Friday, 24 October 2014


First off this is totally a personal note to myself for future reference...thus never mind if i sound whinny or childish coz i know i am behaving kiddishly but im not gonna disregard my own feelings, i got to put in a reminder for myself.

Since quitting i have wondered what was the depth of emotional connection that i have formed after working for close to 4 years in single company. As admin, people used to request me for favors and i would like to think that i have done so partially without due consideration of selfish benefits. Some of these ex-colleagues have been there right from the beginning, others are new additions. In all honesty i would be lying if i said i was not affected when i became the first person for whom they did not bother to have a mini farewell as is typically but then i did kind of expect it even my lack of faith in people. For everyone else i did my best to ensure that for their birthdays & farewell, something or the other was organized yet for me... Yeah. Thanks mates! #sacartisticlevel1000XX

If that was not enough... a few days later they held a diwali party and i was not even invited. i meant Duh... after all i was no longer part of that team but hello! we had a working relationship and u guys did not even give a farewell party so least u could have done was at least offer an invitation! This just goes to show how shallow the working environment was and how right was my decision was. To not waste my time on fake people and ridonculious management style.

Monday, 20 October 2014

What not to wear for an Interview

Some months ago i had gone for a random interview and i saw this young lady dressed up to the nines... perhaps she forgot the universal memo of how not to dress for an interview. Or maybe i'm just envious of her get-up..

what do u think?

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Plains of Jalandhar & hills of McLeodgunj

After my amazing trip to Amritsar, it was off to Jalandhar where i crashed over at my friends crib and move onwards to Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Jalandar is a town midway between Chandiargh and Amritsar, a town full of imported cars and hospitals on every street, where both diary products and sugar are cheap & plentiful...

Home made lunch was superb, esp since it was Oman and my friend is orginally from God's Own Country~ Kerala. #yummy!!
Since my trip was leaning towards a pilgrimage than a tourist trip, i had to drop by the Devi Talab Temple in Jalandhar dedicated to Goddess Durga and one of the 51 Shakthi pithas situated throughout Indian sub-continent. Mata Sati's right breast is said to have fallen as Shiva carried her corpse in despair.  Many devotee actually start the pilgrimage to Vishno Devi Temple from here. It's pretty big area with numerous temples structures inside including a model of Amarnath Yatra... it is said it's beautiful especially during the evening and it's true. 

The famous Devi Talab Temple is situated in the heart of Jalandhar city, just 1 km from the railway station. It is believed to be more than 200 years old. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is one of the 51 Shakthi pithas in India. The image of Lord Shiva that is enshrined herein is called Bhisan Bhairav. Devi Talab Temple has been renovated recently and a number of changes have been made to the old structure. Also, a new temple has been constructed within the temple premises. Even a model of Amarnath Yatra was constructed sometime back only. Can't help but point out... check out the inspiration from where Madonna might have gotten her pointy corset idea..#god(ness) forgive me #amituofo

We sat by the man made lake and took in the atmosphere.. There are numerous fishes and my friend was telling that some time back some idiot actually poisoned the water and killed the fishes. #cursethatmurderer... but thankfully after draining out the water and adding in new fishes... all is good now.. The temple is also famous for the annual 'Hariballabh Sangeet Sammelan' held every December.
after darshan it was time for Dinner!! Since my friend's dad runs an South Indian restaurant in Jalandhar it was S. Indian cuisine... I travelled all the way to Jalandhar to eat Mysore Dosa... :D lolol
well how was it?? Umm... it was my first time eating Mysore Dosa and it seemed to consist of equal parts, chopped onions, coconut and potato fillings. I dont think i would re-order this anytime soon... as savory coconut and raw onions are just not me...
Meanwhile my friend had ordered the Uttampam and it was quite light & tasty..

To finish off we went in search of some ice cream to cool down... :D :D

The next morning it was time to head off on our journey with both her mom & pop accompanying us.. First off it was off to ati's feet fell at Chintpurni Devi temple as local folk lore mentions that any  Devi tritha had to start from here. An interesting ancidote that is Chinnimastika Devi - means 'The Goddess without a Head' as she had  cut it off to assuage the blood thirst of her companions. Ironically as per one of the the 51 Shakthi pithas, Sati's feet is said to have fallen off here..Wow.. It's located at the hilltop and crowded with Devotees who come to pray and ask for boons.

