Monday, 25 January 2016

Home project

So I have stalking several site in my pursuit of happiness, yes, it involves bargaining and shopping. Since it seems logical for me to start looking out for a flatmate (since the rent is a burden). That is my Everest. Since it is not without its difficulties.

I have been comfortably living here for the past year out my suitcases since I'm a hippie at heart and never really felt the need for a bed, sofa or fridge. Im happy with a mattress, clothes flung all over the place so long as my kitchen is fully stocked and bathroom clean and spa-like smelling. However that's not gonna cut it for prospective roomie. Therein lies the start of a bumpy trail. Been on the lookout for stuffs and today I finishes my first DYI project. Tada!!
Ok maybe it's not Do-it-yourself project as such but I think it counts!! Lol. At least I assembled it myself...need to purchase a light bulb though... Haha, though what i had would work but apparently not.

Plastic & tag still in place coz I'm damm kiasu la. What if I want to returned it? smart right? Lol Bought from Home centre @ lifestyle. They have a sale ongoing!

Btw what kind of home furnishings shop does not keep a stock of home tools and paraphernalia?? I was thinking of getting some basic paint kits (the wall types, not the art ones) and getting a drill too, but silly me forget the bulb after buying a lamp because I freaking didn't see it. Another trip to the local hardware shop....sighz.

Baba Ramdev's Kirana Dukan

My mom used to be a big fan of Baba Ram Dev yoga...but for me somehow his physical appearance just turned me off. The wirey hair all over him with his particular manner of speaking and that devil may care glint in his eye. Maybe if he was clean shaven and suited up, it might have impressed me but who the hell asks for my opinion heh? Whatever his image, no one can deny his immense personality across India & beyond. Even though i have no statistics to back me up, i do credit him with bringing yoga to the masses, making it a part of our lifestyle instead of just for the elite few who are  rich in various resources to learn.

It's easy now. Wake up and turn on the telly and yoga away. As he changes asanas Baba Ramdev  will slightly breathlessly sprout cures for anything & everything, from flatulence to cancer, and indirectly promoting his very own Pantanjali products found in very nook of any town across the land from the hills of Sikkim & Himachal Pradesh to the river tributaries of  Kerala. 

Not sure of his yoga style since he blabbers far too much for my taste but i like Baba Ramdev's kirana dukan. It has everything! From medicines & herbal supplements to my favorite type of junk food - Instant Noodles!! Lol not sure how that came to be for a yoga guru to be promoting his very own brand of  Patanjali whole wheat noodles, going so far as to eat it as a live demonstration for the am jantas, in wake of the Maggi ban. Never mind if he has not quite got all the paper works required to manufacture & sell it. Time is of an essence especially when it Finally looks like Nestle might let be forcibly losing it's instant noodle market share due to a 5 month ban on  Maggi. 

At the end of the day, it's each person's choice whether to buy into this huge marketing & PR machinery. i like the look & variety Baba Ramdev's kirana dukan (grocery store), even if i never buy anything from it.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Christmas gift.. Thank God!

Yesterday I received a belated Christmas gift from one of the contractor, a bottle of 2014 Viognier wine from Grover Vojay Amritraj collection.

Been months that I last sipped a decent wine and more than a year ago that I went to Grover's vineyard. I not sure if I had ever had Viognier wine as my favourite has been Chenin blanc. Can't. Wait to taste it. After all I even got a pair of glasses & chocolates along with it!

As far the only Christmas gift I received in 2015, its pretty neat!! 

Now if only Amazon delivers the darn fridge I have my eyes on fridge the past week and trying to purchase.

Friday, 22 January 2016


There is beautiful tumblr page called wewerebullies. I'm not sure how genuine the regrets might be but at the least their consciousness bites them enough to pen it down, and apologise even if it's anonymously.

There are bullies who atones and then their are bullies who don't change. I recently had a conference call with my directors and while it was not an appraisal, I received very negative feedback. On my lack of managerial skills and professionalism. By all accounts from the clients point of view, it is managed well since not once have I not exceeded the budget for the past year, and a large majority of the clientele are  repeat guests. However instead of appreciating my hard work which I have been slogging my butt off for, they  have taken their own credits as to the reason for the success namely due to the brand name, obliterating the fact that this particular brand in Bangalore was unknown before it opened. While I agree a brand is important, all the PR machinery cannot deliver the bottom line if the product and severice delivery is bad. The Oberois and Taj hotels cannot be what they are currently without the people on the ground doing their job, a reason they have understood well hence the extremely generous benefits to the staff.

Alas forget about benefits, its day 22 and I'm still waiting for my salary for the previous month. My commission for the month of October is long overdue in fact if the organisation wishes to let me go, I would leave with a better peace of mind. Follow ups for the same has noted with, your salary is all you talk. Duh. 

It's unfortunate that this is the first time in my working history that I have had negative supervisor(s).  Most have been understanding and supportive. Due to some legal issues I had to extend my leave and although it was verbally confirmed, guess what. I'm facing the guns at the end of the day and each of then asks me the same varient of the question, why did you not contact us. Between negotiations with the various parties in the legal conflict, lack of connectivity to the world in an far flung village, staying in my own house like an unwanted guest and battling onset of depression, i apparently needed to molly coddled them for something that was informed, that I would be back on 10th or earlier. I think there are only so much ways I can apologise for the fact that I was sorry for not calling. Yet it was repeatedly questioned nah taunted why by each of them, and basically bullied. Tsk tsk. Some bullies turn over a new leaf, others just physically grow up.

  ~as told to Ms. Piggy

Monday, 18 January 2016

home alone with Ms. Piggy

it's been a week now that i landed back to Bangaluru soil. after a month long enforced stay at the village... it's took a bit of adjustment to having ildi vada for breakfast at the local darshini instead of  a home cooked meal at 9am. Thank god that Mr. Big had taken time out from his very busy schedule to spend some quality time. of course in our ordinary life, it meant watching the entire season 5 of GOT & season 6 of Vampire Diaries all day & night long. yup. That's us. Hey at least i had his almost undivided attention for the entire weekend.:D

on the work front. i'm mad as hell and worried at the same time. since even though it's the 19th, i have yet to receive my paycheck. yup. bloody private companies!!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Mud stove update #0002

Here the rising sun and sunset dictates the lifestyle. By the time the sun rises its certainly too late to bunker down for a pee in the dark and instead one has to rush across the damp dew covered grass to reach the darn toilet. Oh let's not forget the all important pail of water pumped straight from the ground. 

The fog's no help either. After a simple brekky of spiced black tea it time to cook lunch. Yup, lunch in the terai belt is served by 9am. Low in looks but high on taste and nutrients, since the vegetables were plucked off just before the fire was lit.

A good afternoon diversion is stay out in the fields looking after the foliksome lambs. And to herd them home as the sun heads southwest. Unfortunately the goats just don't appreciate the goodwill as they scatter, leaving one with muddy feet as a result of a half hearted chase across the winter creek...

Ps: guess the darn goats couldn't figure out my love, peace & music psychedelic pants either..