Tuesday, 10 February 2015

better Late than Never (for a Asus meet)

After what seemed like really long time, Indiblogger finally organised for yet another meet! Yah. i was thrilled as it meant not only do i get to meet fellow bloggers (which is the only time i actually meet them) but also have a bit of fun as the team from Indiblogger organizes such fantastic schedule. The meet was all about Asus- a brand which to be honest i had really no idea about. Let's just say i'm a traditionalist- Apple, Sony and fullstop. It's a good thing that Asus has organised for a meet & experience launch pad so that people who are technologically disinclined have an opportunity to learn. #gosleeekasusexperience

But i read skim that it was basically a launch of some Asus products etc and penciled it into my diary. Even got the dress figured out.But it was while i was in the middle of a negotiation with a client when i got a message asking if i was on the way to the venue. For a moment my mind went blank...then i realized that it totally skipped my mind. Thank god the client sooned on signed on the dotted line and i could leave, for i needed a dress. pronto! headed to AND where there was an ongoing Sale. Found something i liked within 10mins and a quite application of lipstick and i was ready to head to ITC Gardenia for the meet. 

Being the last to arrive meant that i missed out entirely on what was happening...apparently all the good stuff- music, concert and games all got over. :(( meant Sabby who was kind enough to accept me into the group and update me.

But the main reason people actually came was for the Invite clearly stated- Dinner will be served. lolol. 

As always, ITC Gardenia serves delectable food. My phone went dead so im taking these pics of some of the other blogger i met- Mithun & Farida.
Buffet dinner ITC Gardenia Bangalore

Then it was just time to catch up with one another & socialize. Unfortunately the main product of the day had numerous negative reviews. Umm... no comment on this but for what it's worth, it is cheap. As in pocket friendly- in terms being lightweight and budget category. It is no Mac pro but works out well if one does not have very high expections and requirements. x_x

then it was eventually time to head back after taking a group shot. The only picture which i have and bloody hell i have rabbit eyes!! Argh!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Switching off my phone

it has never really been my habit to Bitch  about which ever company im currently working at but i feel that im dangerously coming close to start a bad habit. Forget me if i sound like a sore bear post having been bitten a thousand times by bees. But i'm definitely feeling like one. Having to attend more an a dozen work related calls on my weekly off, certainly gets anyone's nerve on fire. The most recent call was just to complain about what was happening, despite my absence at the crime scene just because i'm to blame as top dog. Ridiculous.

Some people cannot be responsible for their own actions and need to validate their lack of judgement on others. Muff. WTF!! So pissed off.