Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sighz of a Mockingjay

It’s been a busy past weeks as I try to get settled down to my new job as head of a premier play center. I’m fucking learning soo much….things that I never really had to deal with before.  

Coordinating with various vendors, follow up on a dozen or so follow-up lists that I’m answerable to; making sure that not only are things done but also delegating work- something which I am still coming to grips with. On average I take off twice a month, work anywhere from 11 to 14hrs in short I live, eat and dream “#$@”(new company) as I commandeer a half ship on (well almost) full sail.

Not that I regret it, as it was something I knew what I was getting myself into and felt it was necessary for my future.  And while it’s not been a solitary journey I do miss the companionship that my previous job gave. Living together with friends instead of returning home to an empty flat. Of having someone or the other to chit chat and wind down at the end of the day. I had a pair of rabbits- Winter & Jackie but chose to give them up for adoption to a friend who has a manger of associate animals ranging from parrots, pigeons, dogs, fishes, turtle and most importantly a mom who stays at home. I used to feel guilty about my late home comings so it the end it was for the best. Still. . . .

Maybe because I had experienced in my previous relationship- the suffocation that came with a lover who loved so intensely that I had screamed at him-  “Leave me alone!! I need fucking space (and a certain amount of freedom)” whilst he used to stare deep into my eyes, heartbroken, whispering hoarsely “You will never find someone like me.”

That’s true. There was (is) never someone like him. Not that he did not have his drawbacks, but at the very least his love was true (while it lasted). Now the hours passes and only calls and meetings out of formality seems to be made.  My best friend had once told me eons ago… the only hurt that arises in a relationship is when one has expectations.  Something which I strongly second.  Unfortunately it seems having low expectations has it’s own setbacks. The feeling that  IT IS TRUE and the TRUTH is even more of a bitter pill to swallow. I don’t expect calls every hour and weekly dates (hell I will even take a just a late night stroll holding hands) with random bits of gifts given out of sheer love & generosity yet it’s sometimes difficult to hold back tears flowing down deep into the night- feeling the loss of what could have been. From abundance to poverty is a drastic change.  After all I’m  just someone who gives an ironic smile upon being proven right for believing the worse of out others yet hopes otherwise (not that i will ever let them know).

I need a vacation. And a drink.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Dinner Dates

Yesterday finally had a chance to dress up and enjoy myself. :D Never mind my shitty paper which i'm pretty sure i failed...Bought a new heel at Marks & Spenser. They had a SALE ongoing!!

I knew the dress i would be wearing and needed a new pair of heels to match up with the bag that cuzzie had gifted me last month.. I was undecided between these two shoes.

Both are classic right. And i did not have both. Neither black or Nude. Eventually not letting the Bestie down under  sleep coz i wanted her opinion. And truth be told we both liked the nude better, except for the sole. Which is an important factor to shell out $$$$.  I mean why the hell is the sole of the Nude shoe not as good the boring black one??  Sigh.. See the difference.

In the end, i bought the boring pair of formal black shoes. At least it matched my bag..
Never mind the stupid expression on my face. Or the cracked mirror. look Aunty lor??

Dinner btw was at JW kitchen. Finally met up with the girls..
Food was yummy!! 
I specially enjoyed the chicken soup which was a weird combination of Asian, Continental ingredients of kelp, chicken & zzuchini. But tasty. The effervescent Jolly Chef came to say a quick hi to the lovely ladies. heheh. i had a biteof almost everything but i really enjoyed was the phulkas. Do you know that JW Marriot has hired a lady simply to prepare phulkas?? Forget the wheat version, she had corn, jowar (sorgham) and millet!!! i had those with just a brush of ghee. Fantastic.

Then it was off for the usual Bathroom selfies... Lolol


PHD in K-drama recaps


So over Christmas & New Year....instead of relaxing spending time with family, i was working and studying. Like a lot of students, i had my papers in the latter half of December and it screwed up all plans to party hard and drink harder. #TataSunburn
I had to work. Of course. Like that's even an option for me. Mister says i live to work. Umm... i guess i do. If not i would not have the money to splurge on random perfumes and shoes and other stuffs. I somehow tried to study and in fact finished studying most of my texts, a feat accomplished by endless cups of coffee and a haywire sleep pattern. Nevertheless deep in my guts, i knew my Politics paper was going down the drain. #GutINstinct Still i read, and read and read notes all night through.

Inside the exam hall, when i saw my question paper... HEHE i was kinda Happy. Because i had studied it. But i was Annoyed-as-hell too. Because i bloody could not remember a freaking single line what the hell i studied!!! Fuck lah! Seriously WTF moment.
To have devoted time & effort into understanding what Aristotle, Karl Marx, Rousseau or even Socrates thought and wrote and how it affected state, society etc.. only to remember.. Recollecting studying, but not WHAT I ACTUALLY STUDIED. WTF LAH!!!!

I was so pissed off at myself that i was muttering curses under my breath, with the dude seating next to me giving me weird looks. Sorry who ever you were. I'm sure i might have disturb your train of thoughts as you attempted your paper too.

So what my super long rambling is all about is why the hell, there is no PHD in K-drama?? 'Coz i can easily finished an entire drama recap (reading it, not writing) in a single setting and if anyone asks what happens when, give a detail answer. And the emotional and psychological background on the characters. I wonder if after prolong exposure to watching dramas if my brains' ability is limited to just K-drama. :((

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 it's been a great year

2014 has been a great year... mostly. My 2014 plan was t'o travel as much as i wanted and in truth i did. I traveled to all seasons throughout the year to various new places.

