Monday, 30 November 2015

Kathmandu update #002

News in brief;

The reason why everyone is a fashionista in the capital is because we walk alot. For example in a span of one day, I walked 10km. If only I had bought my boots along instead of my batas to join the tready crowd.
Ironically due to petrol shortage and lack of transportation, janatas are travelling on foot and yatayats travelling empty.

Kathmandu update #01

Kathmandu update #01

The life expectancy of the average Nepali has increased due to less pollution, increased physical activities and less calories consumption.

#allthankstoBlockade #no petrol #foodshortage #songoftheday

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Delhi 2015

As usual enroute to Kathmandu, I'm staying in Delhi for few days to gorge on Delhi's street food and to a lesser extent see the sights.

The first day was dedicated to sarojini market, where impulse shopping ruled. After a late dinner and long talks we finally retired for the day.

The next day, it was off to Chandni chowk. But a few selfies first. Maybe a few thousand. Since im so darn photogenic, i think thats ok..since its my darn fone and blog. 

 These are all no edits, at least no Photoshop on making eyes bigger, nose smaller etc. I'm not gorgeous but hell I am 10x prettier in pics.

First I got ready, then my friend got ready. Then after an hour while she was on the fine, and me clicking another million selfie, we were on the way!! This was my first time riding the open auto-rickshaws in Delhi. It's cheap and usually available to-fro from metro stations to markets or in & around residential areas.
Yea, finally after numerous attempts I actually visited Chandni chowk. For some reasons everyone keeps talking of Chandni chowk as if its really seedy area but I found it to be a bigger, messier version of Ason tole.

Had to stop to eat at Natraj for some dahi balla and a plate of extremely large jelabis at "old famous jelabi". 
the local verdict was that the thinner, crispy jelabis over at Haldiram's was way better. Not that we did not finish in matter of minutes.

Then it back to the rush of changing metros to pragati maiden. We knew it was guru Nanak Gurpurab  but boy did we not expect the crazy rush of humanity compounded by the free health clinic. I came to know later that over 3 lac peoples had come. That's a 300,000+ for an exhibition cum health clinic. Looking at the crowd, we opted for Hamuyans tomb..luckily a random bus we hopped into was going in that direction. It was 4:29 already but we arrived.
It's a beautiful place. Not overly gorgeous but pretty enough a dose of scenic backdrop for shoots and an oasis in the snarl of Delhi traffic.
 It's a large garden tomb. Basically everyone was just scampering around taking selfies in a graveyard. Huh. ALOT of walking is involved plus the dreaded steps..its a relieve to finally reach the top. I honestly pitied the poor souls who were on a date in heels. I was winded as it was.
Still had energy for a selfie though ;)

Next stop was Connaught place (CP), guess what. Again we were caught in a big traffic at the metro similar to the rush hour at Mumbai's train station because someone apparently committed suicide. Once at CP the only thing in our mind was food! Thank God for street food!
It really yummy..simple perfections. The recipe over here..

It was a tiring and eventful day for us..but little did I know my day would be starting... I caught as scapegoat in a fight between a couple. I know the lady but not the boyfriend. Anyways..the situation was such that we were temporally held as hostage, threaten to be killed and accused as spies.  The only reason I held in my temper was because of my friend and took the words as those spoken by a lunatic. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Things Mr.Big says #0005

Comedy show

I have heard that for quite a few men, watching their female partner get ready and transform themselves is a turn on. Well...Big is not one of those I was applying the war paint he sat down to watched.

Big: I'm  hungry, make some food.

Me: no time, have to get ready for office.
.(while filling in my brows, he suddenly exclaimed)

Big: wow, the eyebrow is visible!!! She's colouring in her eyebrows!! Haha

Me: shaadup

Big: what a comedy show early in the morning! Heh. shall I donate some of my eyebrow hair??? Haha *shows off his thick hair*

Me: no need. *mumbles* don't need you hairy unibrow. Why don't you go pluck off yours instead?

Big: jealous??? Heh?

 ....long gone are the days when he uses to stare dreamily and say "pretty". He was hardly romantic after several years he has just turned into a crotchety old uncle

Monday, 2 November 2015


Today for the first time, I entered inside Mac store. No, not my all time favourite Mc'D nor the Apple-wala store.  For the past few days been a lil obessed with lipstick and the holy grail of lipstick is Mac Ruby Woo. While I could not quite justify to myself that I could buy myself any darn lipstick I wish the cost of it made me pause. Maybe overseas Mac is a very normal with an average pricing, in India spending 1500 on a bloody lippy is a bit of an overkill. Still ruby woo haunted me...
 Even had a few chat with gf of mine who is an rising make up artist back home. And she spends Nc3.5k for the same. I Really wanted a ruby much so that since I wouldn't be buying for myself the next best thing was gifting it.... O_0 
while I was satisfied with the notion of buying ruby woo only to gift it away...the "bhoot" of a new lippy did not go away.. And in a drunken click I ordered Maybelline color sensational lippy. Next thing I knew, I found myself in Mac at the check out counter with ruby woo and a lip liner, forking out 3.3k!!!!?? Wtf. The lip liner is more expensive than the lippy.
And no. I bought just one. Mac pro longwear lip liner in "in control".  If only the Inglot store assistants in Garuda Mall was more customer oriented... Because I really has my eye on the Inglot full metal lip liner, that comes with liner and brush combo in a stylish finish at half the price.

Anyways here's me with my first ever Mac product- hopefully not the last!!

And for lunch, I could only afford Koshys's coffee and sandwich...

But am happy to note that even after a meal and several drinks later...the lip liner is still visible and has not dried out my lips.