Thursday, 25 September 2014

Rice bucket

Ongoing initiative in office... we are collection rice donations to give during Navratri...

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

10 books, a lifetime

-You might have seen the latest chain going viral in Facebook... No not the Ice bucket challenge nor the Desi Indian orgin Rice bucket challenge but rather the Top 10 books link...

Basically what happens is that you get nominated by someone to list out your 10 books that has affected you in your life and then re-post it:

Well i got nominated... not surprising since i do have a wide circle of friends who love reading.. but i kinda ignored i tend to forget authors name...lolol but when i got nominated again.. it did spike my interest. Additionally as i started reading others top 10 books... it made me realize there some books that seems to be universally loved yet alot more which i have no clue about..  It made me come to the awareness that there are people who still read, and many do so in the traditional way.. with actual copy of a book (never mind if it's a pirated version) and it's a art, a way of life that should be preserved.. Therefore i am continuing the chain just so the art of reading books does not die out…lolol it sounds like i am doing a favor to mankind lor... haha
But to list out 10 books that have affected me. Gee.. That’s so difficult as each & every book I have read has affected me. For some novels I will stop my life just to continue reading, yes even bunking college & work just so that I can continue reading. Others… I just want the darn book to be finished! I have been know to finished entire shelf of books on vacation, to the extend of tuning out my fellow travelers lost in my own dream world stopping only to sip on beer and rest my eyes... Then there are some copies that I can barely read a paragraph before I flung it away in disgust.. 

Given that I do tend to read voraciously with no regards to authors or genre I truly cannot remember which are the top 10 books that have impacted my life…however these are the 10 books which I am willing to re-read over and over again for the simple pleasure it entrails.

In alphabetical order…

Belgarid series (David Eddings)

Bhagavad Gita (Sage Veg Vyasa)

Perform Your Obligatory Duty by bhagavad-gita Picture Quotes

Hunchback of Notre dame (Victor Hugo)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame | Victor Hugo

Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)

Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens)

Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

Second Sex (Simone de Beauvoir)

Front Cover

Thousand splendid suns (Khalid Hosseini)

Tibetan Book of Living & Dying (Sogyal Rinpoche)

Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)

Now it seems I have to nominate 10 people whom I know have done their fair share of reading, some just coz i do wish to know what are your top 10 books....And i did... on fb... lol

If you guys decide to do this then..remember to nominate 10 of your friends for this challenge to keep this chain alive and hopefully so that others too will know of any hidden gems !!