Unfortunately it was also the start of an eye opening journey for me to see the corruption that goes on is the sacred grounds. As usual pundits pay attention to you only when u have a minimum of 100rs in your hand.. 

Devotees tie up strings & charms as wishes in & around the trees...

Since there was a saying that prasad from Chintpurni Devi should not be taken out of the premises all of us sat down under the shade to finish the prasad...i saw a family feeding 9 kanyas... it's a ritual conducted after the fulfillment of a boon/wish typically after the nine nights of Navratri.
After this was a quick detour to the room.. we stay at Vatika Hotel next to Chamunda Temple before we girls headed off too McLeod jung via Dharmasala..

and the first thing we did upon reaching Mcleod gunj... was to order a plate of steaming momos! unforunately veggie but's still momocha!! from the highly recommended Mclio restaurant right smack in the middle of a noisy, crowded was blah!! Lonely planet ur recommendation has failed me.. :((

in fact the street side momo was way better... and 3X cheaper at 30rs and came in a variety of fillings from cabbage to potato..tomato chutney was good!!

The two foodies were actually eating after all that momo and walking to the Namgyal monastery~where no cameras were allowed inside. Simple place compared to the monasteries back home in Nepal. Surprising since i thought the Dalai Lama actually preach here?? heh non? Or was it the Zilnon Kagye Ling Monastery?

After the monastery we took a walk towards the Bhagsu Temple and waterfall. The Bhagsu temple is.... not much in all honesty but it doesnt hurt anyone to pay darshan to God does it? So if you are on your way to the waterfall just step in, bow your head a little and say a short prayer of gratitude or whatever.. dnot forget to leave your shoes outside. After that it's a 10-15mins walk uphill to the waterfall... dont be afraid... go up. And further up..enjoy the view

There a small stretch where you would have to climb a rock and then you will see it.

Gorgeous waterfall with clean clear Freezing water... even the smell is soo divine! i felt i was back home in the mountains!!

we enjoyed a hot cuppa masala chai... or rather i did.. :D at the world's end.

and watched this young lady jump into the water... repeatably..  got a sneek pick of her assets also as she was not too bothered about undergarments...ahem...
Then it was time to head back to the hotel where uncle & aunty were waiting for us...but only before i ate a found of Laping...arrowroot noodles... i kinda dragged Geet all over saying let's just have 1 bowl and she willingly went along, even though she was like La-ping? Laughing? ?? X_X'' but our efforts paid off as we found it!! it's sold only but the road side no restaurant sell but which is a shame.

 check out my crazy hair in the evening light.... ohh.. rainbows..

Just as we were about to take a ride back we noticed this and had to take a closer look..

look at all the yummy looking cakes...

but i settled for a plain old vanilla mix ice cream.. :D

next post on the darshan of all the devi temples in Kangra district..........

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Land of the Golden Temple

i remember sitting drenched with my own sweat in front of my monitor bored & frustrated of my job in 2010 for the A/c was switched off yet again due to load shedding. And wishing to cross over the river to India and maybe find a job. Well... it's been years now since i not only crossed the river (border) but traveled even further down to the shinning city of Bangalore. As i found myself itching to move forward in life, i remembered a promise that i had made to myself~ to visit the Golden Temple should i ever find a decent job in India, and felt it was time to fulfill my own promise.

The fact that two of my friends happened to be in the area combined with a on-going promotion by Air asia and a quick check with the Big Boss to get permission for leave had me hopping in eagerness to Finally go to Punjab where Amritsar is located (along with all the hot hunks >_<'')...

Visited the Priority pass lounge in the airport and it's actually worth the price should ur flight be delayed by 3-4hrs.. they have several food stations and bars... but the sandwich & pastry... x__X 

 before long i was in the aircraft eating yet another sandwich/roll - which was again a disappointment.

Chandigarh was warm and humid, even at 7 in the evening..i had a few hours transit and spend it most on Sector 21/25 apparently the shopping district where i bought these lovelies for Rs150/- 

before heading off to sector 43 to collect my luggage and board a late night bus to Amritsar. It's not that common for me to miss my bus/train and while chit-chatting with my friend, we missed the bus. Darn due to gossiping we were delayed by 10mins and the bus had left dot on time. That was the first time that buses actually left on schedule and it had to be my bus.... -__-' With no other choice we simply waited for the next one scheduled to leave at 2am. Hell & dammnation!! Thank god we did not miss it but oh boy was i in store for a surprise..

