Friday, 30 October 2015

Reel life

Not sure from whom I get my photogenic looks from but hell, I am lucky!

This grainy picture was taken with my 1st gen moto G and boy do I wish I look the same in real eyes, narrow defined nose, round eyes and sky high cheekbones with a sleek jawline....

And 20 pounds lighter!!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Things Mr. Big says #0004

So one morning as we were lazing around at homr, Mr. Big grumbled for some breakfast... Being such a good girlfriend I quickly made some phulkas and a double cheese omlette with sides of caramelised onion and chutney ..... 2 hours later...

Big : woman, I'm hungry. Make me some food.

Me: but u just ate 3 chappatis and a double cheese omlette....

Big : that was nothing for me. I can eat 7 masala dosa for breakfast.

Me: *jaw drop to the floor, already lah* what!?

Big : *nonchalently* I'm used to eating Kings size breakfast, a businessman's lunch and poor man's dinner...

Me: *still dumfounded* 7??? Se-ven?? *shocked* how big are the dosa?

Big: not so big. Maybe the size of ur hand

Me: *alternatively staring between Big's stomach and my hand*
*still speechless*...7???

Monday, 26 October 2015

Things Mr. Big says #0003

Dinner time...

Big : woman, make me some chicken curry
Me : ok, buy some chicken then
After 30 mins...
Brings half a dozen eggs

Big : err...couldn't find chicken.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Things Mr. Big says #0002

I was showing off some of the shoes that I bought for myself for Dashain (major Nepali festival)...

Me       : See See, my new shoes for Dashain!!

Big      : You didn't buy any new clothes?

Me      :  No I bought shoes, solar charger & filter water...

Big     : Wah.... the reason you didn't buy clothes is because you are afraid you will not fit later (put weight on) heh?

Me     : *stinky eyes*  (internal monologue - "fuck off you fatso")

ps: im a big fan of flat shoes. I often wear them to death.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Things Mr. Big say #0001

While I might Not be regular or consvientious in uploading timely posts, I nevertheless continue to follow my favourite bloggers from Nomadicmatt to Xiaxue & especially the hilarious Things Shorty & Fatty segment at Timothy's blog.

 Yesterday over several glasses of rum & coke supplemented by chili chicken & kebabs...Mr. Big told a very funny joke, without meaning too, & I thought I might as well put it up.. the topic on discussion was trekking, as during my sojourn to Nepal at the end of the year i'm heading to Kagbeni with bunch of girls and Mr. Big's latest posting is in Uttarakhand.

Big       : While in Mysore I used to walk at least 6 kms daily.

Me        : *Snorting loudly* yeah right

Big       : (continues unperturbed by my snicker) However, I have not even lost a little bit of weight. I think it's God's plan to make me have this belly. *rubs belly*

(at this point my rum & coke is threatening to spill out from my nose)

Big: Actually since I will be based  from Uttarakhand, I will trek to all the nearby hills. Maybe in 6 months, I might looosee a leee-tttt-lee weight *sucks in stomach*
I fell of my stool, rolling in laughter as Big huffs in his corner.