Spring break to Nepal...
For a 3 day arduous trek of Ghorepani Loop with friend

 went to Ghorepani to check out the laligurans #Nepalnationalflower

 check out the clear river water which i drank without any filters... #Nepalistomach 
there is still places where only donkeys goes...
finally!! reached with fellow traveller and fuck i look like Barney besides them
sunset & some well deserved R&R at Lakeside

trekking works up an appetite worse than swimming!
Kathmandu was home for more than a decade and close to my heart and home to lots of close up some old favorites 
 got new tattoo
  the before & after trekking skin tone.... X_X
yummy foods in Ktm...waffles in rich chocolate sauce
 yummy laping from a secret  place, with extra dallop of timur chutney
  traditional dal-bhat-tharkari with mula ko archar
 buff specials, great with changs
an old time favourite
Visited a close friend to celebrate her birthday in a National Park where we tried out best to see the one-horn Rhinos. But we did see a wild elephant! But mostly it a hot & humid jungle walk seeing the various poop droppings and paw prints but mostly take selfies..
 werking it!  >_< "  
still posing..
Then it was off to the village. A place of bittersweet memories. I wish i could say i love going to the village.....but not everything happens as you wish it to be. Not that i let a few tears stop me from smiling & having fun along the way.

 catch of the day! or rather our share for all our hard work. :(((
 fresh raw mango archar
 cream roll to while away the wait...
Took off a flight from Bagdora to Chennai- a first for me. It was fucking darn HOT. Thank god it was just for a day before i headed off to Maballipuram for some beach folicking (or not) before stopping in Pondicherry to pick up some cheap liqour & french cuisine. A trip to Auroville just to make myself feel better for all the materialistic inclinations.
chennai style dosa
tanned...getting more tanned. solution?? drink sweet chilled lassi to cool down. I know it does not make any sense but try being logical when it's 40'C and you are slowly being roasted... min by min
 the reception in Mahabalipuram...
 closed for summer! dam it!! and to think i was so looking forward to it. 
 best next thing. prata~ tamil nadu style.. err, is pondicherry in Tamil Nadu?? too lazy to google map
 best in Pondicherry 
 fantastic seafood pizza with extra calamari and Greek salad.... #drooling just thinking of it...
right oppsite is Auroville store with it's wide selections of organic grub... 

Then was back to sweet bid some colleagues farewell, wondering when would it be my turn?? In the meantime as usual i made use Citibank Restaurant Week offers to dine in a fine dining restaurant complete with several types of forks & spoons as i knew Sharvan with it's 42 days of fast would be soon upon me. Thanks to Geet we found several Sattvick restaurant to satisfy our gluttonous cravings and having a blast making bentos.. From decadent Continental cuisine 

to simple sattvik meals..

Summer...from hot & humid to cool & chilly
Airasia's newly launched flight to Chandigargh gave me the opportunity to finally visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar, shopped in Chandigargh and head off to Himachal Pradesh for not only a pilgramage to the various Shakti peethas but also the exlied land of the Dalai Lama and Mccleodjung. The links are here, here & here if you have not read it... 

Sometimes prayers do work. Not that i was praying much, but i found myself another job. Actually at the time of putting down my paper, i had about 4 offers. :D :D :D #God blesses all!!! 

Fall... the leaves flies close
Fall...most of my relative had traveled to the village for a big fat reunion. I could have too. Instead me & my cousin decided to travel Goa-Gokarna-Hampi-Mysore-Bangalore. Needless to say as apparently from my previous posts, it didnt happened. Still travelling with cuzzie was a first time experience and i'm glad by the end of 1000km odd travel, we were not plotting to murder one another in our sleep!! Lol.... these are links if you have not read my previous posts: here, here & here 

Winter or not in the (Indian) city that never sleeps
As i had mentioned, i had accepted a new job offer and it was off to Mumbai for a jam packed training. Being new to the place and working continuously for 10 days straight with no money in my pocket, i hardly ventured out. Additionally i found Mumbai to be a bit too much of "Rat race Mentality" and perplexing for my simple mind to comprehend much. A place where Mercedes cruises pass a slum to reach a luxury international Hotel chain, or where diamonds glitters on the fingers, necks, ears of my fellow passengers packed like sardines on slow moving trains.

 Bombay has shit loads of cheap eats!! & seriously yummy too!! this plate of alu prata set me back by rs10/- only!!
 i had to check out the vad pau too.... it was ok. but then i just bought it from a random place
 i wish i could buy fresh seafood daily in Bangalore... affordable too! from 20 - 50rs for single portion
 a great love found. honest to God cookies. Filled with Nutrella, soft & moist with generous usage of butter and a glass of milk to dunk it in.... #heaven
 street shopping!!
 oh this was like the best juicy & tasty burger i had for 150rs!!
 i think i look very pretty & oh so different in this pic...

Moving house...
Along with a job change, i had to shift home too for a place closer to my new work place. It was tense time. Somehow i managed to scrap the deposit & move in. 3 months down am still living out of my luggage ( i can imagine the horro on my brother face as he reads this) Still it's my own crib... and i have the privilege of having me, myself & I for company and bottles of wine stashed. :DD

Older, wiser?
Also entered my last year of my twenties. As usual only 2 besties remembered it. Thank god for the girls. I have seen & experienced better birthdays though. In 2014, i saw reached some high points of my life like literally up above the clouds and trees yet i saw some dark moments as well. It's okay.

I dont have any resolutions for the year 2015 but i guess i would focus on my work a lot more than i do since it's about the only thing that affords me the luxury to live Life the way i want too. Maybe look into investing also??? Haahaa #DreamingofaVilla...

Have a Blessed Year ahead!!