Now as some of my readers might be aware i have got Butts. And thighs.. Bottilicious buns and thunder thighs... who the hell knew i would be so distracting to the bunch of assholes that their entire attention and time would be spent ogling at my assets. Bastards. Even though i was tired and jet-legged with all the traveling, it was too uncomfortable to fall alseep as i'm wont to do. I did managed to doze off, only to wake up sometime around twilight to find those creeps watching porn on their phone. I know, coz they were sitting diagonally in front of me and i saw a glimpse of the video. Trust me after that, all i could actually think of hoping to reach Amritsar asap and trying my best to quell my fears of the recent spat of rapes in moving vehicals that was happening all cross India, particularly the Nirbanya case at the same time wondering if it would be a good idea to wake up my friend or not...

Thank God, the bus came to a painful screeched and we jumped off. We reached Amritsar and it was just a matter of a 5mins rickshaw ride till we came face to face to the Harmandir Sahib..and what a sight it was.

But first thing first, we had to cover our heads for once again we were attracting too much attention for not paying heed to the rules...

 Amazing. The atmosphere is so serene. We spent approximately about 3-4 hours taking the beautiful surrounding, paying darshan to the main temple in a short queue of just 1 hour as dawn broke before finally settling down for some tea and a simple meal at the guru ka langar (community kitchen). The langar at Harmandir temple serves a simple vegetarian meal to over 100,000 people regardless of social barriers like caste, creed, race, gender or religion. It is free and the mammoth operation runs solely on the goodwill of volunteers & sewadar and donations. As a Punjabi, my friend was telling me of how common it is for her family to be either donating various vegetables/rice/cereals or volunteering time to help in the preparation of the food.
It's more than just a free meal. It's dharma for the volunteers to be helping out and an act of piety & humility for all the diners to sit down with everyone else on the floor, eating the same free food. In fact the entire gurdawar exhibits the equality of all people and provides a welcoming, secured and protected environment. We saw hundreds of people people lost in the tranquil environment on the gurdar, reading the Shri Guru Granth Sahib or simply taking a nap on the marble floors. Which by the way are Italian marbles that are heat resistant so that even during the scorching Indian summer sun remain cool under the feet of the devotees.. 
it was such a beautiful experience and i would love to visit again and if god willing spent maybe a week or so, volunteering.

my next post on my trip to Himachal Pradesh~ visiting the Dalai Lama exiled city and Devis of Kangra. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

jalandar style

So I recently went off to Chandigarh, Amritsar and Himachal Pradesh... I know I'm been meaning to blog on that trip and the previous ones as well...

Anyways... I barely had time to go shopping but I managed to try out a few and buy a formal while in Jalandar- a dusty town where milk and sugar plentiful and cheap, for yet another friend's engagement.

Well how do I look? A pretty nerd? Lol

and these are the ones i wished i had bought too but was unable due to lack of hard cash. Any one planning to shop in Jalandar... pls  note most shops do not accept cards only cold hard cash... off topic but does t have something to do with black money conversion??


PS: I bought shit loads of sweets... Some for the mister but mostly for me... He he

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Candle by the window..

It's that day of the year again....Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance day~ 15th October. As i did the previous year.. this year i too shall light a candle in memory of the little lost souls.

I read a heart warming article on the NYT... here's the link. The reason i'm blogging about it is because i do not want people who have lost a child to be alone. This is not about abortion which seems to be such a controversial topic but rather i want to raise awareness on the after effects of losing a child, be it with intentions or not. Because even if the child was not born into the world the emotional attachments are very real.

And sometimes we don't even realize that a woman had a miscarriage as the possibility of a early miscarriages are so common. That missing periods leading to painful menstruation after 1-2 months... well yeah it could be a miscarriage. Unfortunately we will ever know for sure in most cases. Also even if a woman had an elective surgery to remove the fetus, it is still as painful for her with numerous lingering emotional scars. i know a girl who has a affair with a married man, decades older and that for whatever reason they choose not to take preventive measures. She has had at least 3 abortions over the past two years and i have seen the emotional trauma  that she goes through each time. I know yet another woman who lost a child during her 2nd semester. For them, and numerous other women around the world. i just wished to say, you are not alone. While the majority of the world may never understand, i want to say it's OK.

It's all right to remember the child that was not meant to be.

Let us light a candle for them.

Monday, 13 October 2014

staying awake at 1am

No I am not burning the midnight oil to complete yet another essay last minute but coz I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn tommorow.. Why? Well if u r interested... Coz I Quit my job!!! Lol.. Quite giddy with happiness as it is such a relieve. 

