Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Big bang

In the year 2016, i finally got suck into the black hole that is the "Big Bang". Not the cosmic "Big Bang" nor the American "Big Bang Theory" but the phenomenal Big Bang, South Korea's  "Nation's Boy Band".

yes, i must been a ostrich with her head stuck in the sand and ass up in the sky. It's not like i have never ever heard of their name but rather they never caught my attention. I remember the numerous date sighting between GD & Kiko plus their recent World Tour and how my friends Down Under & apital dot were going ga-ga over them and i thought.....  wat?? 

Still i was not bothered to google them out, till while watching reruns of "The Return of Superman", Tablo & Haru segments that piqued my interest. Haru has got a bad case of the moons over Jiyong oppa aka GDragon. And whoa.... hello Sir. Move over Jack Daniels, GD ( ji = D, yong = dragon) is here.
While Jiyong oppa is definitely not my type, being an idol with dramatic taste in presentation, he does have a certain charisma. Needless to say, i slowly ended up watching their MVs...and slowly got star struck. Till i started watch fanpic videos & reading up about all the "torys" of Big Bang, the favourite one being Nyongtory.  What that?? Basically GD  + Seungri (another Big Bang member).  Sufficient to to say, i probably think these two are just doing Fan service but hell, i have just spent an entire day with a goofy grin of Nyongtory.

poor Seungri sure looks uncomfortable as hell but... there's a saying. 

ps: GD might be younger than me but any Handsome Korean guy is an Oppa. Rule no 1, courtesy Answer me 1994. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

its ok. it will be fine.

late at night... when the sleep continues to eludes me, i wonder back on my life. There have been good times, and bad times, a few moments when life seemed more richer and others when the page turns and everything goes topsy turvy.

i would not say that it has been better or worse than the next person but it has been an interesting ride. From playing with gold coins to walking upwards of 15kms each day just to go to school, from being locked in a bathroom to traveling across the length & breath of India, Nepal and beyond...i have experienced it. 

then comes a night when somehow i just cannot fall asleep and i go through facebook and wonder ..if i might be just a bit unlucky. I have admitted it before and i will admit...i get envious of my friends' life~ at least the lifestyle they seem to be leading (the one on social media). Even if the rational part of my mind tells me...behind that smile/pout/glitter might be a existence filled with more hardships than mine. Because let's face it, though the shit has hit the fan far too many times to count, i have always been protected by angels & God. Some of these angels are my closest friends, others are acquaintances that unknowingly touched my heart and restored my faith in life. 

But all too often there's just me.
And i need to remind myself. It's ok. It will be fine.     

If you too are going through some tough times (presently or in the past inside your head).. it's ok. It will be fine. We will survive.

Some day, a time will come when order is restored in the universe and the normalcy and mediocre life that so many people take for granted will be ours.