Tuesday, 23 February 2016

It's not how little you have, how much more you can create

Wow...that's was a super long title to this post and sounds perfect for some self help book. Wait. There might even be a booked titled that! ...Ok, as per Google maybe not. Haha. I wrote that coz I couldn't figure out what to else to write.
And no..this post is not some life changing advise but rather a little saving and practical idea. 

While I am no artist, I love art. Growing up I have spent many a moment in silence contemplation in various museums, galleries and art shops. Oil paintings are a favourite of mine. But I have learn to see art everywhere, even in a tourist shop uon lake side at rows of postcards.

Like any self respecting tourist destination, Nepal too and nice collection of postcard depicting the various notable sites of visit, more that a few dedicated to the mountains and religious places. But one thing found in Nepal is that instead of just an ordinary paper print, there are quite a number of items in Nepali paper (also known as lokta paper). Lokta's " wildcrafted, handmade artisan paper indigenous to Nepal" (Wikipedia). In fact, it's the paper for official documents like land deeds and blue print, and paper lanterns, photo frames, notebook and yes even postcard's.
So while browsing inside the curio shop, we chanced upon a row of Buddhist idols and symbols and ended up buying several items causing a small dent in our purse. Lol what could we do?? It our contributions towards Nepal's spiraling economy. 

Immediately after seeing the postcard, I knew what I would be doing. To frame it properly. And these are simple postcard turned into  million bucks (..figuratively)

The postcard was like 10-25rs each while the frame cost me more than a thousand but it's soo worth it. Every time I see it (final product) the hairs on my neck stand up a little. I cant wait to hang it up. Its not how little we have, but how much more we can create out of the small stuffs. I might not have been able to afford a tangka but hell, this is not bad at all.
Speaking of Thangka ... One day I shall have them. And this one has caught my fancy.
I even fan girled abit. It's a cool 80k. If I had that kind of change in my pocket.. I would have pick it up in a heartbeat. After a bit of bargaining of course.
A girl can dream..

In the meantime the only paintings I can right now afford is through flipcart and Amazon. The mass production digital print type. I had actually ordered two and twice it was a letdown. 
It's a copy of William Merritt Chase, Peonies 1897. On my cell this looks so gorgeous but the actual print is a shitty job. I mean if someone was selling mass produce item, why would they want to sell a lousy product. One look and I returned it.

The other painting I bought was this. Or so I thought.
Instead I got a different painting altogether. When I emailed them saying I wish to exchange since its a wrong item, flipcart customer support people actually replied back with a cheeky " kindly get back to us with the confirmation which product you have received instead of " (product ordered). wtf. Like a fool I actually went to go through their catalogue to find the painting delivered.  
 It's not that the painting is bad, it's just not what I paid for. Now I don't know if I should keep it or not. Wth. I like it. I'll keep it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sun is shinning

Was it just a few short weeks that I was hesitanting to go poo because the water was too cold? Back to Bangalore and its starting to get warm and sun is shinning bright like diamond...and the mozzies have started their nonsense again. It's almost impossible to seat somewhere without blood being sucked. A little donation of blood is OK, but the aftermath of resultant itching is an insult!

However I accidentally found a solution to driving them off. And its a room air freshener!! No, not the spray/aerosol type but the liquid types. Ok, better to just show..

It's that white thingy at the corner. No idea? Here an even closer PIC.

It's a liquid room fresher from Ami pur. I had originally received this and the car freshener from Ami pur to be reviewed way back in 2014.  But somehow due my frequent travels it got backlogged, sincr it was not a paid review nor the prize enticeing enough to sit down, especially when I flying off to Delhi, Himalchal, Goa etc.

I did remember using the mini a/c vent clip freshener for car as an attempt to reduce the ardour in my locker. What can I say, we had to keep our shoes inside and I'm human. I sweat plus its leather. While it didn't quite eliminate the problem, neither did it fail. Due to the small enclosed space, I now had two smell assaulting my nose every time I opened the locker. I actually liked it enough to contemplating buying it except I don't see it at big bazaar or the neighbourhood stores.

