Thursday, 30 July 2015

shattered but not scattered

It's amazing how with certain friends, even if you are across the world from one another, when you do manage to catch hold of one another- everyone is still on the same wavelength. One day as I sat with a cup of tepid Americano in a bustling coffee shop, wondering what's next in my life as I pondered over yet another failed relationship...
as it happened, I was randomly browsing Fb and I saw these being shared by friends from across the globe...
But the thing is.... it's okay, it's love and fundamentally it's life. A straight forward life would surly be bland, it's the detours and pit stop along the way that eventually makes us who we all are. Stronger and wiser.

More beautiful, not in spite of the cracks but because of it. 


promoting Nepali music!!

so here's me promoting a friend's music video...

he works hard in Dubai so that he can fund his music career in Nepal, and to be honest....I really cant understand wth he's singing or rapping but hey! I told I would help promote it! >_<


Actually he's a sweet chap, having known him over several years and even though I burst out laughing seeing the video for the first time, at least the lyrics are very sweet and folk loreish.
This my poor attempt at translating:

Come and ask this heart
Who beats in the heart
....(something something)
you are in my mind
..(something).. to spend my life (with you)


Sunday, 26 July 2015

coffee tasting & surprise concert @ Starbucks

one evening while sitting in Starbucks i got a treat, a free coffe tasting & concert post.

There was quick coffee tasting lesson where all caught was :
  • rinsing   - To clean the taste buds

  • smelling - The aroma (to start being awake)

  • slurping  - To ensure cold air mixes with hot coffee  

Then there was this band- who played some music for about an hour or so.

it was a kind of slow day, made slightly interesting. :D


Monday, 20 July 2015

Rise Bird (arise & fly away) ~ Lepakshi

while trolling for day trip from Bangalore, I came across Lepakshi but hesitated upon seeing the words "Karnataka border". I hardly understand "kannada' and neither is my looks exactly "Indian". But seeing a friends' picture taken in Lepakshi with stunning blue cloudy skies and I had to Go. Pronto. It worked out in my favor as I got first-hand detailed information.
Thus armed with information and snacks I started my day trip to Lepakshi (pronounced Leh - pa -shhi). First off, reaching the main road. I had badly strained my feet a few weeks ago skidding in wedges in the middle of a gloomy slippery road. Even though I had shifted 8 months ago, I barely explored the place and found an opportunity to learn all the alley routes and realizing there's an Iyengar Bakery  and cafes nearby!! Woohoo!!

Next it was off to Majastic and catching a local bus to Hindupur. Apparently the buses leave every 30 mins or so from Terminal 1 (??). When I informed the conductor that I wished to drop off at Lepakshi it was as if I had gone nuts. A co-passenger(truck driver) on the far end of the backseat complimented me- "aap ki pass bod himmat hai" (you have a lot of guts) which had the ironic effect to spooking me. The way he spoke for a moment, I thought I was heading straight to a murder's den. There was litle comfort to be gained seeing the rest of the passengers  smirking amongst themselves, "Madam is going to Lepakshi". wtf, what the hell? Ok, I was alone, I  had little local language knowledge or truth be told, not very confident of the route but determined to see Lepakshi.  Even the trucker seemed to become more tensed the closer we were to Hindupur. BUT the reaction of other people was uncalled for- even if they were entitled to their opinions of societal norms. whatever

After 3 long hours, finally alighted in Hindipur and the trucker  was sweet enough to guide me till the door of a local bus that would go all the way to Lepakshi. En route there was a small stretch of amazing  groove filled with gnarled silver birch/eucalyptus (??), lavender flowers scattered upon the rich red earth.... it came to my mind, it's a wonderful place for photography, esp. wedding pictures.
Took some picture but it came out blurry..  (expected lah, bus was going so fast)

Then- Lepakshi.

Maybe because I'm still not used to heritage sites esp. Temples etc so void of life, it was a bit jarring. I meant in Kathmandu, the old parts of the city are still bustling & thriving with people living their lives that visiting heritage sites in India seems like visiting a graveyard/museum. Well maintained but dead.

There is an interesting background story behind the name. apparently way back in the times of Ramayana, this was where Jatayu the King of vultures fell after being grievously wounded, with wings cut off by Ravana in his attempt to rescue Sita, wife of lord Ram. Lord Ram found Jayatu dying while returning from a hunting round and realized the gravity of what had happened. He commended the Jatayu to "rise brd" ( Le pakshi) in Telugu (as in towards liberation- Moksha and/or fly) upon performing the the last rites.
The temple itself dates back to 1583 and was built by the two brothers, Virupanna & Veeranna in a brilliant example of the Bijayanagar style of architecture. Although it might have be predated and expanded upon an earlier temple. In the sanctum, there is a cave chamber where the Sage Agasthya is said to have lived while installing the image of a Shivalinga. 
While i paid my respects to the idol of Veerbhadra, i did not enter the inner sanctum for i had way too many leather goods in my body and it was always ingrained to me that one should not be carrying /consume any animal products/byproducts - much to the pandit's irritation waiting inside. 
There are two sanctum, the outer perimeter has various shaded halls, with incomplete Kalyan Mantapa (marriage hall) giving off the impression that Lepakshi might have started off with greats designs but was cut short. 
Which is such a pity because it's one of the most beautiful aborted archeological site that i have seen. photographs don't do justice to it's beauty.

There is reason why it's unfinished. Apparently Virupanna, then Royal Treasurer was accused of recklessly depleting funds from the State Treasury to build these shines and as punishment forced to gorge out his eyes. Two bloody spots mark lies living testimony to the story.

