Saturday, 17 September 2016

Games on the Road

When I was young and used to frequently travel around, there was this game we used to play- "Spot the potholes or any other interesting landmarks/stuffs"- it helps to stay awake on the road. Got reminded when I noticed some interesting stuffs during my recent day-trip to Bylakuppe
"Danger Alert". No idea why these were added/engraved on the entrance of a house. More effective than the Dog Alert sign I guess.

Artworks on the road..

Everyone moves on with their lives and more often than not, we will eventually lose touch with people we were once very close too. That's okay, Life goes on.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Bylakuppe; once again... day trips from Mysore/Bangalore

when i clicked a pic & send to a friend of mine....with the captions, "Miles of good empty roads"..
She replied, "you went again" "go somewhere else" with a exasperated sigh i imagine. Fact is, there is something of Bylakuppe that attracts me. A large part of it has to do with the Golden Temple and the numerous daily prayers but also the peaceful surrounding. This time i decided to walk back from the Temple to the main road, a distance of roughly 5-6km and boy was it a wise decision.  Filled with rows of lush agricultural land ripe with corns and what not, i passed by fewer than 10 people!!
 wild bouquets ready to be harvested, with one of my favorite fillers
its a shame that every week i spend cash for the same, when here it thrives helplessly by the road

 Bylakuppe has 2 camps hosting resettled Tibetians refugees. One thing i have always admired about Tibetian people is that while the place they stay might never quite be home, they always strive to not only retain their cultural identify and customs but also enrich each part of their daily lives. I have alot to learn...

With miles of empty good roads, I think it's a great place to bring a bicycle and cycle up & down the long & winding paths. In fact i would not mind keeping a summer cabin somewhere here!! Besides the fact that i love coming here to spend an hour or two in Namdoling Temple, i had primarily come here to shop :D more specifically for the pine needle incense powder that i was running low on.

Bought these two varieties to try out...not that i was impressed much. Darn i should have picked up half a dozen packet of the pine needle incense powder during my trip to Marpa (returning back via Mustang, Nepal). 

In case if anyone is planning to visit Bylakuppe i strongly suggest to go..dont be a awed by the large gold plated idols but rather sit down for some time and mediate with the backdrop of monks reciting sutras. A humble request from a frequent visitor, please dont block the view or chatter inside the temple.

There are several home run restaurants offering traditional Tibetian delicacies. Do support them. Personally i always look forward for the phing with tingmo, thentuk & momos.To actually stay here one requires a permit, easy enough to get but need to plan ahead, just stay at Kushalnagar.

Additionally there are more than a few monastery in the locality, check out all. I also enjoy visiting Sara Jey Monastery with it beautiful murals. The entire area takes roughly about 4 hrs to check out assuming there is some form of transportation and a slow leisurely sight seeing.

Listening to Nepali music

More often than not, i usually am engrossed in a culture other than my own. I spent up to 20 hrs plus watching & listening to Korean dramas & music. A few days ago, a close friend of mine shared a Nepali music video.

I confess that the first few times i had trouble understanding the depth of the song despite the repetitive's a must watch.

maybe one day when i have the full grasp of Nepali, i might translate it but for now i am happy to surrender myself in the moment..

yet another song that's on my playlist overriding GD's black & if you is.. Khahare Kholo by Baaja