Friday, 22 April 2016

Warring Exs

unless you have really have had your head up your butt, (ie if you are currently living in India) you might have read or seen the over the top reports about Hrithik Roshan & Kangana Ranaut affair gone wrong....headlining the paper for the months or so.


Everyone has had a messed up relationship.... (ok, 90% of the adult human populations) and yes while it is possible to part on amicable terms and even remain as takes some adjustment period. I dont care much about when or how these two started having an affair and then breaking up but i really dont like the fact that ALL THE DIRTY LAUNDRY is being shown out in PUBLIC.

I think it might have started out when Kangana mentioned something along the lines of "exes do silly things to get attention". Which, DUH is true!! i meant the statement by itself. There are alot of ex who do silly things (to get attention or not) like cyber stalking, bitching etc. Which is very normal. Who has not done it??

What is not normal is Hrithik's dramatic kneejerk reaction "would rather date a Pope"???! and then filling and counter filling cases?? Come on! I like Kangana, i find her real in a tinsel town full of plastics plus she has decent acting talent. Someone i would willing pay money to watch their movies on the big screen. And i admire how she is handling all this, because dear old Hrithik is really in my humble opinion coming off as big time Jerk. While she is more or less maintaining a certain amount of media silence on a personal & LEGAL problem, he seems to on a crusade to totally destroy her image through various PR stunts, the latest one releasing what is supposedly private emails from her to him along with some very personal photos?? WTH Hrithik! Did not know how cheap & totally childish he could be. He's definitely on my blacklist of Bollywood actors who i will not Pay money to watch their films.

All i can say, if he is this type of person, boy is Sussane (Hrithik's ex-wife) a saint for dealing with him for over 17 years!! She does deserve better!



Thursday, 14 April 2016

Instant gratification

Today was a day when there was almost someone from all departments was calling in sick at the office. While running around doing a dozen to none stuff, i picked up a call from a disgruntled client. 

"Hello, is this ...,"
"Yes it is, how can i help you?"
"i sent you a mail, why did you not reply to it yet?"

I got worried, when did this client email, did i happened to overlook his mail? Till i noticed the time of mail sent. It was 11:46pm, the previous night. And the call came around 11:30ish am, half an hour after i logged in to work but before getting a chance to actually even log on to my computer since i was occupied doing other work.

I wish i could have given him a reasonable answer as to why i was unable to revert back to him on time but then i know, the clients never really cares for the excuses. They need an answer Now. We live in an age where we are accustomed to instant gratification. Every single thing always is always ASAP. Emails need a revert like 10 mins ago, deals had to be finalized 1 week ago, weight loss/gain must be immediate.

I think people are losing their sense of self, and truly becoming genetically modified human rats in a rat race to Nowhere. i was depressed when i was forced by circumstances to live in my village for prolong periods of time but these days, i am grateful that i had the opportunities to do so. The experience made me realized that there is simplier ways to live life on simple terms. The rising sun & sunset is a natural clock, organic homegrown ingredients are the best nutrition for good health and a peace of mind. 

Working tirelessly for the past year, my bank balance is certainly fatter  but so is my body and mind dull. I'm too tired at the end of the day to meet up with friends (if i had any left by now), and too much in a rush to go to work in the morning for a quick yoga session, let alone breakfast. Why do we all work so hard for? Power, money, fame?

well these things certainly don't me warm at night, not even the cashmere blanket (which btw i have kicked to the corner of my cupboard since it's summer), not the fame & power that attracts insincere folks near by, hanging on to my every word yet cursing within their hearts.

This Navratri & Nepali New Year... i hope every one has a chance to slow down at least once a day to truly live for the moment.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Bread Omelette

haha...given the title you might be mistaken for accidently clicking on my other blog, but nah..this is not a recipe for bread omelette.
Omo! realised i have never done a bread omelette recipe. so using this tea sandwich pic lah... (can do lah, just imagine egg in place of the filling)

My circle of friends are aware that while not plotting my ambitious resort blueprint or my travel itinerary i would rather grab a second hand push cart and start selling bread omelette. yup. that's my grand plan. If i can't afford to open up a cafe. #PlanABCDs

However today, i was watching yet another Japanese movie called, "An (sweet red bean)" which like all good Japanese movie is amazing! a lil slow but great one to watch at the end of lazy day with a glass of wine (or in my case rum & coke). Forget about popcorn  i would not be a spoiler, so all i will say is that dorayaki plays a big part in the film. Go watch it.

i like it so much that i even thought of making dorayaki a permanent fixture in the menu alongside waffle & of course the all star bread omelette. Till i realize how much time consuming red bean filling would be. Not like eggs, which by the way is not that easy. simple yes but not easy. get good fresh eggs. and prepare it in whatever way u fancy. cook too little/much and a wrong move and name of dish changes. a hard boiled becomes half, sunny side become scrambled, scrambled become burji etc etc

still am contemplating if i have a couple of grand extra to spend it on a waffle maker...missing pandan kay waffles that i used to have in Singapore..

I got lucky with "An" because before that i was watching yet another Japanese film but it was hair pulling dumb... it was a group of psychics who all got superpower because they were highly aroused when the comic rays of a rare event fell on them. It was so bad, i berated myself why and how i could even watch 45 mins of the shit. Oh ya, i kept hoping there was some logical plot & it would get better but nah. gave up after realizing it was basically soft porn wannabe. think students in  lingerie & swimsuits in school, all thinking what is their next laid. Arghh.........  

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Things Mr. Big says #0007

after a day of thinking of Mr. Big, i decided to call him...

Me       : When are you coming to Bangalore?

Mr. Big: Not sure. Why?

Me       : Nothing, no reason...

Mr. Big: Why, (are) you going to treat me??

Me        : @#$%^&*!!!! #Slam phone  #morecolorfulwords