Thursday, 30 June 2016

K-dramas June 2016

Omo, June 2016 has been an exciting time for K-dramas....Thank God! because 2015 was not so great.

So these are the list of Dramas (no order) that i have watched or currently watching...


about a royal gambler but instead was all about Lee In-Jwa and his thousand and one lives. Baek Dae Gil might have all the luck & tricks up his sleeves but one shouldnt teach their Pappa (Lee In-Jwa) how to fish. The entire script was hair-pulling illogical most of the times, and i confessed i fast forwarded a lot. I dont get why Dae Gil character became so lame after the time lapse. If not for the talented secondary actors, i would have probably bashed up my screen more. It could have been stella, had they just instead renamed the drama Lee In Jwa and his 1001 lives and focused on the willy fox. The ending was also frustrating to the core!!!

Beautiful Gong Shim:

It's airing and not too sure of it will end up and the writer at times seem to be running low of caffeine/sleep. What i love of BGS is that it's quirky to the beat and aigoo...Ahn Dan Tae is so hilariously fresh. The birth secret and kidnapping arc at times drag the boat into silt runs but thank god...the pace is picking up and the cute elements are back in force!! Minah as Gong Shim is stiff but manages to pull it off. A little sad that BGS will be ending soon, but then it's Moonlight drawn by clouds (gosh, what a mouthfull) starring Park Bo-gum (Choi Taek!!!, Reply 1988) and Kim Yoo jung (Angry Mom).  

Lucky Romance:
The crazy superstition are in full force in this drama. We all should be grateful towards Su-ho for understanding the need for Bo nui to depend on something when everything seems to go wrong and offering an alternative - Himself. Dammit it girl, just take him up on the offer cuz you have thousands in the line behind you (with far lesser denim obsession).  Someone once commented in one of the popular recap forum that Ryu Jun Yeol (Jung Hwan Reply 1988) was not the lead-worthy due to his puffy hooded monolids giving off a very malevolent impression. I hope she's cringing in embarrassment as RJY is killing it. Would you just look at his glorious goofy smile? Btw Oppa, you better not let go of this girl too. grr..

This just stared airing last four episode down...while the chemistry between the 2 leads is meh i really dont get the fuss about their relationship. They met when he was her teacher and they kinda had a crush on each other but it never crossed the line. The story continues when they meet up after 13 years, both as Doctors. Frankly i dont see the whats the big deal in their age difference of 6-7 years.  Hope this is reasonably well written and acted. 

Beautiful Mind:
Like Doctors, this too aired last week and the set up is in a hospital with the lead as Neurosurgeon. (what's up with all the love that NS is suddenly getting in k-drama?? guess it's better than the cancer troupe), The difference stops there though, because there is Jang Hyuk in Beautiful Mind. It's my kind of late night drama, slightly dark with a mystery thriller element, dash of medical jargons and cold men on the loose.

Gtg and marathon all the episode.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

True Love, a mother's way

There's an upcoming Korean film releasing soon.. and oh boy, does it sound like a riot."Faced with the betrayal of her boyfriend and the indifference of her once-adoring fans, she decides the best way to make someone love her unconditionally is to birth them. On a mission, she goes to a fertility clinic to become a mother to a child who will be on her side always Unfortunately, medical results indicate that she is barren. But later she encounters a middle-school-aged pregnant teen, and a plan comes to mind." (dramabeans) Its called Goodbye Single (hood) / Parenthood.

I am sure that it would a funny, poignant movie. Unfortunately it's also a slap to my face too... well a kinda reality check. You see... after getting my heart broken once too many times, courtesy of my easily-falling-in-love dis-ease... i was actually contemplating, maybe they (friends) are right. Forget Mr. Right aka Soul mate aka Decent Guy, we all should just consider Communal Single parenthood. Its a tough job raising kids with two parents but as a single mom/dad, the hardships are magnified. Hence the communal aspect of it.
Yup, been thinking of it for some time. That's how free i am.

Someone who shares our blood, and automatically loves us unconditionally unless it's a horror show. Sighz..if only things could be that simple. I guess i will just watch the film and enjoy the ride for 180mins instead of a lifetime.

Monday, 27 June 2016

what's next?

it's 2016 and the end of it is drawing to an end.. my employment contract that is.

one evening i asked... "What do u think, i should do after my contract is over?"

Arm above and slouching against the door frame and armed with a flippant attitude, "Go, where ever you want."

Ouch, that hurts. I turned around to glance at him but He's busy with his cell phone though.

a pregnant pause later..."what do you want me to say, Ms. xyz......??" 

....not sure of what, maybe an honest discussion but these days... a text message is too exhausting let alone a conversation. When reality is too dim and dull... it's preferred to lose myself in endless hours with gamat of emotions experienced via k-dramas. At least i can squeal in embarrassment, excitement, feel anxious or let a few tears roll down. 

It make me feel yes, i am not dead inside. i am alive. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Cold calls

Ring ring....

A.  ::  hello

B.  ::  yea.

A.  :: .....

B.  :: ...don't eat my head.

A.  :: as you wish.