As always Ganesha guards the entrance of the inner sanctum, but there is an interesting craving perpendular to Ganesh. It's a huge seven hooded Naga Shivalinga.    

A selfie with the Seven hooded Naga Shivalinga, angle is all wrong but this was the best i could manage. The detailing on the Nagas are quite intricate, with the entire structure being constructed from a single mammoth granite stone. i feel a lot of the structures in India are stone based. (nothing wrong with that, just different from back home where's it's a mix of stone & wood.)

 There two gorgeous trees inside the compound, one tall & narrow, the other short & board. Somehow it reminds me of a couple who are polar opposite.

Inside the dancing hall, it's easy to get distracted. not only are the bas relief amazingly beautiful and highly complexed but upon grazing ones' eyes upward to ceiling, it's art upon art. The fresco measures 24ft by 15ft and is said to the largest fresco murals in India. 
And while more care could be paid towards maintenance and restoration towards the fresco, the natural colours still remains, each expression and story expressive. 

Lepakshi truly deserves more than what it is now. More people should come and visit it.  For there is art in each and every nook & corner.

No matter where i take my selfies, art is always just behind me! the pillars behind me boasts of over 100 varieties of designs.

   no matter how small the scale, it's ...

Finally had lunch on the way back, cost me only 30rs.


ps; Lepakshi is also famous for having a huge Nandi but somehow I missed it.. >_<''


Thursday, 16 July 2015

** Ghosted!! ** ultimate silent treatment

with the advancement of technology and apps for the mobile devices, it has to a certain extent decrease real time face to face physical human interactions. Stories of gamers living in darkened rooms for weeks & months on end is older than old news. Friends having dinner together, each absorbed in their individual phones is the norm- free WIFI  further feeding the addiction. Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, weibo, line, viber etc etc. Their basis for existing is to connect people regardless of where they are, it’s ironic their counter-effect is in alienation of the person next to you.
Eventually it leads to “ghosting’’. Ghosting is to delete the person one wishes to avoid, in particular partners by completely erasing all traces of them in all social media platforms and ignoring calls/messages, in short cut off all contact.. The recent public case of “ghosting” is Charlize Therone ghosting her fiancé (now; “ex” ) Sean Penn highlighted the trend of ghosting. While it is none of our business what’s going on between two individual, I just wonder whatever happened to the screaming, punching or even the dignified break up session??
As a woman of a certain age, I have the unfortunate opportunity of going through a variety of break-up session, including ghosting. And shameful as I am to admit it, it was a cowards’ way out albeit effective since the person being ghosted was not too bothered by the termination of the affair. 
The drawback of ghosting is the ambiguity of the after effect. The person deleting/blocking the partner knows what he/she is doing, but what about the partner on the receiving end? They have no solid evidence of what is happening; imagine hours/days/weeks waiting for a reply. WTF??

 Which reminds me… to the person I ghosted- “I’m sorry for ghosting you”.

In all, honesty I prefer the dignified exit - sitting over coffee, discussing the longevity of the relationship and breaking off. Sometimes it’s possible to keep on being friends acquaintances. The screaming crying breaking up is OH MY GOD, too noisy, too gross with snot all over the face, mascara run down & lipstick streaks that makes The Joker seem like a  supermodel. Such scenes are best shared with besties, preferably over bottles of JDs, endless beer & cloud of smoke above the head. On the positive side, one could say there was a lot of deep feeling in this type of break up and difficult to stay level headed post event. But at the very least both parties are aware.  

 Yet the trend of ghosting is on the rise. In my school days I thought it was ill manned to be delivered a break up note or worse a cell phone message worse "the POST IT"  but ghosting is 100X worse. Yet why do we ghost someone?? I asked a few friends and everyone agrees it’s a cowards’ way yet universally effective.
Some desires to exit with happy memories and ghosting someone is like pretending you died. (yea, Right. Dream on ) Other’s are bored with the affair as caddish as it sound. For me, it was “Ego” that intervened, and “Ego” that was too proud to come around and directly ask “So….what’s up?”.  Hence the effectiveness… Shenpa has got us hooked real bad

Lol. I feel like im going round & round in circles, gonna end this. NY times writes a better article on this topic

ps: am i bad in wanting to try having a break up party?? will i ever meet a nice guy, be mature about moving on and yet childish enough to have a "break up party" Korean style not the "korean break up". #anyreasontoparty better than to have loved, be loved and going out with a bang than the slow decomposition of what-ifs

Friday, 3 July 2015

dinner & talks

 a few months ago Geet had came over for an interview in the Garden city and it gave us a chance to pay catch up with one another since our last excursion to Himachal.

as always, "Polo Club" was a popular choice to settle into our gossip mode over light dinner of grills and tea and a stroll post to walk off the calories...

the next day I spent most part of the day in Starbucks streaming "Secretly, Greatly" and heading over to Sunny's for dinner.

Sunny's is well know in Bangalore as an old establishment serving excellent Conti fare, maybe it's treats it's foreign cliental a little better  then we were served. Rolls were stale at best.

While I was not expecting the food to be wow, I still had better faith, after all some Bangaloreans an do have a discerning tastes. It been too long ago to give a proper review except to say it's over hyped out.

Especially since the two of were walking around in circles with GPS screwing up with our brains. the only good thing out of that walk en-route was this tiny pastry shop with "smiley" butter cookies.

 and non-alcoholic rum balls. :(