'm eating.. hehe... while others might have moved on to instragram as a platform to post their pictures i still prefer blogs..mostly in a paradoxical way.. a blogging platform allows me the freedom to not only post pictures and scribe long winded vindication but also give a sense of anonymity as though blogs might public unless directed otherwise, the likelihood of someone on the other end of a terminal stumbling into my site is less. Additionally the guest would probably have a minute more interest in what i'm writing  rather than randomly seeing one picture to another with a pause or thought. the age old comparison of quality or quantity. 

lolol. what a long winded explanation when i just wanted to post on something else entirely. lolol.. my fast just recently concluded! yah!! if you have not seen it here are the links part 1 , part 2 and part 3. IF you are just to lazy to click here's a preview of my bento  boxes..

Do you carry your own lunch boxes to office/college/ as well?? Many people assume wrongly that everything is so rushed in the morning and one hardly has time to sit down & eat breakfast let alone prepare a proper balanced lunchbox. I say that's just plain wrong, it's a matter of managing time and being selective on the food you wish to prepare. Rice is the easiest to prepare for you will not need to constantly pay attention to it. Neither does steaming or pressure cooking methods need frequent attention. i love crunchy vegetables that are stir fried or grilled.

With the majority of the workforce spending upwards of 50odd hours working every week, it's imperative that we take care of our health. Salad bars, yoghurt stands might be increasingly gaining popularity but the fact of the matter is... It's is still massed produced, with a heavy dose of taste enhancing ingredients be it natural or synthetic. a simple lunch consisting of fried rice/pasta/bagel or even just a bottle of milk, fruits & nuts is more nutritious.

and you know what's important as well?? The carrier in which you carry  your lunch box. For it is the start of you meal..the visual appeal of the bag would either put you in the mood for a fantastic home made meal, or not. While wondering around Safina plaza, i came across this cute tote cotton bag that's just perfect... and it's cost only 100rs... no more boring Tupperware carry bags or worse doggy bags..

so are you going to start taking your own lunch box to office?? Or at least try??

Monday, 25 August 2014

You are mine..oh green little..

I am a big fan of coffee, the offensive and  main culprit accounting for my bloated gassy stomach.. with my preferred brew is usually a potent shot of Illy. Most of my colleague got pretty excited when Starbucks opened but unfortunately, while it was good... (yay to the whipped cream & soy milk), it didn't impress me much.

However Starbucks does serve better coffee than CCD, and the Mocha Frappacino & Salmon w/Cheese S/W had a fan in me...thus more often than not, i was in Starbucks. Somehow my team also found means & excuses to celebrate tea time in Starbucks. In must be that, it was simply going to be just a matter of time before i signed myself up for the Starbucks coffee passport... all for the sake of the free tumbler at the end of 20 different beverages over 60 days.

I will be honest. It was not easy. And i did not do it all alone. In fact many times, i have pestered my friends, office mates & even badgered my room mates till they actually bought a coffee out of the passport... My 42 days fast smack in the middle of the validity simply made things even more challenging. Still i persisted... and in the process becoming a bit of an (in)famous celebrity in the neighborhood Starbucks outlet for my coffee passport was littered with names of those whom i persuaded to buy a coffee, (for themselves of course)... @_@

Till i got the prerequisite 20 stamps..

haha #moreevillaughter, "You are mine! Oh you little green tumbler!!"  #achievement of the quarter!!

and i must thank apoorva for buying the last coffee... yes, even the last cup i made someone else buy. Lolol.....

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

North West India & Single Lady Travellers

in the coming month, i have tentatively planned to go  North West India, mostly a fun tour disguised as a part pilgrimage, simply because 2 of my friends stay within 4hrs from one another & i would love to finally pay my Darshan (view with respect) at Amritsar's magnificent Golden Temple, benevolent VishnoDevi & a walk through the serene monastery at Dharmasala...

The Golden Temple 1920x1080 Wallpaper # 61
However as the pre-planning stuffs are ongoing- it does not help matters that a decent amount of cash was stolen from my room... nor does reading up articles like Safety Tips for Women travelling alone in India help (at all!!).  Although i must say, i am not really interested or planning to travel 1000 odd kilometres in North India alone but still reading up as a precautionary note. >_<'' 

But... i'm off to buy a pepper spray... :D


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Musings of a mouse

You know for someone so fussy and opinionated on how things are lacking... i am ashamed to confession to make. I have zero artistic talents. yes. it's zilch. Zer-oh..

i love art mostly paintings though i do appreciate a good piece of statue or even a piece of Ming dynasty porcelain but for the life of me i cant paint to save my gorgeous butt. case in example..

Sigh... yet while watching one of the show during the Bangalore Fashion Week... i was complaining soo very much. In fact nagging. Silly nonsense like, the stitching is not proper, they did no jiffy the clothes, the models are walking wrong... etc etc... yet i have Nothing to base it on. I still remember in my home education classes when i had difficulty sewing a straight line... or even recently when while attempting to iron my brand new Kurta, i burned it~ well slightly... oh boy was the amigo mad on me for that but that's another story..