But it comes with certain setbacks as well.. I gotta leave this company accommodations.. Boohoo.. So for the past 2 weeks I have been searching for a decent crib.. My expectations aren't too high, I just want a place with ventilation, non-veg and a bulldog...and yea some fishes and a tortoise, a respectable amount of closet place in a decent locality with parking space and maybe no bachelors neighbours- this is India. Oh did I mention cheap and cheaper too?? Am i being fussy??? Lol...I must have seen at least 25 but I'm still looking around for something good even though my current room's a mess with packing-in-progress. Did I mention I have no idea how to pack 15 pairs of shoes in their boxes?? Don't tell to throw the shoe box coz I need them else the shoes might spoil...

Darn I forgot I have classes tommorow at 7am. Dam. 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Reap what you sow..

This is a topic that i have read up on & off, mostly triggered by yet another newspaper headline or sometimes just randomly while on line.
The topic is Surrogacy. It's a viable options for parents who are not able to conceive on their own or even via IVF treatments. Surrogacy is basically in the most crude explanation- simply hiring of a womb to carry a baby (who has the genetic make-up of the paying parent) to term. As expected most parent(s) are from a developed country and mostly the surrogates are either Thai or India. As surrogacy is a gray issue, with  quasi legal status only in India & Thailand.
So this morning there was yet another article on parents abandoning their own child after it's born. WTF! What really pissed me of  was that the Australian parent decided to take one of the twin based on the gender. Apparently they already have a kid back home and they choose to take the infant of another gender. While i do have the entire detail, my guess here is these people simply wanted a nice family consisting only of 1 mother, 1 father, 1 daughter and 1 son- for aesthetic reasons and an additional child screws that up. i hope they burn. An earlier case in Thailand was infant with Down Syndrome being left behind while the German parents took only the healthy twin back.
It reminds on a chapter on a book by Linda Goodman, and a view expressed in many religions... Karma. A person unable to have a child does not deserve a child based on their sins of their past lives. I know i'm sounding like an uneducated village idiot making sweeping statement but let's face it. Karma exist. Bad things happen coz you deserve it. However these 1 in a 1,000? 10,000? makes my blood boil. They do not deserve to have a child as they are lacking. What kind of a parent leaves their own flesh & blood because of gender or illness. And mind it these are the very people who is paying off another woman to carry their child for 9 months. Their decision to cast off 1 child means that the surrogate mother has to take care of the child. A woman who was hired who 9 months to carry a child has to now shoulder the burden of taking care of the child for the rest of her life. Bloody BS.  
I dont get it. Why go the extent of IVF treatments to place your own child in another womans' womb pay for her full medical treatments plus more only to forsake the helpless child. If the child had deformities or illness, did it every occur the the stupid folks it was due their own faulty genes?? Are they thinking of surrogates as a store where they can buy a kid?? These people obviously not meant to be parents. It is really necessarily to have your own child to love children?? If a person really wanted to love a kid, they would love, care for any child, regardless of  background. A friends' child, a relative, adoptions hell just sponsor a few children  if you want, instead of surrogacy only to have cold feet and cruel intentions.   
For those of you who are tempted to dicuss this topic of bad things happen coz your deserve it, lemme just tell you, karma exist. Bad things happens, to all of us. (Including me) Feel free to take preventive measures or medical treatment.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Billion Day Sale

While Flipcart has gone all out in promoting it's Billion Day sale today..

offering up great deals that has resulted in missing links..Amazon has quietly gone ahead with their counter offerings at Zero fanfare! but since million are not checking it out the deals are not only comparative on par with what Flipcart is offering but also with stocks in place. With no clauses so if you dont like what you bought...return it.

I'm shopping at Amazon. No hassels of checking out the items only to find it sold out at check in #truestory!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

in a baby's shoes

Today on Gandhi Jayanti I totally came to understand 2 things..
1. Why the hell babies throw up so much especially after being fed. 
2. Why I was never a big fan of paneer

Stuck at home and packing my bags with no gas I finished an entire pack of milk the -big pack... Only to end up vomiting like mad... and notice milk colugates into curds in the tummy. Of course I studied biology in school (and I was pretty good in Biology & Food science #selfpraise) but never had practical experience. Well today I do. :(

Darn and I just made some fresh paneer in the morning.. I so totally understand how babies feel.. Milk is yummy. But it such a tough love