Recently while looking for my paint brushes I found the bigger version and opened it without much thought.  Now I often stay up late into the night reading or watching movies. After a few days I noticed that I was not getting bitten by mosquitoes even if I had drank. And the flat has a lovely lavender fragrance. :)

I think it's a much better alternative to the liquid mosquitoes repellant. And somehow it seems to have the same effect on mozzies.aThis is not a review, plus my non scientific findings on the resultant side effect. While I have not read.the ingredient list, I guess it would on the same principle as liquid mosquitoes repellant. Just hope that there is no pesticide in it. I'm gonna take my chances.

Collection; of books & dust

As I arranged my tiny collection of books in the newly assembled rack..I paused. Did I miss a book it two? Where are my readers digest collection of stories and dozens of other favourite books, including entire sets? Even got annoyed with Mr. Big for taking books...till I realized, lol...actually those dozens of books are actually either in PDF or kindle format. Lol.

I don't remember the exact number of times I have moved house, and each time I leave a stack of books behind, along with a tiny piece of my heart. Those were not great award winning books but still novels that bought a few moments of tranquility and I appreciate that. PDF or kindle version, while space saving, and never having to leave it behind is an advantage, is not quite the same as holding a book. Even if I can increase the font size, there is just something so familiar and comfortable of a well read book.  

Hopefully when I finally have  house of my own, in my name...I can finally dedicate an entire room as reading room with rows of books and anyone who wants to borrow a book can bloody just park their butt on the sofa/window nook/table/floor and read it then and there.

Why do friends who borrowed books don't return them?? Although I'm guilty of the same, but in my defences we are no longer in touch. Haha. I still got ur books. Na na na neh. #stupidsingsongvoice

Lol. I guess it's the pot calling the kettle back. 

Can who ever took my Linda Goodman series bloody return it!? This is my 3rd set that's missing!!!?! 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy valentines day!

I have always been more or less ambivalent about Valentines Day. It seems to me just an marketing event created originally by Hallmarks & Debeers. Although my not soo great experiences on Valentines Day might have made me a sour puss. I have been ditched and cheated on Valentines Day in previous relationships and till date not one deliriously happy experience has been associated with 14th February for me to overshadowed the negative connotation.

Not that I don't long for; to be romanced with good food, wine, decadent chocolates , great music and fabulous company. A lil flowers and baubles can't spoil it either. Ha. So the bombardment of images of happy couples living it up makes me more than a little envious. It's a good that I tend to like buying myself expensive gifts because I don't depend on someone else for my monetary or materialistic fluffs.

I know that like a lot of women around the world, there will be no candle light dinners or enchanting evening for me either.  Thus I was cursory thinking if I should buy some diamonds (for myself, tiny ones, I know its a little dismal) but then I remembered.  I splurge every month on myself by paying the rent for a spacious flat and mortgage for land back home. I don't need the shine even if the little girl in me desires to be decked up like a principessa. 

It got me thinking Valentines Day is truly a commeralized marketing gimmick. But unlike in previous years I actually don't mind it this time round.. Perhaps it's age, maybe it's  wisdom but I have mellowed and become at peace with my life. Besides its not soo bad...and I'm not the only person in the entire world living alone. In fact it's a growing segment of society.

I recently saw some nice drawings of other gals living alone.

We are not a sad bunch. We at peace with ourself. We wear comfy clothes even if its sometimes more than a lil faded and stretched or skimpy, have tea/food when & where we want, sleep diagonally on a double bed, have books & magazines scattered throughout the house plus the junk food never quite gets over...I find it liberating.

So here's wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I will be opening a well deserved chilled bottle of Chardonnay at the end of a tiring working day. I might even order take out and light a few candles for a table of one.


Friday, 12 February 2016

Ganapati bappa

Growing up I always thought myself as Shaivas but it seems I might be an  unconscious Ganapati bappa fan. I was multi tasking by assembling a rack for my collection of books, while watching The Godfather trilogy... I noticed that I have a haphazard collection of Ganeshjis. 
Most received as gifts, some has been with me for several years, a momemto of happier times in the flush of youth. 

Anyways as I sat through all 3 parts of the movie, I kept wondering hell where the f is Tony?? It was only when Don Michael Carleone passed away, deserted by everyone saved for the mutt that I realized, shit, that was a different series all together! Damm, now I need to download that.

Ps; why is it soo difficult to find nice paintings of Shiva?? Everyones' favourite theme is Buddha, no offences since I am a fan of them to but...wt??  If my artistic skills were good enough I might have created on canvas but its more of chicken figures..yet people with some talent does not. Ironic.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Things Mr. Big says #0006

I was having a serious bout of craving for chicken yesterday and was telling Mr. Big all about it...