Over a glass of chilled milk, i pondered over my did i do that.. the bitching during the BFW (Bangalore Fashion Week) when i myself have no talent to speak off.. And it is not just me.. everyone else does it too. Even one of my most enlightened mate who mediates at least 2-3hrs every freaking day (not that mediating makes you magically wiser..but- one gets the point)... Is there some sort of physiological need for us to degrade others..some sort of Freudian  logic??

And what is it about humans that loves to bitch & gossip about others?? i once read an article on the positive effects of gossips.. how information are passed on with greater speed, and not only does it increases bonding between those gossiping but also endorphins- the feel good hormones are released. Is our insecurity about our self the reason why we love like to put others down consciously or even sub-consciously so that we may feel better of our Ego??? Is that what i am? An insecure person, trying to feel good by putting other downs, pretending to be some sort of expert?? 

Humm...just nonsensical musings over a gloomy Sunday..

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Skandagiri walk

Friday afternoon i decided i wanted to go out to nature and do something, preferably maybe a short trek since i had an entire weekend off... Kumta to Gokarna trek was the most appealing, unfortunately a fellow enthusiastic was on entertaining duty. :( Another had to house-sitting duty... well too bad... as i wanted to introduce both to one another..

in the end it was just me & amigo. thus instead of a weekend trek a much easier and closer to home. a google search for short treks around Bangalore led to a list of 10 places of which Shavandurgar and Skandagiri interested me. Over a cup of badam milk, we sat to discuss how we would go about it, and in fact also finalizing on which one we would actually attempt. Shavandurgar seemed the most likely but then it was not too advisable during the rains, so i threw out the suggestion of climbing Skandagiri perhaps. Everyone agreed, it sounded good and it was a beautiiful. Then came the pause. and the But. "It's a beautiful place but ... there's a lot of rape cases" ..... Dawg... what's the matter with the Indian men... the word rape is thrown and flashed across each and every media outlet. It's so overwhelming that i will stop for now.

So off we went off the next day to Skandagiri. Reaching the foothill took a longer time as it was 65kms away with the traffic. But alas we reached and we passed by groups of fellow hikers who had climbed the previous night and climbed down after sunset.. @_@ 

The path goes on for some time... maybe 0.5-1km till you come to this..and take a left

it's a residential area on one side and agriculture fields on the other side. In the midst of the backyard, there's a cute little birdhouse..#spying

till one comes to the base of the hill. You will know it when u find yet another small parking lot full of bikes. Start climbing up what looks to be dried rivulet bed stream. As the path is quite visible, there is not much confusion, plus there are several markers. Midway you will find the entrance of a cave. Since i am not too much a fan of creepy looking places, so i did not go exploring... hehe.. think it's safer to jump off a plane with Q.A. parachute. Beside's there are tales of pythons living in the caves..

Soon after, you will come to a landing thinking it's the summit but don't be fooled. Instead take a good deep breath of the fresh air and munch on some snacks for energy. When i went... it was gloomy cloudy day, threatening to break into a  downpour but didn't. Perfect weather.. Cloudy and cool for a hike.

I had packed some homemade fried chura (rice puffs), a lightweight and filling option not to mention a far cheaper alternative than muesli bars. We rested for 15 odd mins..

Just loved the weather.... the cool breeze and dark overcast skies..

but this was not the summit.... @_@ there was another 10-15mins gentle uphill walk to the summit.. where i totally forget to take pics.. -__- err...i was busy praying so that's a very good excuse! lolol, as usual going downhill is way faster and easier, but i had to stop and take a pic of this lovely wild fact i even pluck a few to plant in a pot at home..

If you are tired, this message would be sure to give a burst of energy.

at the foothills.. a herd of desi Cows..

all of them looked so similar... which is a little strange as there does tend to be some differences in the coat/build but not this herd. This calf looks so much similar to it's mama.. i know because we used to keep several cows in the village

the last turn before the highway... it's quite noticeable as there is a bayan tree on either side as if guarding the entrance.

Post the refreshing hike, it was soon time for an indulgent lunch... i had 2 plates of fresh fruits (fasting)

while amigo has an entire plate of chilly chicken and 2 paratas...

we even had a bit of company...

so how was the little hike? Well it was more of a pain reaching there on bikes than to actually climb up. The hike itself was uneventful with average views of the plains below. There is a cave midway, the entrance mostly hidden by shrubs & foliage. It's a life saver if one is caught in a sudden downpour although locals say snakes & samadi's reside there. There are 2 routes to the top, one passing through vegetation and other through rocky terrain. It's preferably to go through the green route as paths are clearly visible and safer option.

At the summit, there is a small Shiva temple in ruins which is frequently used by night hikers to shelter from the elements. in fact this hike is more popular for it's night treks as the sunrise, Deccan plateau, Ghats and nearby Nandi hills view from the top is quite beautiful and hike-worthy.

It’s technically closed off for night treks but groups were seen coming downhill in the early morning. It takes appx 1hr to 2hr to reach summit in the day, slightly longer at night. Recommended to bring along at least 1L water per person plus shoes with strong grip. For night hikes, needless to say, warm clothing, torch lights, a decent camera and other essentials. Firewood are easily available but not necessarily dry wood. Everyone could be responsible and burn off rubbish instead of littering.

Just after coming to the main highway, there’s a small canteen, next to the fruit stall that has a pretty good chicken curry and rice. In fact, I might come to hike to Skandagiri again just to whet my appetite for lunch.