Mr. Big.  :  so did u buy the chicken?

Me.  :  Nooo! First I went to meat shop, but they didn't accept cards so I went to withdraw some cash but my feet was hurting because of blisters so I thought. I might as well just buy a shawarma krbab roll even though the shawarma was over plus the bloody meat shop was closed, but then the last freaking piece of roti they had was all torn, hence I didn't buy it and I'm still craving for chicken!

Mr. Big.  ; #silence  ... So should I make movie out of this??

Me.   ; as if you're a director. 
Silent )-%+(-£###@@@%&-+()?;:'"!!!!

What's a girl gotta do get some chicken???do I have to go back to my village???

Friday, 5 February 2016

Sticking it. Wall decals.

As I wait for yet another layer of paint/varnish to dry, I have taken to jazzing up the plain old walls with wall decals .  ok fine, I was too lazy to paint the God darn walls, I mean imagine the process, p.o.p,, sanding, distemper, putty, sanding, distemper, top coat X 2. That's like 2 whole days of applying a layer, then waiting to dry, repeat. For a rented place! Ok lah, if it was my own house then never mind, can do la, but for rented house it's too mafan.

Instead, I purchased some wall decal from Amazon ànd just pasted it. School hobbies renewed! Level 1. 
One was outside my bathroom, which also has a facelift of some fresh paint. Totally forgot to take the before pics but here are the final results.

Got got mess to clean up, but hey..its looking better!

Next up was my hall. It's really tiny and narrow with no lights so what I have done was extend the wires and used a night bulb. A bit unfortunate that's it red,..took it off from the fish tank. Sorry fishes.
The before
 And after

A close up of the decal

Best part?? Along with the life size sticker, there is a mini version (used as a guide).

Monday, 1 February 2016

Losing my marbles

When I informed a dear friend that I was currently in the middle of some DIY projects, she informed me gently that I have lost my head. Ummm. Er. That's was over a little diy paper lantern done in a lightly tipsy state of mind. And to be honest, its not that bad. In fact it's looking rather nice on my side table. And is a freaking great place to hide the ciggeratte pack esp from Mr. Bigs eyes since he tends to be a shade bigoted.

But looking at my recent purchase of some small stuffs for DYI paint job + small wall repair & retouch + trailing vine support .... I wonder have I lost my marbles??

I have 3 different types of emery paper one for wall, rough wood and finishing wood. I hope all those classes of technical and art comes in handy, else I'm in for a big mess (literally) to clean up.

Animal onesies and failed attempts of DIY

So lately I have been rather busy checking out "one more happy ending" a kdrama starring Jang Nara. the male lead has a thing animal fantasies. In the first week while intoxicated they kinda got married and went drunken shopping spree full of animal prints and animal onesies. Lol. Which later gets used during a girls sleepover party. .. And I want one!!! Or rather a sleepover with my beaties wearing oneises and getting ridiculously high on wine and champagne. Ok, in real life I would never wear such a lunatic jumpsuit. Looks fun though...  #thinking maybe I should check out on Amazon, if they have my size. #ifonlymyfrdswouldindulgeme

I'm still continuing with my home makeover consisting mostly of stalking Quikr for good deal on second hand items. For example I bought my fridge, 190l whirpool Red fridge. It's old. It makes a lot of cranky noises but Hey it still works!! Best part? 3.5k. Yup. I had attempted several payments to Amazon for a brand new refrigerator but somehow it kept saying no delivery schedule. Hah! A new one was costing me 15k. But this baby is a saving of over 10k. ;)

I love the idea of chandeliers but the cost is such a deterrent. A small crystal or even a faux crystal is nothing less than 4k, which makes it even more expensive than my fridge!! While pondering with myself late at night if I should really spend that much on a light in a rented place my gaze fell upon an old Nepali paper calendar of 2011. And Voilà! An idea!!!

Ps: Yup. This is how much junk I have with me.

I would make a paper lantern!! And double voilà- Using insence as frames for the aroma!! 
  The result???

Best good, looks decent.

But damn lah!!! When I placed it up, the frame detached from the main frame. Sighz... Gotta redo, in a sober state of mind. Lol